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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all, While WoWs is a pretty fun game, it does seem that some of the design choices have led to some not so fun play styles - particularly at higher tiers. T10 battles can be sooooooo boring, nothing like a 20 minute battle for a total of 4 ships (across both teams) to sink. A big part of this is the overall design, so boring when there are a bunch of BBs max range sniping. In terms of the overall meta, I would love to see a much more aggresive play style rather than the current camp meta. I believe that there are a couple of ways of changing this; 1. Change dispersion to be an exponetial rather than linear change. E.g long range sniping = way more dispersion. Fight closer in - even more accurate guns Failing that, increase the arc (or decrease the speed) of BB shells significanlty to discourage such long range sniping 2. I would also buff secondaries on a number of BBs/ CAs to help promote getting close in Was curious to see some other peoples thoughts on this? Or other ways to promote more aggressive / faster play