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Found 2 results

  1. UPD: 0.3.1 BGM has been added. Captains, With the blessing from IronGuard, I repost here my submission to /r/WorldOfWarships/. BGM for everybody \o/ I extracted the client sound files and got the background music in .ogg format. It includes plenty of seagull sounds and all them cool music tracks. Download: 0.3.0: 461 MB .zip, mega. 0.3.1: 508 MB .zip, mega. No dings, explosions, or gun sounds. Those I did not upload, who would need them anyway? Although if you're one of those weirdos, do ask and I'll post 'em. I also found some peculiar radio transmissions, sounds like a singleplayer mission of some sort. Ideas? Download: 973KB .zip, mega. It was also pointed out to me that there exists an (incomplete) of the OST.
  2. benlisquare

    Bring back OST 9

    Back during the Closed Beta Test, I would hear this song play in the background all the time during battles: Now that we're in OBT, I've never heard this music track played ever again. Was this song removed? I really liked this track, especially the Polyushka Polye jingle in the middle. Please bring it back.