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Found 2 results

  1. dead_man_walking

    HIJMS Mikasa

    Rare return to the forums ;) Recently I was in Japan visiting family and took the time to visit the Mikasa Historic Ship in Yokosuka. Photos can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1frACsQ6MhJdnOQsqsRkPTBr41pUGFibE
  2. New_Horizontal

    WTH that ships is?

    You guys playing this game here because many reasons. I believe mostly are here because we love warships and History. So let's have some game over here. At first, I reference this idea back to below topic. And thanks to dseehafer ​for this interesting idea. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/111462-guess-that-ship-new-gold-ship-added/ The game have a similar fashion like that one except some rules will be readjusted. Description: I'll start posting warships picture and let you guys guess about ship class and name. Picture may contains only part of the ship, taken from the distance or blur for some challenging even unfinished ship also included. Once the picture is correctly identified, Me or you guys are allowed to post another one and so on. Rules: These are rule we should comply - No Google hax: To make this game fair, using a google search tool for picture are not allowed unless you are going to post another picture to let us guess again. you can use some source like books or articles though. - One answer per post: You can answer only one per post (number of posts are unlimited. So feel free to answer as many as you like.) - Once the previous picture is correctly identified, others can post next warship picture and let us guess. Only one picture are allow here. and we have to correctly identify it before put another picture in and so on and so forth. - Picture should not show ship name for challenging purpose. - After the picture was identified, Please highlight as guessed for no further confusion Okay let's start with first picture (Guessed) Have fun captains P.S. for moderators, you can move this topic to "off topic" section if you see fit. Moved to off-topic. ~amade