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Found 1 result

  1. Nothing special in terms of ribbons, awards, or damage done. Even the XP earned doesn't tell the whole story, though of course it is always nice to top the winning team of a T10 game with a T8 ship. This game was memorable for the come-back, and for demonstrating how patience and good team strategy can overcome brute firepower. As @Grygus_Triss can vouch for, we were down bad mid game. Close to 300/800 on points, all caps red, our team pushed back to the 2 line, with the enemy Salem holding us off from between the A and B caps. Real "Hail Mary" moment. Then, it all evaporated. Our Kremlin pushed with me to put the Salem in a pincer, I ducked around the back of the island to dispatch him in what must surely be the most satisfying drive-bys of my WoWS career. Our remaining ships pushed with me through the middle of the map, taking A->B->C in succession. Finished the run watching the full health enemy Lexington wipe out into my torps. I didn't manage to do damage to any other ships all game: it was two ships damaged, two dev. strikes awarded, plus two full caps and one assist. It's interesting to look at a highly strategic game like this one and ask why we won, or why the other team lost. Because it wasn't really a skill differential (the enemy team played well, and were this close to beating us) but rather it came down to just one or two bad decisions on their part, and maybe some better-than-average coordination on ours. I would say the critical point was the early stage battle for A cap, which I was engaged in. The Salem went in with the Le Fantasque early to flip it. I didn't fall for the bait, but instead ran up the 2 line to spot, out of range of the Salems radar. (We had no radar in our squadron, my supporting cruiser was the Hindenburg.) At that point, under heavy fire and permaspotted, the enemy DD decided his job at A was done and took off, leaving the Salem alone to defend. If I'd gone up to the cap early I'd have been radared by the Salem and gunned down by the French DD, almost certainly. The enemy's mistake was the Salem should have retreated with the DD, while it was still safe to do so, consolidating B and C caps and regrouping to meet our push. Instead the Salem ended up isolated and trapped, with the rest of their ships scattered over the map following their various engagements allowing us to focus them one or two at a time. Definite props to our BBs though, the Kremlin in particular, for driving right up into the caps with me for some serious close support firepower. For every 1000 games or so, you get one like this where it all comes together. I suppose that's why we all keep playing, innit?