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Found 16 results

  1. Was wondering how many people still comment, yet don't play the game.
  2. I'm currently working on a 094 Submarine meta analysis (for random battles/actual PvP and not what's basically a coop mode) and I realised this will probably end up as it's own series, so I need a name folks! I've provided a few ideas but I'm open to suggestions... As Leeloo would say... Plaese Halp
  3. So... Quiz Time (hope this works as intended). I'm reaching a cross-roads so to speak, I've got RN CAs to finish up, (2x BLUFs) and Commonwealth Tech Tree (longer term project). I enjoy making content and don't mind doing a myriad of different things, for those who have seen my stuff you'll have noticed an incremental improvement (I hope) and things slowly evolving. I hope to continue that but I just want to know what folks want to see, I like making videos that folks like. If no one has any preferences, no problemo I'll just keep crackalackin. Channel located here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP2XIIg7O3MeCcIugRnjj1A
  4. Ireina_Victorica

    [Poll] German Cruiser Dilemma

    Hello everyone, The incoming release of new Russian cruisers, along with other ships and (indirectly) IFHE changes has affected the German cruisers somewhat. Originally good and balanced upon their release, since then they have been stigmatized by some as powercrept, and lack any meaningful identity right now. But some voiced up that German cruisers are in good shape somewhat, and such stigma are only fabrication. May i ask, which side are the better perception of things?
  5. I'm sure there have been other polls about this, and WG will not listen either way, but I was wondering...
  6. I guess at this point we all need to get together as a player base and face the reality. WG has changed a lot of things here and in their mind maybe it is for the good of the player base on the whole. We've invested lot of time with the game and it has become a part of our life, If I'm talking about me I've been playing this game since 2016 haven't been bothered about where this game was going but today it feels like something has really changed. And most of the people I know are frustrated about this change. If this keeps on going we might end up losing the interest in playing the game anymore. I've added all 4 classes as options because CV rework effects each and every class's gameplay. So each everyone's opinion matters and everyone has a right to express their opinion. Also please Post Your Opinions Honestly. No Trolling. No throwing personal insults at each other. Because at this point we really need to stand up to WG and their methods.(don't wanna end up with losing half of the player base) Here's a poll from forum mod, I made this separate poll because I wanted to know what are opinions of different class players not only CVs and Non CV players but opinions from DD,BB,CL/CA.
  7. 風の噂では空母の大規模な調整後にかの大英帝国海軍空母が実装されるらしいですが、以前のグラーフ・ツェッペリンの件といい、最近のWGとWoWsの先行きにはいささか不安を感じています。 今回、空母関係で話題となった問題についてアンケート形式でお聞きしております。選択肢は考えうる限り書いてますが不備があればご指摘いただければと思います。これまでフォーラムでの発言を控えていた方でも、アンケート参加だけでも結構ですのでご意見を伺えればと思います。各設問についてわからないことがあれば聞いていただければお答えします。 設問1 選択肢3は空母用のランダム戦(プレイヤー空母x2+AI水上戦闘艦x5 vs プレイヤー空母x2+AI水上戦闘艦x5など)を設けてそこに空母を隔離するという意味で、選択肢4はダンケルクシナリオのアンソニーやサイクロンのようにランダムへの出撃制限をかけるという意味。 設問2 万人向けの調整は例えばALT手動攻撃削除や敵対空砲射程可視化などで、玄人向けはその逆で技量知識を求めていくということ。 ここからはこのフォーラムで議論したい話題についてです。 現在のWoWsでは、分艦隊、マッチング、空母乗り減少、対空、新空母と空母周りの課題が山のようにあります。個々の調整についての話題はそれぞれのトピックがありますのでそちらで議論していただくとして、ここでは主に空母という艦種をこのWoWsにおいてどういう扱いにしていくべきかという将来の方向性について、アンケート結果も交えつつできればと思っています。 某戦雷の方で海軍CBTが着々と進み、WoWsにとって競争相手となることが明らかになりつつあります。あちらは運営的に某これくしょんゲームとのつながりもあります。ここで、WoWsの強みである空母や戦艦といった大型艦を隅に追いやるという選択はどう考えてもできないというのが私の考えです。どの戦闘でもほぼ必ず空母がマッチするという状況が好ましいと思っています。
  8. SIntreaper

