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Found 2 results

  1. Rina_Pon


    I have the coal. The case for: 1. I have 19pt Lutjens with TAE that will drop in nicely. 2. I like torpedus. 3. I quite like German DDs. The case against 1. It's a German DD 2. It does torpedus. And that's it. If I want does torpedus, then Yugumo? 3. Seriously, what is the point of this ship again? Edit: if not T-44, then Marceau
  2. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    opinions on WoWs atm

    Hey all! i haven't played wows in a few months now, long story short technical difficulties, but yeah, i do miss it a bit, but ive been playing wot blitz atm, once i get a hard drive i'll play normal wot because i know from experience that running that is easier that warships. But anyway how is the game? i know theres the new osteryeetland with 95 knot torps in progress, a british heavy tech tree, and indomitable? a premium british cv, t8 i think. and the new european destroyer line, which i believe follows the gameplay of friesland? and yeah thats what i can tell you that i think is happening. just an off topic discussion really quick i notice that the cv and the spg have very similar roles, however wg realised releasing premium spg's were bad (sexton II and lefefefe) which the 'balans' ap shells. but i think premium cv's are kind of the same, with the enterprise being a big whoops because of 1 its overpowered bombs, rockets, and still respectable torpedo bombers. and its not as easy to kill a cv like killing an spg in wot. but thats just me hope you are all having a great day ;)