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Found 12 results

  1. Either something has changed in the patch.... or I've been very unlucky.... or the skill level of the player base has risen substantially in the last month or so.... But since the latest patch I'm finding I am catching fire a lot more often. Catching fire is normal when playing a BB but I'm talking about having 3 - 4 blazing fires near instantaneously. It's happened to me in a number of matches now and it's bizarre as that never used to happen to me before. It used to be the case that if I started getting HE spammed I'll cop a single fire, maybe two if I'm unlucky.... now when I'm advancing with my team I get hit with one or two salvos and suddenly have three simultaneous fires blazing across my ship. Then another salvo comes in and sets off a fourth fire. If I'm suddenly playing unicums with god like aim so be it but it all seems very odd. This almost never used to happen to me before. When it used to happen to me it was usually because I'd been overly aggressive and HE spammed from both sides. Now I'm coping 3 - 4 fires when I'm angled and advancing with team mates... is anyone else experiencing this too? These simultaneous 3 - 4 fires just because one lame cruiser decides to target me seems really odd. Even in my ZAO, which starts fires like crazy, usedn't to do that.
  2. It encourages players to use the forum. I've seen lots of names new to the forum. Sure, it's nearly all negative feedback, but gloomy comments are better than no comments at all. The usage of the forum always seems to be inversely proportional to players satisfaction. And the more people on the forum, the better for all. Sure - the game may have gone to shit, but at least the forum is growing.
  3. Disclaimer: this post is made with a non-premium user in mind. Some screenshots are from periods where premium time was applied, but I will be evaluating those based on non-premium gains. Does anyone know the exact figures/numbers that were rebalanced in the new economy patch for CVs? I am talking about rewards for damage done, plane kills, spotting, and potential damage taken. I am asking this because the impression I am getting from this new economy is that I get quite a bit less than what I used to make, to the tune of at least 25% less. I have had a few games where the earnings actually resembled those that I would make quite regularly in the past, but I would have to dominate both the air and the surface in order to do so. An example would be here http://imgur.com/a/5CXMY. However, those games do not come as often as I would like. Other times, I can deal quite a bit (or a lot) of damage and then barely stay afloat or outright lose credits. This is most apparent at high tiers, and I can give 2 examples that happened yesterday: After those two games, I decided to take a look (again) at the new economy thread at http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/18890-incoming-economy-changes-in-0512/ Within that post, two points stuck out to me: 1. One-dimensional gameplay is discouraged due to worse rewards. 2. Only highly skilled players can consistently break even/profit at high tiers. Now, on point 1, the concept seems fine. After all, a CV player that can do it all should be rewarded appropiately. However, that is easier said than done when the strike USN loadouts at T5-T8 don't have any fighters. That loadout is the epitome of "one-dimensional". IJN does not have this problem since all their loadouts have at least 1 fighter and can also deal at least a bit of damage. When asked about this on the Reddit Q&A by Sub_Octavian, his answer seems a bit... worrying. "There is no plan to change loadouts now and to buff strike loadouts. We buffed USN fighters recently for more AS value, and for now are not going to change CV specs more." I would like to know what is the rationale behind this answer. Now, on to point 2. Obviously, at higher tiers, maintenance costs are higher and CVs will have to deal with aircraft replacement costs now. However, we get to the point where you have to get an absolute monster game to stay afloat and I have this question to ask the community and WG: How highly skilled do you have to be to consistently stay afloat? This is not just for CVs, but for other classes as well. Lastly, someone datamined the PT version 0.5.13 and found that aircraft replacement costs have been increased by a not insignificant amount. I understand that this is purely in PTS, and that it may not make it to the live server, but this will make it even harder to earn credits in CVs than it already is (somewhat). The thread can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/57abov/05121_live_0513_pt_1_data_changes/ So... what do you guys think about this? I really want to know how you guys feel about this and discuss...
  4. cplbao