    USN BB Poll Results

    Original poll here: https://goo.gl/forms/nWul0miRH0kPyMgC3 Disclaimer The following results are the results of a player-run poll distributed among the NA forums, Asia forums, and r/worldofwarships. The results are not endorsed by any other party except for myself, including Wargaming, Reddit, or any of the developers. As this was a player run poll, I open up my results to any analysis that any players, developers, and/or outside observers would like to make. These results are not guaranteed to influence Wargaming in any way. I am also not an AP Stats student. If you spot an incorrect assumption, please show mercy. Thank you. In addition, I received a lot of flak for this poll for multiple reasons. I tried to keep the poll simple, which explains why people felt it was too basic. Next time around, I'll be covering more complex topics, so I have more freedom to make the poll more complex. In addition, the poll itself can be taken multiple times. This is not a mistake; rather I am attempting to protect the identities of those taking the poll. If I made the poll a one answer only poll, people would be forced to sign into their Google accounts to take the poll. The poll results on the Google form are open, which means that anyone who would respond would open their email up to the public. A side note, before we begin: I do not play USN BBs. I'm pretty much a DD guy myself; as such, please do not scream "[edited]noobtard" when I display the poll. I made this poll because two guys I know disagree on this issue. Introduction and Methodology The following results were compiled from the poll above, which ran from 29-11-17 to 02-12-17. There were 240 people who took the poll. Results were compiled into an Excel spreadsheet and analyzed. An asterisk (*) indicates that I lumped similar responses together. For example, if one response was that they didn't care, and another response was that it didn't really matter, I would lump both together. In addition, all of the "other" responses are marked as "Other" in the pie charts. Data Results Analysis Combining the first two questions, we can see that the majority of those who answered are USN players and BB players. This means that we will be receiving results from people who play USN ships and those who play other BBs against them. On our third question, there is a general consensus that USN BBs are not weak objectively speaking. I say general consensus, but I really mean an overwhelming majority. This trend continues throughout the poll, with around 80% of the population believing USN BBs are fine each question. I really can't analyze this battery of questions very much, as there isn't much to analyze. The last multiple choice question asks whether USN BBs are powercreeped. This seems to leave the population split, with about 40% of the population believing USN BBs are not powercreeped, 46% believing that USN BBs are slightly powercreeped, and 14% of the population believing that USN BBs are extremely powercreeped. These results to this question are very curious, as even though 80% of the population believes that USN BBs are not weak, 60% of the population surveyed believe that the USN BBs are powercreeped to at least some degree. At least some of those who believe that USN BBs are not weak also believe that USN BBs have been powercreeped, although I cannot say just how many for sure. In short, even though much of the population believes USN BBs aren't weak, some of that population also believes USN BBs have been powercreeped to some degree. Finally, the open response. I will be covering this in my different analyses from now on. Picking a few quotes, we can see the many different views of the population. "Nothing. Git Gud." This sentiment is echoed many times in many different responses. Although on the surface it is a blatant jab at the OP, we can analyze this to mean that USN BBs are relatively high skill. "Raise Citadel." Surprisingly, many people also believe that the USN citadel lowering was a bit too much. However, this is often times the only nerf that is mentioned, leading me to believe that only the citadel should be raised again in order to rebalance the USN BB line. "Speed buffs." USN BBs are well-known for their slow speed. It is no surprise that a much-asked buff is to the speed. It would not be unreasonable, certainly, and it should probably be done. "Add STS Plating, imprive [sic] gun handling at long/mid range, improve pennetration [sic] of 16 inch Mk 8 Super Heavy Shell" The most specific response in the poll. It covered a lot of ground while still keeping it concise and easy to understand. This was the most detailed buff request. In addition, we can break it down further. STS plating is special plating used on USN BBs, known for being a slight improvement over other steel plates because of its ductility. I do believe that USN BBs do not have special armor modeled; thus the author wishes for better armor when compared to contemporaries. Improving gun handling at mid and long ranges is also another issue raised by the author. While USN BBs are not supposed to be snipers, the author wishes for them to at least gain a little bit more accuracy. Buffing accuracy could prove problematic, however, as it could enable DD sniping with BBs. Still, I am sure the author has experienced very bad USN BB accuracy firsthand, and I do not wish to discredit his/her experiences. "buff the whining factor so i get more salt to feed on" Purely shiptosting by an anonymous user. Lightened up my day a little. Conclusions USN BBs are seen as well balanced, if a bit strong, by most. Although an appreciable amount of people believe that USN BBs have been slightly powercreeped, most people do believe that USN BBs are not a dumpster fire. As is, I rest my case. Feel free to use this data to support your own internet arguments, draw conclusions, or use this as data to buff USN BBs. Thank you for reading this long and hard poll result.
  9. SIntreaper

