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Found 22 results

  1. Grygus_Triss

    Does this annoy anyone else?

    I have a problem. See, I like to look at my ships from time to time, mess around with them, outfit them. I love seeing the ship sitting there, bobbing in the water in the background while I'[m messing with stuff. But since 0.9.6, whenever I am on modules, all I see is this grey background, which takes away from the reason I play this game, the awesome models of ships. I can see the ships again if I move to exterior, or port tabs, but I spend most of the time messing about in modules, especially when setting up ships or quickly checking consumables. Additionally, I CANNOT SEE THE MODELS FOR UNPURCHASED SHIPS BEFORE I BUY THEM. You can only see the unpurchased ships in modules, which you can't now... Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. I'm just back from some pruning of my ship carousel. I made the decision not to keep ships I don't enjoy, even if I spent money on them. Axed were, Texas, Yahagi, Vauquelin, Siroco and Duke of York. The Snowflake event was trying to convince me I had to win a game in Yahagi. I was having none of it. The usual argument against selling premiums is that keeping them stops you getting the ship back again in a lootcrate or supercontainer. Well, I don't care. If I get it back I'll just sell it again, and I'm not buying boxes anyway. My 1 year of premium time is due up next month, and I don't think I'll renew it. I've spent this year getting all the ships I wanted. I have them now, so there is little point paying to speed up a grind if I'm not grinding any tech tree lines. WG wants me to play for coal or FXP or, worse the NTC, but - yeah, you guessed it - I'm having none of that either. Got my toys, I'm happy. After almost 3 years playing, it's time to think about retirement. I mean to keep playing to win, but I won't be playing for progression anymore. ** Edit: for context: 5 ships is 10% of my fleet. I now have 54 ships on the roster, all are T7 and T8 except for a half dozen or so each side of that. At the low end, I kept Clemson, Furutaka, New York, Hatsuharu, DeGrasse, New Mexico, Bayern and Nurnburg. On the high tier side of things, I have the IJN DD and CA lines to Tier 10, the USN DD line to Tier 10, as well as Iowa, Jean Bart, and Friesland. As a filthy casual, I'm set for life.
  3. Manacetamol

    Who miss Nagasaki ?

    Just found it on this morning If U think this is a troll and u are deep wrong
  4. Well I quite miss the day-time Nagasaki Port. Anyone with me? WG have changed the BGM back but what I see it's still the night version as I have seen from Xmas last year... Since it's spring now in Japan and why don't we get the day-time Nagasaki Port back?
  5. Grygus_Triss

    New Port Idea

    So, I was just looking around the clan base, and I thought to myself how I'd like to see a Port modeled on the Clan Base. I think it would be cool to see your ships moored there, especially considering the work already done on the base. Bonus points for the port being updated to reflect when base is upgraded. Any thoughts?
  6. never mind battle map but the PORT in this game is ABSOLUTE GORGEOUS! saint peter burg, new york, zepang, hawaii, etc you name it! too bad I can't rome around and take a closer look to those beautiful scenery, I don't mind the invisible wall that block player to go too far out. I like angle like that I'm standing on the seaside port and saw my ship floating out there. is it too hard to program? any kind of technical limitation?? or they just make port only 1 direction with ship at center and has no texture on other side? or there's free cam in port already but I din't even know it????? if that case please enlighten me.
  7. Hi I'd like to suggest adding an option in the port filter, alongside elite and premium ships, to display non-premium, non-elite ships. I.e. Ships that still require upgrading, or in the process of grinding to next ship. This would allow people with lots of ships in port to quickly see what ships they have which require still require XP. Especially with the ever increasing number of tech tree ships. Cheers
  8. 1. Description The API only returns 1 significant digit. Essentially the wiki is the only acceptable source for making a calculation. 2. Reproduction steps Attempting to round the results by adding concealment expert skill of 10% for destroyer and 12% for cruiser. Blyskawica - 10% API/Port 7.7 * 0.9 = round( 6.93, 1 ) = 6.9 Wiki 7.74 * 0.9 = round( 6.966, 1 ) = 7.0 Yorck - 12% API/Port 13.9 * 0.88 = round( 12.232, 1 ) = 12.2 Wiki 13.86 * 0.88 = round( 12.1968, 1 ) = 12.2 Attempting to round up the results by adding concealment expert skill of 10% for destroyer and 12% for cruiser. Blyskawica - 10% API/Port 7.7 * 0.9 = roundup( 6.93, 1 ) = 7.0 Wiki 7.74 * 0.9 = roundup( 6.966, 1 ) = 7.0 Yorck - 12% API/Port 13.9 * 0.88 = roundup( 12.232, 1 ) = 12.3 Wiki 13.86 * 0.88 = roundup( 12.1968, 1 ) = 12.2 3. ResultThe API/port numbers are not accurate enough to calculate the concealment when skills/upgrades/camo are applied. If we use the round method then the Blyskawica API/port numbers don't produce the results displayed in port. If we use the roundup method then the Yorck API/port numbers don't produce the results displayed in port. 4. Expected result The API/port numbers shown should be accurate enough to calculate the concealment when skills/upgrades/camo are applied. Especially for the API. 5. Technical details
  9. Ivanovikh_Makarov

