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Found 1 result

  1. The Akizuki, with short reload, fast turret transverse and decent range, it almost looks like it is the game changer for IJN DDs, the truly impressive gunboat, but is it? It IS overhyped. (Put all the TLDR things in the spoiler, you might want to read it first) I will assume you have read the things in the spoiler, so lets move on. How to use Akizuki’s guns when firing against BBs and CAs:1. Fire HE until two fires or more are set.2. Fire AP at superstructure.3. As soon as fires have died out, repeat step 1.How to use Akizuki’s guns when firing against DDs:1. If you are 11km-8km away from the enemy (meaning neither of you can hit each other reliably), fire HE or AP, and hope they will hit.2. As soon as you get into 8km (or a distance which both of you can hit each other accurately), use AP only. 3. Different DDs have different armour, Japanese DDs have worser armour than US and Soviets and can be damaged with HE Also things to note: 1. Although the guns claimed to have 1000m/s shell speed, they lose speed very quickly after that, and around 10 km you will get Atlanta Shell trajectory. This is not necessary a bad thing however, as you can fire over islands. 2. Speed is not very good-33 knots mean when you try to hunt down other DDs they can run away from you. However, the overall maneuverability is not bad, as she have good rudder shift. 3. Torpedoes, though less than its competitors (4), are quite decent, the speed is very good, so is the range-10km, you have a very big invisi-torp range. Also you got a Torpedo reload consumable, meaning you can fire 8 at one time. Well, the downside is that both the torpedo reload and the Torp Reload consumable have a fairly long reload time. 4. AA. The akizuki has one of the best AA for DDs, and AA can do good damage to Tier 8 & below planes. So setups, for upgrades: my current setup is this: Second slot: you can use the AA mod, the Akizuki has one beast of AA for a DD, and AA setup is a very viable option Third & Fourth slot: Your call, I chose rudder for both cases. Fifth slot: You might be tempted to get the rudder shift, but MAY I suggest the concealment, not only does it gives you an upper edge in DD fights, you also have more invisi-firing range. Captain skills: Tier 1: BFT for quicker reload, or BoS to play it safe, your call. Tier 2: Torpedo reload is not worth it as it is not a torpedo oriented ship, Last stand gives much more benefit, as you will often find yourself in a gunfight, Tier 3: Hard choice, but superintendent is really worth it as you have three consumable slots: Engine Boost, Smoke and Torp Reload Tier 4: As you wont be using HE much, DONT get Demo expert, AFT gives more invisi-firing range and More AA to troll CVs. You can get SE, but I personally opted for a more offensive skill. Tier 5: CE, a must, boosts invis-firing range and for giving you an upperhand in gunfights.