    CV balancing poll

    I thought my next poll would be later this month on the topics of IJN AS, USN CV changes, and the Saipan, but I guess not. Seeing how it's the hot topic out right now, I created a poll to judge two proposed changes to TBs by different users. The threads in question: Stopping stacked TBs: Introducing RNG to TBs: Poll: https://goo.gl/forms/HM04jN8PtG87nsNo1
  10. SIntreaper

    USN BB poll

    Hello, I'm back with another poll. This time, it's about the contentious subject of the USN BB. I will do an analysis after results have been collected, as usual. Link is here: https://goo.gl/forms/t6IJRUJN2Nys3Pq13
  11. SIntreaper

    Saipan Poll

    (x-posted from Reddit and the NA Forums) Hello, This is a poll attempting to gauge just how much of the community wants to nerf this ship; whether it's simply a loud minority or if the ship really is hated by most of the playerbase. Please answer once and truthfully. I am gathering data and do not want to have to throw out a poll because some guy spammed it with his alt accounts. Side note: I do not endorse any of the options in the poll. I have not taken part in the poll. I have attempted to include as many options as possible. Link is here: https://goo.gl/forms/UBB61JOXTQoCVhEd2 I will release the results in about 24 hours from now on this same topic. PS: If any of you frequent Facebook or Twitter, can one of you post it there? I don't know where to post it in order to get the most amount of attention.
  12. SIntreaper

    Premium CV poll results

    Original thread can be found here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/142121-premium-cv-poll/ Original poll can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/2Ci4shG4fdWEUp7A3 Disclaimer The following results are the results of a player-run poll distributed among the NA forums, Asia forums, and r/worldofwarships. The results are not endorsed by any other party except for myself, including Wargaming, Reddit, or any of the developers. As this was a player run poll, I open up my results to any analysis that any players, developers, and/or outside observers would like to make. I expect to be accused of vote manipulation. These results are not guaranteed to influence Wargaming in any way. i am also not an AP Stats student. If you spot an incorrect assumption, please show mercy. Thank you. Introduction and Methodology. The following results below are the results of the poll linked above by myself. This poll ran from 8 Nov 2017 to 12 Nov 2017. The poll collected 141 responses during this time. I will be using data from only this poll to determine which Premium CV is seen as the most broken. Results were compiled into Excel and were formed into charts. This poll's analysis will be much lighter than last time because the poll was much simpler and shorter. Key Terms Broken: means the way it works is inherently toxic and needs an overhaul. Data Results Do note the data can be accessed by the link @ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSesRA8iu8cYpsi6hs6Uwk44JqQ-WvE5nWTdho7ddZcNlxDMrQ/viewanalytics Analysis With these numbers open, we can begin the analysis. In the first chart, 28% of those who responded owns a Saipan. About the same amount of people don't own a Saipan. The fact that 28% of people own a Saipan makes the poll unbiased enough because it uses results from both those who do and those who don't own a Saipan. However, this number isn't very controversial on its own. When we get to the second chart, we can see that 57% of those who participated believe the Saipan is the most broken premium CV. The large majority makes it impossible to dispute that the Saipan is clearly seen as the most broken CV. We can sit around all day and discuss that, but moving on we see that the Graf Zeppelin is the second most broken CV in the eyes of the community. However, there are only 24% who believe it is broken, making the Saipan the clear winner. Conclusion The combination of the Saipan being the most owned and the most broken CV in the eyes of the community is not a coincidence. In fact, people probably bought the Saipan because it is able to abuse strafe mechanics. There are two conclusions that one can glean walking away from this one. First, that the Saipan is in fact the most broken CV in the eyes of the community. Second, that I won't have to make a separate poll and analysis on why the Saipan is broken because it was already done here. Thank you to all that participated. Feel free to pick apart my results and show everyone why my methodology is wrong.
  13. SIntreaper

