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Found 14 results

  1. ahh... finally i am understand that feeling. now i am confused, playing Bismarck is so much fun but those CV ruined everything. using secondary and then sunk is more fun than torping and sinking the Yamato....... when in Bismarck: "CV HELP MEEE, BOMBER IS COOOMING" "CV spot enemy DD" "CV repel those scouter from spotting our DD" "CV spot E5" "CV move" < almost get close to enemy "howling sheet" well.... i thought i am good at CV, but the truth is there is actually there is more potato CV. the Potato is exist, even in T8 or T9 -_- we cannt 100% blame them for playing bad. the class CV itself is so rare to find a good guide. i am looking for youtube, scratching the forum and ask directly. but tell me how many CV player dedicated to get better? people always complain the disparity of cv player skill is too far. if that is the problem, why dont we closing the gap between the Potato and the unicum? currently the guide about CV is scattered in all place. not everybody bother to search the whole place just for playing "right click class" 1. Together we can create a guide what CV should do [for Asian meta]. 2. the guide is not only contain how to bombing or strafing, but the whole tactic&strategy like predicting enemy bomber, loadout or the map. 3. the unicum check it throughly to confirm is that good or need to change. 4. Translate the guide in many languange, i am from Indonesia so i am going to translate it and post it on our community. 5. i can relax yolo in Bismarck :V and also we should make EACH CV SHIP a guide, like this one. different ship have different loadout, strength, weakness and map that it will encounter. so the tactic and strategy should be differ according to the ship. also playing with division or not will affect the gameplay. there is so much factor that we must include in that guide :V also lets revive our : https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/224-game-guides-and-tutorials/ its seem dead..... WHY dont swap the https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/223-newcomers-zone/ into the subforum and game guide as the main forum. ALL HAIL POTATO!!!
  2. So, when I play I try to check the stats of any pink player / anyone in a fail division. So in a game, and this player is fail div'd. Below is a list of ALL the games this person has played. Excluding the Yamato, not quite 200. Yup. But if he has free XP'd most of the line, how the bloody hell did he accumulate enough XP to convert to free XP? Even if he spent money to buy flag boosts / camo etc, I cannot see how he could have done it. I could post the link to his stats page, but I'm not sure if that is forum rule breach. But if are wondering why there are so many , lets just say very average players out there at top tier, well here is one reason...
  3. Hey_Potato

    Time for Potatoes (UTC +8)

    Based on experience, excluding weekends, I usually find that certain time of the day you get a lot of potatoes. For the most potatoes its usually around 2pm - 5pm, 6pm - 7.30pm and 1am - 3am. Personally for me, I find that 1am - 3am got the most potatoes and I am just curious where do all these potatoes come from. I am sure majority of them do come from certain countries.
  4. I My team is losing a lot in Random. My Furutaka WR is stuck at 48% since two months ago, even though my WTR has gone through the roof, at about 1100 recently. Shout out to our Kamakaze R who did a great job capping, and everyone on our side down to and including our Wyoming who did his best, all the top 7 played competently at least. Unfortunately our CVs were hopeless, made worse because we had so many potatoes on out side. This one hurts because we had all three caps mid game and looked certain to scrape the win. But seriously - matchmaking hey? With 2 ace Langleys and 2 terrible ones assigned randomly, the chances of getting two bad ones on your team is just 25%. ... so why is it always my team!?

