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Found 2 results

  1. I use compact view for my ships but this isnt the main issue, i have no idea but this has happened a few times already all i need to do is just restart client... but right now i dont want to restart the client but i want to know the fix without restarting the entire client. What i wanted to do => scroll the list of ships i have, what i get is just zooming in and out of the ship currently shown in port. settings/ profile with a bar to scroll down and up, isnt working because it will zoom in and out of the ship currently shown in port. this issue is really a headache especially when you are trying to find a ship and the arrow buttons in the ship list is slow especially when you have over 30 ships....
  2. could you add some options in the sound control panel? i really like one of your bgms, and i just want to loop it