    Premium CV poll

    Hello, I'm back with another poll. This one is judging which CV is seen as the most broken and in need of changes. Once that poll is finished and I have a "most broken" CV, I will make a poll about it, unless it's the Saipan, in which case refer back to the original poll. Link is here: https://goo.gl/forms/2Ci4shG4fdWEUp7A3 Thank you for your participation.
  14. Disclaimer The following results are the results of a player-run poll distributed among the NA forums, Asia forums, and r/worldofwarships. The results are not endorsed by any other party except for myself, including Wargaming, Reddit, or any of the developers. As this was a player run poll, I open up my results to any analysis that any players, developers, and/or outside observers would like to make. I expect to be accused of vote manipulation . These results are not guaranteed to influence Wargaming in any way. i am also not an AP Stats student. If you spot an incorrect assumption, please show mercy. Thank you. Introduction and Methodology This poll has run from 5-11-17 to 7-11-17 (D-M-Y) for approximately 3 full days. During this time, the survey collected 330 responses. I will be using the data from only this poll to gather data and form conclusions. Results were compiled into an Excel document and were formed into charts. Data results Do note that the data can be accessed at the Google Forms link if you would like to see for yourself @ https://goo.gl/forms/5kvGsGrrj34sc2yB3 The results are as follows: (Out of a pool of 329 people and responses) (Out of a pool of 330 people and responses) (Out of a pool of 271 people and 411 responses) (Out of a pool of 330 people and responses) Analysis With the numbers out of the way, let's look at what these results mean. In poll question 1, around 2/3 of those surveyed did not have a Saipan, and 1/3 of those surveyed did. I believe this gives me a reasonable pool of candidates to draw from, one that is decently sized and varied in whether they own the Saipan or not. This question is relatively straightforward; not much explanation is needed. However, when we move over to the second question, already we begin to see some aberrations. 75% of the poll answers indicated that some kind of change to the Saipan should take place. Looking back at poll question 1, we see that around 1/3 of the population that took this survey owns a Saipan. This means that at least 14% of those who took this poll and own a Saipan would like to see some kind of change take place, but this estimate is very generous, as probably more than 14% of those who own a Saipan and were surveyed wanted the Saipan to be changed in some way, shape, or form, although I can't speak for them. Moving onto the third question, the pie chart really explodes with options. Do note that you can pick more than one option, thus there was a staggering 411 responses picked by 271 different people. The Google Forms will show this differently, as it does not count the number of options but rather the number of options chosen divided by the number of people who selected an answer. The results, however are quite clear and are consistent with both the Excel doc and the Google Forms: Around 45% of the posters believe that the Saipan's only nerf should be removing its free