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Found 8 results

  1. Japanese carriers: consistent, rewarding and strong. It is an extremely good tech tree, objectively being the best carrier branch. However, I have to say that the planes that these ships carry and the role they play is outrageously inaccurate. Before you reply and discuss about this topic, please keep in mind that this thread is NOT a place to talk about the in-game performances of these ships/planes. I am not trying to change the plane HP, armament, or anything that relates to changing the game balance. 1st plane I would like to change is A8M Rikufu, seen as upgraded attackers on Hakuryu. This plane is based on 20-Kou prototype fighter (二十試甲戦闘機). I assume that wargaming used this as they have already used the famous A7M2 Reppu as stock module. However, this aircraft was a late war plan. A mockup or a proper blueprint did not exist, and even its name Rikufu is not confirmed. Instead, I suggest replacing this aircraft is A7M3-J Reppu=Kai. This is an upgraded version of the A7M. Having a heavy armament of 4 30mm cannons, the aircraft design was significantly changed so much that it even seemed as a completely different one. The blueprint of this aircraft was found in 2005, and a prototype was being made which wasn't completed due to the end of the war. 2nd is the J7W2 Shinden=Kai, seen on the upcoming Japanese Super carrier Sekiryu. First of all, this aircrafts existence in history is highly questionable. It is said that the Japanese army had an "idea" of installing a Jet engine to the J7W1 Shinden, However no blueprints were made and according to Nishimura Mitsuo, an engineer that participated in designing the Shinden, there was an idea but the plan hasn't been discussed or prepared properly. Also, the Shinden was a high-altitude interceptor that specialized in shooting down USAF heavy bombers. It is weird to see these planes operating on a carrier as a rocket attacker. Therefore, I suggest replacing this with Kikka, seen as fighters of Hakuryu before the CV rework. This aircraft which basically is a Japanese Schwalbe, or Me262 existed as a real design and a few planes were made. As most attackers on CVs are the same aircraft as fighters of the RTS CVs, I think this plane perfectly matches Sekiryu's tactical attackers. Finally, I would like to change the order of aircrafts already in game. This is because planes that sre famous and played a dramatic role in history such as D3A, or the Type 99 carrier bomber, seen on Ryujo as dive bombers, are stock modules which will be rarely played with. Also, J5N Tenrai. This aircraft was built by Nakajima aircraft late in the war, and 6 planes were completed. Although this aircraft did exist, it was meant to be a high-altitude interceptor to counter USAF air raids on Japanese cities. It is weird as in this game this aircraft is seen as upgraded torpedo and dive bombers on Hakuryu. This is caused because the order of the planes have been messed up, and wargaming ran out of planes to use. Therefore, I would like to change this as below: Current: Plane/Carrier Hosho Ryujo Stock Ryujo Upgraded Shokaku Stock Shokaku Upgraded Hakuryu Stock Hakuryu Upgraded/Sekiryu Normal Sekiryu Tactical Attackers A4M A5M Type 96 A6M2 Zero A6M5 Zero N1K2-J Shiden=Kai A7M Reppu A8M Rikufu J7W3 Shinden=Kai Torpedo Bombers B4Y B4Y B5N2 Type 97 "Kate" B6N Tenzan B7A Ryusei C6N Saiun J5N Tenrai R2Y2 Keiun Dive Bombers D1A1 D3A Type 99 "Val" D4Y2 Suisei D4Y3 Suisei B7A Ryusei A7M Reppu J5N Tenrai Changed: Plane/Carrier Hosho Ryujo Stock Ryujo Upgraded Shokaku Stock Shokaku Upgraded Hakuryu Stock Hakuryu Upgraded/Sekiryu Normal Sekiryu Tactical Attackers A4M A5M Type 96 A6M2 Zero A6M5 Zero N1K2-J Shiden=Kai A7M Reppu A7M3-J Reppu=Kai Kikka Torpedo Bombers B4Y B4Y B5M1 Type 97 "Kate" (Mitsubishi) B5N2 Type 97 "Kate" B6N Tenzan C6N Saiun B7A2 Ryusei=Kai R2Y2 Keiun Dive Bombers D1A1 D1A2 D3A Type 99 "Val" D4Y2 Suisei D4Y3 Suisei B7A1 Ryusei B7A2 Ryusei=Kai Explanations of added planes: D1A2- Succeeder of the former D1A1 (Hosho Bombers are this), also known as Type 96 bomber (96式艦上爆撃機) or "susie". A biplane designed by Aichi Aircraft, approx 400 planes produced. B5M1- A Mitsubishi version of the famous Nakajima B5N "Kate". This aircraft consisted of 3 types, B5N1 the early Nakajima version, B5M1 the Mitsubishi version, and B5N2 the late Nakajima version. Although most of the productions were B5N2, this type was also widely produced and used by the IJN. Differences were that the Mitsubishi variant had fixed landing gears and a slight difference in airframe. B7A2 Ryusei=Kai- A variant of B7A1 Ryusei (Shokuku TB/DBs). This aircraft was equipped with a new engine (Homare type 23), but never entered