    Port Interface not showing

    So I just fresh install the World of Warships, after log in, I came up to the port without interface. Random click resulting a normal reaction if the port is visible. When changing window size on windowed mode, it show a flicker of the port interface for a second then disappear. Changing to fullscreen doesn't help either. Anyone know how to fix this? PC spec: Win 10 64-bitIntel i5 3.2GHz 4CPUs8GB RAMAMD Radeon R7 250 series
  10. AgentSheep

    A strange blue line in London port

    1. Description In the London port when ever I look around my ship there is this blue line on the left side of the screen that keeps moving up and down depending on which angle I'm looking at. Only happening on this port. Switched Ships and still happening. 2. Reproduction steps Just being in the port, any ship and look around the ship. That's what I did. 3. Result The blue line thingy popping up and moving around the left side of the screen 4. Expected result That blue line not being there ? 5. Technical details Attached a DxDiag report Screenshots
  11. I use compact view for my ships but this isnt the main issue, i have no idea but this has happened a few times already all i need to do is just restart client... but right now i dont want to restart the client but i want to know the fix without restarting the entire client. What i wanted to do => scroll the list of ships i have, what i get is just zooming in and out of the ship currently shown in port. settings/ profile with a bar to scroll down and up, isnt working because it will zoom in and out of the ship currently shown in port. this issue is really a headache especially when you are trying to find a ship and the arrow buttons in the ship list is slow especially when you have over 30 ships....
  12. "Foggy YOKOSUKA - Chroma Attenuator MOD for WoWS ARP mode port" This MOD reduces chroma of YOKOSUKA port of WoWS to envelope by fog.It will be relaxing you at that port. ●Download WoWS_Foggy-YOKOSUKA_MOD_05152.zip (25,184,082 bytes / for[]) ●Using Image Please watch this video for details. ●for MOD pack editors _
  13. The new Patch mess up on the sorting of the ship before the Patch the sort based on Nation is: USA - USSR - Japan + ARP - German and the sort based on Type is: Destroyer - Cruiser - Battleship - Carrier After the patch the sort based on Nation is: French - German - Japan + ARP - Pan Asia - Poland - USSR - USA - England and the sort based on Type is: Carrier - Battleship - Cruiser - Destroyer WHY Wargaming...why????? it change the position of the ship you know.... even the Primary ship got reversed..... can anyone help me to return it to the way it before? because i realize you just sorting it based on the alphabetic sort.... Edit : Update the Whole Nation order
  14. Regal_Claw

    weird port menu bug?

    This is what happened when I clicked "back to port" "Battle On" (my bad) after a match with ARP Ashigara. I don't think it was supposed to be like this when i returned to the port menu, but its pretty amusing... and a bit trippy as well. It probably won't happen again, so i took a screenshot, just in case. *NOTE* : Ah, I forgot, this happened at the end of the match after the other one I did in order to get ARP Haruna. You see, the match I did to get ARP Haruna, I exited to port before it ended so I could start a new match, so I did not recieve the reward right away. (click to zoom, i guess)
  15. Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong has a great view, I hope it could be appear in wows. I know there are lots of building around the port, it might be a big challenge to create numerous object in a short time.
  16. RisaFujiyama