strafe-out from dogfights. This was around 30% of the results chosen as well. It seems that most players' only problem with the Saipan is the free strafe-out it receives. In fact, around 77 responses indicated that the Saipan should be buffed in other areas. Clearly there is only one big problem most players see, and that is the free strafe-out. And finally, the last question. This was more of a joke question than anything else. Around 54% of the people who took part in this poll would sit around and grab some popcorn, which shows that despite this game being a naval warfare game, many of us players are relatively tame and wouldn't get in a fight over a small problem like this. Another 30% is also peaceful, although not as tame, as they would party. For some reason, 16% of the population would literally riot and cause mayhem over pixels being changed, even though the EULA specifically states that WG reserves the right to change our virtual goods at any time. Conclusion Results from this poll are a good indicator that most players do believe that the Saipan is in need of nerfs. It is not, in fact, the loud minority that sees the Saipan as needing of tweaks, but a majority of players. However, most players believe that the Saipan only needs the gimmick of strafing out without losing fighters removed, as the poll mostly suggests. Thus, it would be a good idea to only nerf that aspect and maybe even buff another aspect in compensation. In the future, I hope to conduct more polls like this to actually gauge a truly public opinion on a ship or mechanic. Regards, Slntreaper PS: Here's a thank you for reading this far:
  15. .Would interesting to see how many will sell or keep in Port
  16. ※以下WoTフォーラムより転載します。何分転載記事ですので参考画像等がwows仕様ではありません。ご了承ください。 不都合、不具合もしくはwows専用のトピックを立てる場合がございましたら運営様による当記事を削除の後、正式なトピックを立ててください。 ※引用元 ・Pollを使用した投票機能のあるトピックの作成方法 http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/34220-poll%e3%82%92%e4%bd%bf%e7%94%a8%e3%81%97%e3%81%9f%e6%8a%95%e7%a5%a8%e6%a9%9f%e8%83%bd%e3%81%ae%e3%81%82%e3%82%8b%e3%83%88%e3%83%94%e3%83%83%e3%82%af%e3%81%ae%e4%bd%9c%e6%88%90%e6%96%b9%e6%b3%95/。 ここではPoll(投票機能)を使用したトピックの作成方法をご紹介します。 Pollを使用すると、色々な方の意見を投票形式で集めることが可能なので、意見をまとめる際などに使用すると便利です。 なお、Pollが設定されているトピックは以下のアイコンで表示されます。 ■Poll(投票機能)の使用方法 ①フォーラム内のトピックを作成したい項目へ移動し、画面右側にある「Start New Topic」をクリックします。 ②表示される入力欄の右側にある「Poll」の項目から「Add Poll」をクリックします。 クリックで画像を表示 ③新しく表示される「Poll Manager」に以下の必要事項を入力します。 Poll Title: Pollのタイトル Make votes public?: 投票結果の開示のON/OFFを設定 Poll only topic?: 作成するトピックに対し、書き込みのON/OFFを設定 Question: 投票してほしい質問内容(複数設定可能) Answers: 質問内容に対する答え(複数設定可能) クリックで画像を表示 ④下の図の「Add Another Choice」をクリックすると、「Answers」の項目を増やす事が可能です。 また、通常は1つしか回答を選べませんが、上部の「Allow users to select (数字) choices」のチェックを入れ、数字を選択することで解答数を増やすことが可能です。 例)数字を2にすると、対象の質問に対し2つ選択して投票することができる。 クリックで画像を表示  ⑤複数の質問を作成したい場合は、下の図にある「Add Another Question」をクリックすると、新しく質問と答えを設定することが可能です。 全ての設定が完了したら、ウィンドウ下部にある「Finished」をクリックすることで設定が完了します。 ※ウィンドウは大きくならないため、右側のスクロールを下に移動し、新しい質問の設定を入力して下さい。 クリックで画像を表示 ⑥「Topic Title」とトピックの内容を記入して、下部にある「Post New Topic」をクリックすることで、トピックが投稿されます。 ※内容が表記されていないと投稿することができません。 クリックで画像を表示 ⑦投稿されたトピックは以下の図のように表示され、チェック項目をクリックすることで答えを選択し、赤い矢印部分の「Votel」をクリックすることで、投票を行うことが可能です。 Votel: チェックした項目で投票する Show Results: これまでに投票された結果を閲覧する Edit this poll: pollを修正する Hide poll: poll部分を隠す