mass produciton due to the end of the war. Prototype was made. I placed this aircraft as the TB/DBs of Tier 10 Hakuryu, as Ryusei is the first IJN aircraft that could conduct both torpedo attacks and dive bombing, and was the ultimate version of Japanese WW2 carrier aircraft. It perfectly matches with history and no other plane will match better on this place. A7M3-J Reppu=Kai- explained above Kikka- explained above Finally, please note again that I am NOT intending to change the game balance at all. All the changes above should be conducted without changing the in game spec of each aircraft. (For example, Kikka should have the spec as J7W3, and B5N2 as Shokaku stock should have the same spec as the current stock module, which is B6N Tenzan). Also, planes on the Japanese premium CV Kaga should also be changed accordingly (Kaga currently has stock Shokaku aircraft, and it will after these changes too). I'd love to see the changes above in game, even if not all of them. Thx for reading.
  2. Got this idea long ago, but never really considered it until now. TLDR version: make shooting down planes grant exp, and shooting down planes give your team a +2 in score during games. Lately, there have been a lot of complaining about how US ships are ‘underpowered’, well, maybe they are not really underpowered, maybe it’s just the current game rules doesn’t show their full effectiveness. Besides, I think we can all agree that before the nerf, Cheatland is unstoppable. Anyways, get back to the topic, people have always complained about how US battleships and cruisers have bad shell dispersion, bad shell arc etc. Well let’s face it, the reason behind it is that have trouble hitting your enemies = low damage dealt = low experience per match. That is where the problem is, people are complaining because they have lower experience than their Japanese counterparts. Here’s the thing, US ships have superior AA, functions best in groups, and except in a few instances, their ships armor is generally heavier than their Japanese counter parts (again, even in a Nagato I cannot see any ways to get citadel on a Cheatland. However, AA is more of a, you know, ‘passive skill’. What’s more, shooting down planes does not grant experience, and this is where the problem lies. For example, most of you would probably agree that Bogue got a much better advantage over Zuiho. It can overwhelm the Zuiho with ease. However, the average experience Bogue gets is actually lower than that of Zuiho’s. Why? Well cause shooting down planes doesn’t grant experience! While the Zuiho, though its planes will get shoot down very frequently, have two torpedo squadrons and can deal damage a 201 Bogue can never achieve. Another example, People complain about Zao because it can invisible fire, and Des Moines, having a bad shell arc and hard to invisible fire, a lot of US cruiser just end up defending CVs and subsequently low experience. You know, the only thing Zao good at is invisible fire. If this is nerfed (the developers are talking about ‘reworking’ the Zao). It is even more useless than Des Moines because Japanese AA is a joke. Well, here is the thing, I think, if shooting down planes can grant experience, then US ships will have a huge increase in experience, therefore it compensates for their inability to deal decent damage. And Japanese ships will not have to go through all the nerfs (R.I.P Mogami with AFT you will be missed dearly). And the best thing is, everyone benefits from this, cause it’s not like Japanese ships can’t shoot down planes. Another idea I would like to suggest is that shooting down planes should grant +2 in score during domination mode (and any mode which includes points). Right now high tier US CVs have a much lower win rate, not because inability to deal damage, but because less squadron=hard to catch DD=less effective at late part of game in which detection of enemy ships and movement is sometimes key to winning the battle. However, I think this can be fixed to a degree, by having points gained from shooting down planes, US CVs can contribute to the team more as their fighter is superior to the Japanese Ones. And let’s face it man, even in real life Air superiority is a thing, and the survival of planes are just important as ships. Think about Letye Gulf, the IJN lost air superiority in the great turkey shoot, and they don’t have a lot of planes either, the Japanese tried hard to keep up with the plane shortage, they even transported all the planes on Formosa to help the battle. Still, the Northern Decoy squadron have little planes left. Alright, I think this is all I have to say, let me know what you think. P.S: If you like this post please +1 me cuz no one ever bothered to +1 my post
  3. Ninajim

