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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Everyone Today, while reading on wikipedia about Hipper, i came across this thing: Yugoslav Destroyer Split And she has interesting story to begin with. Original Design She was conceived in early 1930s from the rising need to counter any Italian destroyer in case of conflict. The Yugoslav decided to built a single large destroyer type as opposed to another Beograds, and contracted a French company to design the new ship. For start, she was based on the famed Le Fantasque-class in MN service, focusing on speed and firepower. However, she was going to be powered by British-designed propulsion (which drives her up to 37 knots), Advanced fire controls from France and guns from Sweden and Czechoslovakia. Split was intended to mount five Skoda 140 mm (5.5in)/56 guns (massive for a destroyer, though some said it was going to be replaced by 127 mm variant instead) and respectable anti-aircraft punch with twin Skoda 37 mm and 15 mm. She also packs two, triple 533 mm torpedo tubes for good measure. This 2,400t beast could be called the most powerful destroyer at that time. She was then laid down in July 1939. Italian Service Sadly, WWII put a halt on her construction, and soon the Italians captured her half-complete on her namesake city. The Regia Marina decided to continue her construction, replacing the machinery with Italian-built one, and the main armament changed to 135 mm (5.3in)/45 guns with her AA replaced by Breda. Split was put on high priority as the Italians lacked destroyers, and she was launched in 1943 with this configuration, though work was halted again after the Italian surrendered. She was briefly used by the Germans and stripped of any valuable material before being scuttled. Post-War Yugoslav Service With their navy lacking any sizable warships, the Yugoslav government decided to 'resurrect' Split and began ordering parts to properly rebuilt her. However, with Tito-Stalin Split (totally not a pun), they were unable to get her original armament. Due to this, Yugoslavia approached US and UK, and they give them surplus 127 mm (5in)/38, 40 mm Bofors and advanced electronics with her Italian propulsion replaced by British one. With minor modifications to her hull and removal of one of her torpedo tubes, Split was finally commissioned into Yugoslav Navy in 1953 as flagship. So, considering her very 'unique' life, it is almost evil not to include her in World of Warships. Not only that, she has three different configurations to potentially play with. European Harekaze? Now we're talking! Annoying destroyer with hard-hitting guns that reload slowly, fast speed, and ok-ish AA. More balanced destroyer with hard-hitting guns that reload a little quicker and faster speed in exchange for bad AA. Dakka-Dakka destroyer with good AA and hydro? So, What do you guys think? does she fits in the game as a potential premium ship?
  2. Teaser on the new Swedish Pan-EU destroyers makes me thinking on possible premium cruisers. Hence, i make this topic as a stress relief after PR disaster. Here is my suggestion for the Pan-EU premium cruisers Canarias , T-VI? A Spanish heavy cruiser based on the British County-class, Canarias was the flagship of the Nationalist side during the civil war. She was armed with the same 203mm gun, but exchanged torpedo bulge for better internal protection and 33 knot speed. Moreover, she has more torpedo tubes compared to her half-sister. Gameplay should be relatively similar to Devonshire. HSwMS Tre Kronor , T-VIII? A 7,500 ton light cruiser of the Swedish Navy, Tre Kronor is one of the last modern cruisers ever completed. She was lightly armored with 70mm belt, but has respectable speed of 33 knots and decent AA. The key is her main battery of Bofors 152mm/53 gun (a triple forward and two doubles aft), capable of firing a shell 15 rounds per minute at 900m/s. She also has reasonably modern sensors and radars from the British. In terms of gameplay, i think she would be very similar to Chapayev, kiter and radar support (with lesser range). HNLMS De Ruyter (Endracht-class), T-IX or X? De Ruyter is one of De Zeven Provincien-class cruisers built for the Royal Netherlands Navy. She weighted around 14,000 ton, yet has barely any armor of which her belt was only 76mm thick at best. Speed is modest at 32 knots, but being more modern than Tre Kronor, she has many modern sensors and of course, DAKKA! She has the same Bofors guns, but were enhanced and has higher fire rate, completed by an extensive AA battery. This thing, is Friesland on cracks and citadels. What do you guys think?