    Time Setting For Port

    As the title above, it would be nice if we can get sets the time for port. I love the Night New York port but it got removed from the previous previous major patch. Now I used the Yokosuka port. I hope we can change the port time individually. I know there are mods for this but its too much hassle to do it since even minor patch will broke it. I hope this will be considered in the future. Best regards.
  17. Issue: While in port, the profile screen does not display after clicking on the menu UI element.Screenshots: Ship: Not applicableMap: Not applicableOccurrences: Once, non-repeatableTested: Once, non-repeatableSeverity: LowDetails: After clicking on the "profile" UI element within the port screen, the player profile should be displayed (detailing win rate, stats, etc.), however this does not occur properly; instead, all of the other clickable UI elements on the standard port screen (e.g. ship carousel, missions panel, ship info, etc.) fade out and disappear, leaving an empty view of the port screen.
  18. 1. Description The game client uses an excessive amount of GPU resources while displaying the home port screen, to the point where the GPU overheats and reaches extremely high temperatures. In fact, the port screen uses more GPU resources than actual in-game battles; the GPU fan speed and temperatures happen to be markedly lower whilst in-battle compared to at the port screen. Currently it is winter in Australia, however during the summertime this may potentially cause housefires if players leave the game running for long time durations, idle at the home port screen. In addition, I'd presume that players with high-end nVidia cards would have a much more severe circumstance compared to mine, and this is also likely to be the case for people who have much more poorly ventilated machines compared to mine. 2. Reproduction steps Run the game, leave the game sitting idle within the home port screen for long durations of time, record GPU temperatures. 3. Result The following temperature chart shows the changes in GPU temperature whilst in-battle, for comparison purposes. Units are in degrees Celsius. The battle begins immediately after the sharp dip from 60 degrees Celsius (at the time when the game was minimised and the Windows desktop was displayed), and reaches an average temperature of 81 degrees Celsius during the battle. The following temperature chart shows the changes in GPU temperature whilst left idle in the home port screen. Units are in degrees Celsius. The time period spent within the port screen is immediately after the second dip; for comparison purposes, the period directly preceding the dip is the in-battle temperature shown earlier. Whilst at the port screen, the temperature reached a maximum value of 86 degrees Celsius before I ALT+TAB-ed to desktop to take a screenshot of the temperature reading. Had I not done so, the temperature would have continued to rise, given that the upward parabolic curve has yet to fully plateau. 4. Expected result The port screen should not overutilise GPU resources, to the point where the GPU generates more heat at the port screen compared to actual battles. Given that players are often likely to leave the game running idle whilst at the port screen (e.g. looking for food/drinks), the GPU utilisation should be at least the same as a battle, if not less. 5. Technical details While testing the temperatures as described above, the following graphics settings were used: Dxdiag: http://pastebin.com/P2qnR9S0 Addendum: My computer has removable dust filters attached to the fans, and I clean them every two months.
  19. I used to have this problem, however thanks to this post on the EU forums, everything's fixed. The culprit? Kaspersky Anti-virus. Turns out that if you use Kaspersky software (Internet Security/Anti-Virus/Pure), you cannot access the chat service in World of Warships and get a "Chat Sever Unavailable" error because they block TCP port 5222 (Jabber/Google Talk) which is what the game uses for the chat system. The reason for this is because many RATs use TCP port 5222 to communicate with botnets and send commands; Kaspersky blocks this port as a preventative measure against trojan infections. Here's the solution: Launcher Client Alternative method: Thanks to JeeWeeJ on the EU forums for this fix.
  20. howdy, well since I play wows like every day for hours and hours I figure I may as well get some premium time and 360 days was the cheapest per day........any way with that do I get an extra port slot for a ship ??????
  21. Rocdocta

    Port and Starboard

    I need a bit of paper in front of me to remember which is left and right. Nothing worse than a torpedo warning and i think "aaaargh!! which one is port?!!!" Anyone have any helpful memory tricks to remembering which is which?
  22. AntifoulAwl

    Ship unsecured, Cap'n

    When a vessel is required to be stationary for a length of time, either the anchors are dropped or a chain mooring is attached. I notice neither of these happening whilst my ships are in port. Poor seamenship indeed. An unsecured ship is a hazard to all other shipping, not to mention to itself. Can we have the anchors dropped to prevent ships drifting around please? I don't want my ships getting washed up onto the shore or drifting into those other vessels nearby. The salvage bill would be horrendous.