    Russian vs U.S. Standards

    So, would this also reflect on the Russian and U.S. navies? Here's a short clip that I found to be quite truthful. Also, how would such a matter reflect today's Aircraft and ships? Are they still being built to withstand war, or just made to look pretty?
  4. AdmiralAckbar13

    World of War: The Trio Combined

    Now that we have worlds of tanks, planes and warships, I think it would be amazing to see Wargaming combine all three into huge multi-player games. I know it will probably never happen, but what are people's thoughts and opinions? I think it would make for heaps of fun and drop some of the barriers between the three separate games.
  5. Sz_Benny

    Aircraft Carriers Top of Team

    Anyone else noticing Cv's at the top of the team list nearly every single game? Don't know if i'm just incredibly unfortunate, but I've played around 100 battles and there seems to be a problem here... I'm guessing this is probably due to torpedo bombers and their ability to drop torps literally 40m from your ship making them literally impossible to avoid all of them, which isn't very nice when only one of the torps can take away half your hp. I also noticed that the planes can fly through obstacles, making islands (which would normally protect you from torpedo's) useless from planes. The torpedo bombers can fly right through the island and drop torpedo's from the islands side. Don't know if it is just torpedo bombers that are the problem but something seems wrong based on the results Cv's are getting every game. Edit: Sorry for not being clear, I meant cv's are top of team xp list , not the initial loading screen team list.
  6. Been waiting for this for so long - can we change the fricken battle summary screen at the end of the game to include total damage dealt? Amount of XP earnt is great, fantastic, wonderful - but it does not allow you to rank yourself / your teams performance against the other guys, because credit loss to the loser. Please - simple request. This ==>
  7. Though I still haven't played CVs, I'm just wondering...would it be a good idea to add an Ohka squadron to IJN Carriers? Ohka squadrons are basically Kamikaze planes but with no guns, just loads of fuel and explosives. They're the guided missiles of WW2....with a pilot inside. I imagine them to attack like dive bombers and sting like a torp but their hitting chance would be like that of dive bombers but just a little bit accurate because of the pilots. I thought it would be OP at first because of the damage they will give but thinking again, they're just OP if they hit... if they miss, they're just a total waste of planes. Also would it be a good idea to add a "Kamikaze attack" option to the Japanese planes once they're out of payload? You know just for desperate situations. Like for example when someone sneaks up on a Jap CV and that CV realizes she's in a real pinch or when the CV is the only ship left in the game and everybody's trying to sink her. I thought of this idea while playing a DD earlier. I often chase carriers around. The carriers would send bombers at me and they miss most of the time and after that the planes would just fly around then eventually return to the carrier and I'll be like "Good thing they can't go kamikaze..." For me this would make IJN Carriers more Japanese-like in gameplay. ...what do you think?
  8. Harpoon01

    0.3.1. Review, (Carrier)

    This is Review from my Perspective about the change their made to USN CV and about the New Tech tree Line IJN CV Let's start with the ship itself: - USN CV have more AA and at tier 8 to 9 (probably 10 too) could single handedly eliminate any single squad in quick succession before they even drop any bomb (except torpedo from far away) - IJN CV have..... capability to launch squadron faster than USN counterpart but worse AA, and their Concealment are really good compare to USN CV Flight Control: - USN CV.... have much better Fighter than IJN CV, 1 USN Fighter Squad might lose to 2 IJN Fighter Squad, but win in 1 vs 1 (easily) - USN CV from Langley to Lexington only can deploy 1 squad of torpedo bomber at a time, even at their all Bomber Flight Control which is Bad - IJN CV from Houshou to Zuiho only have up to 1 Fighter squad only,and each IJN Squad only have 4 planes - IJN CV rely on their Number of bomber (for example, Lexington All bomber Flight control only have 1 TB and 3 DB, while Shoukaku have 3 TB and 3 DB. Conclusion: USN 6 TB and 12 DB vs 12 TB and 12 DB, Completely outnumbered and for worse Both nation's TB's damages are not far different) Planes: (don't need to explain USN Planes since already there since even Alpha) - IJN Fighters as mention above have slightly higher speed but less damage against other planes - IJN TBs are next candidate to be called OP by BB player since even the patch make Torpedo Spread Wider (bad news for USN TB) doesn't change the fact that IJN TB can do Torpedo wave with very narrow spread (Their 3 TB squad could make even Narrower Torpedo wave than even 2 USN TB squad can do before the recent patch) - IJN DBs similar to USN counterpart with some have better speed and survivability, and same damage (My hearth Broke)