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Found 4 results

  1. A pretty common complaint no? You are in the top three with mua points but your team loses and it can't possibly be your fault ... I have two observations on this. 1. Actually it can still be your fault. XP is primarily given out for damage done, and its very easy for a good player to draw out a game and farm damage after most of his team is already dead and the game effectively already lost. IJN cruisers are especially guilty of this. Damage comes in two flavors, useful damage that leads to kills early in the game, and useless damage, for example on a BB who still survives to the end of the game. The game mechanics is such that damaged ships retain 100% combat effectiveness: no kill = no good. So don't look at the score, think back and reflect what you accomplished in the first 8 minutes of the game. Did you protect your DDs? Did you sink enemy ships? Which brings me to my second insight, 2. The most common way to guarantee a loss in random battles is to lemming train your BBs. I lousy DD or CA player on your team, while a significant handicap, can usually be overcome since on average the enemy team will have a couple of potatoes too. Having all your BBs break right or left however is a strategic error of such magnitude that the game can be considered over before it even starts. Typically: 3-4 light ships DD/CA/CL steam off for the side of the map without BB escort, they get wiped and the enemy force pushes up through into your spawn to flank your main BB group who are pushing down together on the middle of the other side of the map. I seen this error made several times recently, it always lead to the same result. So yeah: pro tip - with those spawn configs where 4 BBs are in the middle with CA/DD groups on both sides, split your BBs L/R or lose.
  2. <its a long post> Recently i experienced consecutive lose due to the terrible destroyer players. I do respect privacy. so I'll not pin-pointing out the certain RED-rated people Yah of coarse some of y wanna play destroyers though you're suck at it. and others just blame war gaming for making destroyers having huge impact on Victories or loses. Personally i don't want bad players to play DD which leads to not only him/her, BUT leading entire team to HELL. Cruisers and Battleship with bad players doesn't matter. Cause they don't really play huge roles as the DD. Anyway, these are not the ones i wanted to say its MATCHMAKING I heard that matchmaking is based on player's skill and other contributing factors but here's the example our team has 2 Unicom battleships and 2 DD potatoes enemy team has 2 rated excellent DD and 2 rated GOOD battleships guess who will win? its the enemy team. and the reason is quite simple. Game was designed for CV => DD > BB > CA/CL =>DD No matter you're Super Unicom or what its almost impossible to win DD with BB. The team with Terrible DD players are getting unbelievable disadvantage compared to team with decent DD players. These solutions can be the key (EX) we have 2 DDs one of them is terrible player one of them is good and decent player (Balanced) We DO need Good and balanced match making by the "Subcategories" TOO others ships? doesn't matter DDs? YES IT DOES MATTER. Cause they play vital role on winning the Game hopefully war gaming solve these originated problem since i lov playing WOWS thanks
  3. Preface: I know there are threads like this every so often, this one was just unbelievable. Just jumped in a lowbie match yesterday, just me and a friend in Furu/Koenigsberg and a friendly DD rushing to top cap. Obviously we are going to protect him. Friendly DD is in cap, not spotted, not shot at. There's an enemy Aoba heading around the outside of some islands on the north side of cap. So I pop of some torps just outside the island so that he won't want to turn into cap. A bit of time ticks away... "Don't fire at your allies" You're kidding me, the DD ran a full one and a half grids straight into a torp of mine, without even slowing down or turning... It's ok it's only like 1/2 to 1/3rd of his HP and he can't have used his repair yet, not having been involved in any fighting at all. Time passes... DD randomly dies, "S4pp3R killed ..." Are you kidding me!?!? The DD didn't use repair and died from flooding and now surely I'm pink. First TK for me since just after I started playing (~1 month after release). So here I come bot matches until I can get rid of it. Anyone know how to find out how many matches to go? (I'm assuming I'll be pink, I'll be honest I rage-quitted straight after I died)
  4. Reverse_ldeology

    MMR for Warships?

    It appears that WG has continually stated it does not intend to have any form of matchmaking rating, in order to reduce queue times while waiting for games. After continuously having my team's other flank feed the enemy in the past few patches, I would really beg to differ. I would highly suggest some form of MMR for world of warships, skill-based ranking systems for team v team games exist, and have already been implemented in many other games. Given world of warship's random battles have 12 players aside, it appears perfectly reasonable to have players assigned to each side according to player skill level, so that the cumulative skill rating would be similar, while not significantly increasing queue time. At the very least, this makes people have more faith in MM than pure RNG (which it currently is). It is not fun to have some potatoes poor players on your team while enemy has triple Rank 1 divs on that flank. It is also not fun to watch the other flank on your team feed the enemy even though they are pushing against half their number of ships... In fact, I would think having at least some semblance of MMR would make more players satisfied with (or at least not dissatisfied with) matchmaking. There are times when you club hard and get wins in 7 minutes, and times your team absolutely gets slaughtered. There are also times when your division is literally the only division going for objectives while your team sit at their spawn and camp. These times are not fun, and it would greatly help if WG would at least try to design MM in a way to mitigate such annoying situations.