    Operations PvE Salt Thread

    Still getting screwed by Player-like unicum Enemies with a Gneisenau and an Izumo? or even a wave of Endless enemies on an Ambush mission? Then go rant here in this thread~ +1 for those who rant
  6. i am getting sick of becoming noob, 41 win rate, 26K avg damage in algerie..... oh come on, French ship are OP. it must be my fault or cruiser is the hardest ship in the game. playing CV, got ez 70K~100K damage.... playing Cruiser, oh crap i got 10K damage only.... oh belfast there, got citadel hahaaa...errr its gone -_- someone please spot those belfast..... ohoho Myoko!Fiji?damned bb dont sunk my target in oneshot... oh battleship! lets buuurrn!! 6 total fire = 10K~20K damage? whaaat? oooowwwh juicy DDaddies, got 1/4 HP.... wait? where is it? oh got RDF lets find it.... 2 minutes later.... someone sunk it.... oh EZ win and i did nothing BB Puuuusssh.... enemy is near.... craaap.... how the heck Bismarck afraid of T5~T7 BB? DD spot or CAP please, oh nice DD its cap and spot.... 1 min later got sunk CA GEET BAAACCK..... oh its too late..... CV?..... howling sheet, ITS BOT! CV sunk those Fuso, oh crap dont target Cleveland... CV spot,enemy DD is nearby obviously you know what will happen, EZ Lose..... *Ignore the rant, CV is so EZ or OP that make me so rage playing other ship for more simple i will summarize the question : - what is the best way to sinking battleship? - what is the main different of unicum cruiser and potato beside the aim and dodging shell? - how people analyze where is the flank to go? - what is cruiser main strategy in domination mode where you got only 2 DD but enemy have 3 DD - what to do if battleship ignore to push and enemy battleship is pushing? - where is the best positioning the map? invisfiring behind island? - how did you know where is island to go if you want to camping behind island? - what to do if there is DD spotting you and enemy battleship is shooting at you? - what is better, hide behind sniper battleship and did 0 damage or take the risk going to the front but deal damage. - how to rekt enemy that camp behind island? - how exactly cruiser most do to carry the game? - any other reference? - how long exactly someone become good at cruiser? 1000 match? - or just return to CV and keep playing it for the rest of my life.....
  7. here is the reason..... watch till the end! ..... just how..... even the T7 BB? Missed??? what? how many potato player out there? well, with 30 second reload how the heck someone can to learn become git gud by only playing 5~50 battle? most of the time unicum always tell you that never play BB if you have <30% accuracy. but who give sheet? "i love BB with big gunz", "oh i have repair party for yolo", "one shot one kill", "real man use big sheep" and etc.... in the end, people can learn aim properly faster in cruiser. faster RoF, more shoot, more real experience firing the gun.... so here is the idea : - increase XP requirement for T5 cruiser ship by 30% [ tier 5 is hell againts T7 ] - T3 Battleship will unlock after someone reach T6 cruiser - if someone already have T6 cruiser in another nation, he just need to unlock T3 cruiser for unlocking another T3 battleship... no need to grind another T6 cruiser - this apply to CV, need T7 battleship to unlock T4 mama Hosho :v - or unlock T7 cruiser instead to unlock T4 mama Hosho.... Myogi is CRAAAAP, and i am noob in Kongo - punish the CV bot, by locking the CV ship in port until it have T7 cruiser or battleship... someone create and account just for playing bot CV so he can abuse it. bet me 10 gold (in AK currencies), no more potato BBabbies and mama Hosho...... "Potato should play CV instead.... no stupid dispersion, attack from anywhere, EZ damage, and most importantly..... survived most of the time!" ~ anonymouse potato "i am not playing CV because i am unicum" ~ Icyphoenix
  8. everyone is really mad because i got RDF....... yess i am potato is that wrong to get RDF on Algerie? i hope i have a replay.... we are losing, but the Amagi [LooklikeD] defense the base AGAINTS 5 warship (not include DD) and WAOW, its destroyed most of the ship. also the Leander and DD [forget its loong name] also helping by rushing the enemy base forcing the half of fleet get back or capped. the leander got 3 kills and the Amagi got 4 kill...... and what i am doing? well, i did nothing :V except for spamming chat i got RDF thanks for the team WE WON after that, *Beep beep word come from DD. also the other said that IFHE and CE is more usefull..... its look like they cannt believe that RDF on Algerie is exist..... well, its the Amagi and Leander fault that they are losing.... ABSOLUTELY NOT MY FAULT. the torpedo missed to amagi is not because my RDF, its just missed.... well, i think i am going to switch with CE...... note : - playing on 2GB netbook, what are u expecting for? 2 weeks its too long for not playing WoWs..... after that my Shokaku will be fixed in the port. - using 1% mod to be able for playing. - i am absolutely potato, dont look at my damage :V - very thanks for my team to carry me :V _______________
  9. Preface: I know there are threads like this every so often, this one was just unbelievable. Just jumped in a lowbie match yesterday, just me and a friend in Furu/Koenigsberg and a friendly DD rushing to top cap. Obviously we are going to protect him. Friendly DD is in cap, not spotted, not shot at. There's an enemy Aoba heading around the outside of some islands on the north side of cap. So I pop of some torps just outside the island so that he won't want to turn into cap. A bit of time ticks away... "Don't fire at your allies" You're kidding me, the DD ran a full one and a half grids straight into a torp of mine, without even slowing down or turning... It's ok it's only like 1/2 to 1/3rd of his HP and he can't have used his repair yet, not having been involved in any fighting at all. Time passes... DD randomly dies, "S4pp3R killed ..." Are you kidding me!?!? The DD didn't use repair and died from flooding and now surely I'm pink. First TK for me since just after I started playing (~1 month after release). So here I come bot matches until I can get rid of it. Anyone know how to find out how many matches to go? (I'm assuming I'll be pink, I'll be honest I rage-quitted straight after I died)
  10. From potato to potato well, La Galissonnière is actually 4x BETTER THAN Nurnberg... Different from the Yolo Emile Bertin playstyle, La Galissonnière is actually a camper. High Burn Chance, high accuracy, 3x3 turret with nice orbit AND FAST traverse. also La Galissonnière have as good AA as Cleveland, just need the range upgrade and it can shoot plane with ease. the cons is this ship have insane big citadel and crap 152 shatter HE. nyooo, the big citadel problem can be solved by "Priority target" and CAMPING all the way (thanks for advice bro). the moment there is somebody aim at your ship (especially BB) its time to run with speed boosta or hide behind friendly BB. the best way is dont pull the agro. for the crap HE152mm againts T8 some people tell to take "IFHE", but of course still farming that 10 pts. [missed the super structure and hit the deck] i cannt imagine how stroonk La Galissonnière if equipped with IFHE. the burn chance is also high that the shattered HE shell can cause fire LOL. some people tell you to not play the French CA line. this is the reason why La Galissonnière is actually decent to play. more potential damage mean MORE CREDIT. 5K damage? and losing? do you think killing one ship give you that XP and credit? WAOW! need comparison? 87K credit ? SERIOUSLY? in the end, The La Galissonnière or French CA is not as bad as you think. they are the Doppelsoldner in the warship game, high risk high reward. Good cannon with crap survivability.... my advice is avoid the IJN BB especially the Nagato because their AP HURT SO MUCH -_- Recommended for Potato who want to be Git Gud in the game with the camping meta.... Reference : http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/25187-la-galissionaire-is-nurnberg-mk2-so-crap-please-switch-emile-bertin-for-t6-ship-instead/ __________ just question, do IFHE still usefull in Algerie? it got 203mm right?
  11. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    I know I'm a potato

