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Found 3 results

  1. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    Help with Gameplay styles

    Hey all, so basically I’ll tell y’all about myself I’ve played wows for a little over a year and I love it however I am horrendous at map placement and planning im pretty bad to sum it up and I would like some tips so my first line I started was the IJN line, and I enjoyed the flamethrowing style, but I’ve hit the mogami and it’s just not fun anymore the Kagero is rlly hard to play, it’s just me, not the ship however I love the amagi, it’s a lot of fun i have 10 point captains for all of my IJN ships also I just bought the space commander 11010111101001 (lol it’s a 11/10 name ik) and I’m thinking to hold o to the captain until I am ready to grind the gunboat line 🙂 also I am at t7 for the RU navy ships, shchors and Minsk shchors is not bad, but gets clapped and eats HE like a bitch minsk... it’s fun with AFT and cooking ships at 14.6 km range, and on a dd is insane i have a few premiums, tirpitz (which I need help with playstyle as well) atlanta is just stupid but fun and a few more but this is getting ridiculously long thanks in advance for any help have a great day everyone
  2. Dendi_Superman

    Freddie the-not-so Great

    With the current meta, how should I spec the captain? CQB or Flamu's tank build? Or perhaps the meta will change once the CV and concealment changes go thru? After playing a few rather short lived games, I find that I can't click with her yet. Get close to try to support DD, gets IFHE to death by Worcester (yes, 100 to port), guns are controlled not by me but by rng, triple cits in one game but overpens and misses for the rest. So errrr, need some help. Notice me senpai!
  3. Moganite

    Improving my play style

    I have recently reached 5k battles and am interested in improving my playstyle. I found a few problem areas that I am not happy with. I have uploaded a bunch of my replays for evaluation roughly 270. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B25t1sf5y9dyOGRFN1lLM19EQ3c&usp=drive_web http://worldofwarships.asia/en/community/accounts/2008926875-Moganite/#tab=pvp/account-tab-overview-pvp http://warshipstats.com/sea/player/Moganite http://warships.today/player/2008926875/asia/Moganite In general I am finding that my average damage on a daily basis is not increasing but holding steady. Also it seems that I am often the first one sunk or it occurs a disproportionate proportion of the time. My survival for most ships is at least 10 percent below the average even now I only survive about 1 in 4 battles. I have also my accuracy seems to have dropped off and where I used to aim is no longer hitting targets and I have to get closer to hit them. It seems that the relative speed of the ships has been boosted relative to all shells and it seems to be with the latest parch and across most if not all ships. I think it could just be me as i haven't played much round christmas and the new year. With CVs and the reworked strafe i am getting the gist of it but I am finding it still seems to be a death trap when I try to execute it and i can only get it to work occasionally. and battleships at least at T5 to 8seem to be able to dodge torps effortlessly even when they are dropped just at the point where they arm themselves In DDs I usually do negligible damage and rarely survive. I also have terrible accuracy with torpedoes In CAs and BBs I seem to do do all right though I think my accuracy suffers at medium to long range and find it difficult to hit anything much beyond 12 to 13 km. so how do I tweak how I play to increase my effectiveness?