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Found 5 results

  1. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    [MOD] Customized Ports

    UPDATE FOR as a request from someone, I fixed the Yokosuka port into Nagasaki port almost the same as the old version. Unlike the Zipangu, this mod have planes and boat circling around the port much like the old mod but didn't have snows anymore. screenshots: download link here Outdated version (mostly have glitches and may not working)
  2. ArtickWarspite

    Things you'd like to see

    Having played this game for a couple of years, the amount of content in the game has increased exponentially with events, daily challenges, ports, new ship lines, premiums, arsenal, game modes etc. But with all these additions, what are the things you would like to see the most that haven't appeared in game yet? (aside from the obvious CV change, RN ship lines & Italians) - I'd love to see a big Jutland event on the anniversary of the battle. Lots of col stuff they could do for that (not to mention premiums they could add). - HMNZS Achilles (Come on WG! You already made Clan Wars extremely difficult for us to take part in so you should at least be trying to appease us with our famous ship!) - Ports of Scapa Flow, San Francisco, Brest, Rosyth & Wilhelmshaven to name a few - HMS Dreadnought. Who cares that it'll be T3? You have a game which is full of Battleships that directly descended from Dreadnought yet it's still missing from the game! - Tokyo Express Scenario & Operation Cerberus - More historical commanders. Whilst we appreciate the hoops that have to be jumped through in order to obtain these, more would be nice :) - More ships from smaller nations - I'm probably a minority on this one, but I'd love to see each nation have a pre dreadnought in at T2. Like the Mikasa, but for every nation as they all had them. Anyway, what else do you want to see appear in game? It would be interesting to see..
  3. 1.Description While using the dragon port, going into an Aegis operation scenario will just result in the game getting stuck at the searching for players screen, then disconnection. When relogin, the game shows the division is in battle, but the ship previously selected is free, and camouflages and consumables are not used. 2.Reproduction 1.Select the dragon port 2.Form a division for Aegis 3.Start the operation May also occur if any one division member is using the dragon port (need confirmation) No idea about other ports. The Philippines port is OK. 3.Result When the operation starts, it will pause at the "searching for players/loading" screen for some time, and eventually disconnects to login screen. After login, the division is shown to be in battle, but every member is free, the selected ships are also free. 4.Expected result Successfully go into the operation Aegis. 5.Technical detail Time of occurrence: ~1500 (forgot the exact time) python.log, dxdiag report attached. python.log DxDiag.txt
  4. Doesn't really need much elaboration. Could we eventually have a day-and-night cycle for the in-game ports? I think it'd be really cool~ What do you guys think? :3
  5. MusashiKid

    Toogle Time for Ports

    well, as the title says, would it be interesting if we were able to choose the the time between day and night for ports? As I found some ports to be very good in design but just seems too bright (and I kinda want to see Night Ocean ) seriously though, Ocean's BGM really nice one IMO Just a night time lover want to have more night time ports aside from St.Petersburg