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Found 4 results

  1. G'day folks... This time it's a Perth video, well two Perths... Watch out for some nice team work, splitting firing angles of enemy ships - rewatching it I was actually surprised how clinical we were... lol. I hope you enjoy it, as per usual, showing some reddit/YT/forum comments I love responding to so if you have questions or whatevs, fire away! I've got a little more time than I expected at the moment (expected to have none) so if there are any requests for BLUF/Un-Eff-It or In-Depth that aren't the Commonwealth series, let me know!
  2. Voidhawk

    HMAS Perth flag

    Hey all, I bought a Perth a while back While I enjoy playing my Perth and after buying the Hood, I realised that something was amiss; I did not seem to have the commemorative flag So I looked around and found this post: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/123924-does-perth-ulitmate-bundle-come-with-flag/ I bought my Perth before this and I bought it as the "ultimate bundle".. I don't seem to have the flag for Perth.. I know its just cosmetic; as I have the RN Hood and its flag, but my point is I don't/never recieved a flag and I'd very much like to fly it Can a Dev reply and let me know what I need to do to get the flag? (or perhaps fix this issue?) Cheers,
  3. Hey all, A suggestion aimed at the Dev's in relation to the Perth I love the darn thing to bits and I play it well, but its lacking and it's starting to really irk me considering some of the newer Premium ships being released are quite competitive right off the shelf.. yes, good readers, you know which ships I'm referring to Since at present, the Perth is the only Aussie cruiser available, perhaps its time to make it a little bit better and more competitive in relation to other cruisers of the same tier/line rather then letting it remain as a "collectors" ship (or only for the most hardcore captain). I understand that the smoke generator is pretty decent, but remember, its a selfish bubble; it's diametre is quite small unless a certain skill is taken to make it a bit more "team friendly", so the Perth needs something to help it be a bit more of a team player and not a ship that simply takes up a port slot As such, my suggestions are these: 1) Increase the range of the rifles from 12.6km to something like 15km; despite the fact that the mark 23 rifles Perth and her sisters were equipped with actually had a range of about 23km (interestingly, in WoWs, the Perth is using mark 21 rifles... I can't seem to find any references to the modified Leanders (or even the Leander's for that matter) using mark 21 rifles but I'll let that slide for now), so she at least fills a fire support role for brawlers 2) Allow one of the consumables slots (perhaps the hydroacoustic slot as at present it's rubbish for what the Perth's current strengths are; medium range fire support) the ability to chose between repair party or whichever is currently in that slot, similar to other RN cruisers. My reasoning is this: the Perth (being a modified Leander light cruiser) had two stacks due to having two engine spaces occupied by 2x admiralty boilders and 2x parsons turbines which allowed the Perth (and her sisters) to operate even if one engine room was incapacitated 3) Give the AA guns a slight buff. I'm not suggesting for it to be something dramatic, but rather something that at least enables Perth's AA to shoot down one or two planes while they buzz around Perth's head (basically, so Perth's AA is not a complete joke and she is sunk without any effort on behalf of a CV captain) I think these will probably make the Perth a little more competitive without it being too over the top
  4. Commander_Stacey

    Opportunity Missed

    WG, I believe that an opportunity has been missed. Yesterday (28 Feb) marked the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Sunda Strait, which HMAS Perth played a significant role in. Today (01 Mar) marks the anniversary of the formation of the Royal Australian Navy. This week would have been a perfect opportunity to honour both events with some sort of mission or commemorative flag, at least on the Asia Server. Everyone was quick enough to jump on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbour and the Arizona. I would've thought that since Perth was in fact in the game, a bit more attention might have been paid. I think you've missed a good opportunity to endear yourselves to your Australian player base.