    Okay before people start to bag and say git gud, Der i know that and Der yes i am trying to improve my game hence why i ask for advice but I think some people need a swift boot up the butt. So yesterday, i was playing with a person who had teamspeak and all was good couple of games then i took the Benson out, we tiered up to T10 and i guess i struggled, still scored more than he did but i just could'nt do anything with this ship as radar, spotters and hydro and frankly no support. When i fired I had 4 ships fire back and i got smashed and i just vented OMG i hate this ship it just doesn't seem to do anything i wanted and i spent all game running from shots, slow torps, bloom guns very little i could do. So he told me i have no idea how to play DD's or more to the point US DD's and he pointed out all the things i did wrong, i went are you for real? He said you need to get out in front and smoke us up (which did but then hydro was turned on and on) I told him i did that and every time i was getting smashed by at least 4 ships and he said your job is to get out in front and keep spotting even if you die .... i went there is no fun in that i want to shoot and torp if i can. Well US DD's are not for torping and all you need to do is keep avoiding shots. OMG i said mate these are T10 Cruisers and when you have 4 of them shooting nothing is going to stop them from hitting you at 8kms. So he told me i was a shite player basically. Anyway i decided to just ignore it and the next game i played with my Win/Win Leningrad it was a utter shocker .... yep i sent torpedoes to an island while he was already dead and watching me, any reason why you fired torps into an islands? OMFG he got into my head and it made me the worst potato i have ever been. The crazy thing was only earlier yesterday i had one of the best games and i told him, but he said that is not how to play a US DD You shoot from range WASD hack and you take on DD's and you spot for everyone else that's it. I said well thats boring and i wouldn't play DD's if that is all i am supposed to do. So how does one play Benson when they are playing T10 .... and you are getting smashed by 4 cruisers? Thank you in advance.
  12. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    CV Player is a potato

