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Found 4 results

  1. So I don't like playing my Montana anymore because I always go up against Yamato's that have thicker armour and bigger guns than my Montana, which my pitiful 406mm shells can't do crap at all on it. I always resort to HE shells but the problem is trying to survive the Yamato no matter what angle or whatever I am to it he always "absolutely crushes" me with the 460mm shells which is stupid even if one shell hits my ass its like 5k. Even with the lowered citadel on the Montana it doesn't matter for the Yamato because it's raw damage is just as much always 16K+ from each salvo. Wargaming needs to fix the Yamato or make the new t10 British BB be a match for the Yamato. Because it is so op I see so many Yamato's in every match I do and it really puts me off the game in general, I love my Montana but whats the point using it when it is so inferior to the Yamato???
  2. Reverse_ldeology

    Zao is OP

    It is time we need to have some discussions about the Zao Here are some points about the Zao, feel free to add in more observations in the replies. -Excellent HE alpha, ~202k HE DPM with 13.1 fires per minute when running RoF mod. Shell arcs are also excellent -AP shells are excellent, they are heavy and fast, and have excellent penetration. Of course, you would not be spamming them but using them situationally against CAs, so alpha is more important than DPM. 64800 AP broadside is no joke, especially with her dispersion. -Armour Layout: Similar to other T10s, it has 25mm of bow and stern armour and 30mm of upper belt and deck, but..... The armour geometry is broken af. The upper deck is flared out for most of the ship (look up in armour viewer). This allows it to bounce 16 inch shells off its upper belt/deck readily. -6.1s rudder shift with rudder mod. This is an extremely agile ship, apart from German BBs and Izumo, you have a lot of time to dodge shells, especially if you are already kiting. While most people fear the 18.8km stealth firing Zaos, they are not the most dangerous, nor the most OP. The Zao players I fear are those running rudder 2/3 mod, and using RoF mod. They are literally the most broken ships in the right hands. Impossible to hit, high fires per minute, troll armour, what else you want to make it more irritating? Case in point: After I changed from range mod to RoF mod, my average damage increased from ~88k to ~122k This is not balanced at all. So in conclusion, Zao is very survivable, due to maneuverability and troll armour layout, has excellent fire setting potential, has great AP to slam into CA broadsides. The torpedoes are cherry on the cake. You don't even need the torps, and it will still be OP.
  3. S4pp3R

    BB OP?

    I'm not saying this as a CA/DD player or a BB player, I'm saying this because my stats say it must be so... So see spoiler, Kong I'm absolutely killing it and trust me I'm no standout player... Myogi I'm still well above average... DD/CV been overnerfed methinks? Edit: Fixed images

    World of Torpedoes!

    Hi, Just really curious to know are you guys developing a World of Ships game or World of Torpedoes??? Like effing seriously WTF? You all need to either patch the damage they do or make their reload time ALOT longer that what it is, at one stage we were getting hit with I shit you not from 2 ships 19 torpedoes! Are you serious? Really? Not to mention torpedo bombers, why do they drop torpedoes from 10 meters from your ship?? Also your matchmaking needs some serious work, there are so many matches it is not even worth playing it isn't even a game its a cannon fodder match! I have been put with players wayyyyyy out ranking me and my team buy a country mile! I can understand this is an alpha or beta! But come on like have you guys even played this game? Classes like the battleship is useless! It's AA guns shoot like retarded AI from games in the 90's... Anyway that's my two cents now to get back to World of Torpedoes!