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Found 3 results

  1. *Nerd Alert* Physics are involved in the discussion. TL;DR: Suppose you have a North Carolina moving at 27.5 kts or about just over 14 m/s firing a shell at 701 m/s in the same direction of the ship's at near-zero elevation. Would the shell velocity at the exit of the barrel still be 701 m/s or increased to 715 m/s?
  2. 1)why does our ship takes less damage when we ram a Friendly ship but it goes kaboom when we ram an enemy ship? shouldn't the same latter principle apply for both scenarios? 2)Yesterday I was playing a match with Moskva and enemy Fletcher .I was spectating the match.Enemy DD was hiding in smoke and moskva was YOLOin towards the DDs possible smoke location.Suddenly the DD appears outta nowhere and lands 2 torps into the moskva. She detonates and her front portion of her broken hull hit the Fletcher's Hull and the DD's hull topples sideways.Yet he came out unscratched.How is this possible? The scenarios would have changed if the Moskva was alive(after the torp) and both would have died simultaneously. p.s :I dont have any replays or images to support it.
  3. YEAH BABY! COME GET SOME AIR! Seriously. This was the best laugh I've had in a while. Thanks Wargaming for the awesome physics engine. tl;dw: Use extended tech tree mod, try to view Tier 11 Iona Submarine, game randomly pulls a ship from the Japanese tech tree and applies crazy physics. Can your ship 360 no-scope? (tl;dw: Too long didn't watch)