    I do not know what the hell is going on but there seems to be heaps more people playing CV's tonight. When a player who has a 55% winrate with BB's but 33.% W/R with carrier and 5 losses in a row with the same said carrier tonight, I think its time to go back to Co-Op and practice. It's hard enough for me to keep a 50% w/r haha when we are getting nothing but potato CV's in T7 or the opponents have a Saipan. Mind you i was pleased when we had 4 CV's and our team lost both of them within 10 mins and we won. So 6 games tonight and all of them had CV's in T7 .... what is the deal????
  13. LordTyphoon

    Chapayev - you cannot carry

    Let me make this clear - I'm quite new to the Chapayev, and its still stock. But I do not consider myself a bad player at all. I attack caps at the start, nail or seriously damage enemy DDs, then retreat to the 15-17km zone and firebomb enemy BBs and big cruisers. If I survive for long, and if there aren't many enemy ships around, I close in to the bases and switch to AP, then wipe out any enemy cruisers left. I don't have radar yet (stock hull) - but this, I think, is how the Chapayev should be played. But why, oh why - it's just so difficult to win in this ship! My win rate on the Chapayev was actually 11% before yesterday, when I got a few (well deserved) wins. Either I'm playing this ship wrong, or its horrifically cursed to be placed with potatoes every game. Any Chapayev tips would be nice. (end of rant)
  14. HeavyResistance

    Furutaka x Omaha

    If you came here for lewd stuff, I'm sad to say this isn't one of those posts *topkek* This is basically a basic comparison of basics between the basics, the Furutaka (a Tier V IJN Heavy Cruiser), and the Omaha (a Tier V USN Scout Cruiser). Take note that we assume that the players are of equal skill. So, we first read their stats on paper. In my pastime, I usually fondle with stats and numbers. I will use top configs. According to the stats, Furutaka is better than Omaha. Why is that? Furutaka has better artillery (57>39), better aircraft (2>1), better torpedoes (19>14), and better survivability (39>34). The Omaha only has an edge over its IJN counterpart in terms of AA (24>13), and maneuverability (75>73), albeit there's only little difference. According to these stats, the Furutaka actually dominates the Omaha in terms of Combat Capability. But, where is Concealment? I didn't put in the Concealment stats. Why? Because, it doesn't matter. Well, Pre-nerf Ninjakaze exploited that, but if I remember well, Syanda said that concealment doesn't matter because when you're seen, it boils down to how tough and girly (since ships are girls) your ships are. As I said, this is just a basic comparison. The Omaha can out maneuver the Furutaka and provide more air cover, but the Furutaka, when loaded with AP and fired straight at Omaha's citadel, will cause painful damage. Whereas the Omaha, with her low alpha citadel damage on AP, will mostly do its job, albeit not as good as the Furutaka. However, Omaha shines with her Rate of Fire. Quick firing guns tend to spread fire all over your juicy superstructure. But then, if you get hit in the citadel by a Furutaka, well, she got the upper hand. So, what did we learn? Nothing! Nah, we actually learned that Furutaka is much combat-oriented than the Omaha, and that the Omaha relies on adrenaline rushes. Furutaka is good when used well. On the other hand, Omaha can also turn the tide of battle when used well. The ships have their own personalities. One is slightly more armored and hard-hitting albeit slow, one is fast-hitting but slightly fragile. With that said, always take note, that it is the player that controls the ship, and as forumers said, it really boils down to whoever's driving the ship behind the monitor. One may not see the beauty of Omaha, and one might not see the beauty of Furutaka. But always remember this, that if you really want to get to know your ship, you'll try to make her strengths shine to the fullest, and her weaknesses gone. Even if her beauty is not yet there as you play her as stock, get to know your ship. Battle with her. Have patience and time and understanding. From there, improve, and improve, until you don't see her weaknesses anymore. Now, that is love.