    Please reduce the patch size

    Please spare a thought for those still on ADSL and reduce the patch size. Every 1.5GB patch means 1 day of down time No game today
  5. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Part downloads and manual patch

    hi, i would like to suggest if its OK or at least put in consider to put part downloads or manual patch since some of players including me don't have much free time to download and i also have some problems when i have to go, ill pause the patch, then when i got back, it'll start again about 500mb less. It will be great help for some future players if it will be ok XD
  6. I'm on the verge burnout playing this game and plan to comeback next month or 2. But I don't want to re-install using launcher and download everything from zero. So do WoWs had a link to raw Installer somewhere ? Also the raw patch Installer of each version ?
  7. I'm on the asia server, and HE and AP is bouncing EVERYWHERE. Full fuso broadside on cruisers and all bounced, dealing ZERO damage. Full HE salvo using Fubuki on a Mogami's superstructure....6 hits, ZERO damage. This doesn't happen once or twice a match, it happens to about 1/3 of my salvos. Perfect shots at perfect angles, and all bounced. The last time I checked, my HE shells only "bounced" when you strike the bottom part of the hull where minimal damage is dealt to a battleship This has been going on for me ever since the new patch came out. Anyone else experiencing this too?
  8. http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/ver-051-patchnotes/ I'm not seeing any new thread. So mod can delete this thread if there's already ongoing topic on the other page. What do you guys think of this patch??? BTW, MOAR NERF TO TORP
  9. So who ready for the upcoming patch i like how they finally buffed [not nerfed] the Colorado, implementation of Marco Messages like WoT, fixing the aviation, new premium ship last but not least how about the new game mode of domination just cap the base and hold for 180secs<---1000pts=win.
  10. http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/ver-041-patchnotes/ 0.4.1 finally arrives. Thoughts? Concerns?
  11. Gezei


    http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/ver-0404-patchnotes/ Oh boy oh boy EDIT: Just a bit of spoiler in case you haven't read the note: - Tirpitz (Bismarck-class) is available for certain people, just like those in-testing premium ships. There's also a couple of low-tier German ships also testing. - Blue line becomes a proper "wall" now, you'll hit them just like island and such I think. Available on Ocean and Islands maps only though. - The Hydro something search consumable is available for some lower tier Cruisers.
  12. Harpoon01

    0.3.1. Review, (Carrier)

    This is Review from my Perspective about the change their made to USN CV and about the New Tech tree Line IJN CV Let's start with the ship itself: - USN CV have more AA and at tier 8 to 9 (probably 10 too) could single handedly eliminate any single squad in quick succession before they even drop any bomb (except torpedo from far away) - IJN CV have..... capability to launch squadron faster than USN counterpart but worse AA, and their Concealment are really good compare to USN CV Flight Control: - USN CV.... have much better Fighter than IJN CV, 1 USN Fighter Squad might lose to 2 IJN Fighter Squad, but win in 1 vs 1 (easily) - USN CV from Langley to Lexington only can deploy 1 squad of torpedo bomber at a time, even at their all Bomber Flight Control which is Bad - IJN CV from Houshou to Zuiho only have up to 1 Fighter squad only,and each IJN Squad only have 4 planes - IJN CV rely on their Number of bomber (for example, Lexington All bomber Flight control only have 1 TB and 3 DB, while Shoukaku have 3 TB and 3 DB. Conclusion: USN 6 TB and 12 DB vs 12 TB and 12 DB, Completely outnumbered and for worse Both nation's TB's damages are not far different) Planes: (don't need to explain USN Planes since already there since even Alpha) - IJN Fighters as mention above have slightly higher speed but less damage against other planes - IJN TBs are next candidate to be called OP by BB player since even the patch make Torpedo Spread Wider (bad news for USN TB) doesn't change the fact that IJN TB can do Torpedo wave with very narrow spread (Their 3 TB squad could make even Narrower Torpedo wave than even 2 USN TB squad can do before the recent patch) - IJN DBs similar to USN counterpart with some have better speed and survivability, and same damage (My hearth Broke)