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Found 16 results

  1. Bubalus_Bubalis

    Concerning Operation Hermes

    Can anybody shed some light on what logic is used for target selection by the Bot opponents in Operation Hermes? In every battle I have played since it's (re)release including the latest battle (replay attached), I seem to be the number one target. I tried being the one furthest away (see replay) and ensured there were better targets to shoot at, tried staying away from the logical priority target, i.e. Ruan, stayed hidden but got prioritised the moment I showed myself, etc. I can't seem to understand what I am doing wrong. There are 10 other green ships on the team, but based on count from PT skill I feel like I am the only one shot at on priority by most red ships. 20220920_175721_PGSC518-Mainz_s09_LePVE.wowsreplay
  2. So I recently had an idea for a new scenario. I'm not sure who recently watched "Greyhound" as seen on Apple TV. This new operation will be inspired by that. It will also be a convoy escort mission but this time, you have a single American DD (bot) leading the pack, and the 7 players make up the rest of the armed escort. The convoy will be originating from the US side of the Atlantic. There will be no carriers or battleships allowed in this mission, because historically, aircraft carriers and battleships did not make up a supply route/soldier transport convoy. The reason why I'm endorsing Tier VIII is because the bulk of our premium ships happen to be Tier VIII. The mission starts when air cover radios in that they'll be returning to base because they're out of fuel, and they'll have air cover again once they reach Iceland, just as the sun sets and the time is now night. When the mission ends, the sun comes up and your group has successfully made it to Iceland for air cover. To keep things simple, just use a modified version of Ocean as the map. Or just use Ocean. So the convoy route will be always in diagonal, but will spawn at random: From Grid A1 to J10, or vice versa, or from J1 to A10 or vice versa. The convoy will be moving in a straight line because they need to provide troop reinforcements as soon as possible. Whilst escorting the convoy, any random number of submarines between 10 and 20 may spawn from any quadrant of the map. This will start maybe a minute or two from the moment the mission starts. And they won't all necessarily spawn from the same location. This is to prevent the players from being able to predict and memorize where the enemy will come from, increasing replayability. The enemy submarines (All U-190s) will then proceed to attack the convoy. The two main objectives of the players is to keep the convoy lead (the American DD, lets make it the USS Kidd renamed and reskinned as the USS Greyhound) and at least one of convoy transports alive at all costs. More stars are awarded for more convoy ships reaching the end of the night (which is in 20 minutes). I'll leave that for the developers to determine. The convoy transports will fire flares into the air if they detect submarines or as they surface to attack the transports. Waves upon waves of submarines will attack the convoy in the dead of night, when the sailors are at their most tired. After any of the waves, a German submarine captain will call Greyhound to taunt the group if they successfully sink any ship. "Greyhound. Greyhound, Greyhound. This is Gray Wolf. We hunt you and your friends We watch your ships sinking into the deep. We hear the screams of your comrades as they die. How many of them will there be before you join them? The Gray Wolf is so very hungry." (For this part, if we don't have a voiceover talent with a German accent, then we can get permission to use audio from the movie with the music filtered out.) We can change our existing music to borrow from the soundtrack of Greyhound, which is available on Spotify. And is quite honestly, incredibly badass. Granted, this idea may require a licensing agreement with Apple TV and Sony Pictures Entertainment, but we can also use this as a means to sell the Greyhound for doubloons, and offer a 10% discount coupon if the operation is completed with five stars on the first attempt (and not succeeding attempts). The USS Greyhound would be a reskinned USS Kidd that has Tom Hanks voicing the commander and as the captain model. We could also modify it to have both hydroacoustic search and radar to make it more appealing for purchase and help justify its price tag to offset the cost for this. I'm sure that would sweeten the deal for licensing. Or we can do completely without Greyhound and its elements, and just make up our own names. But I feel this would be more effective with the Greyhound elements.
  3. G'day folks, Edit: WG clarification here: It's a bug. Thankyou for clarifying WG! So I saw this on reddit: (via social wolves [operations group] discord: https://discord.gg/4MKPvDujn7) Then my clan was running ops last night and one of my guys was like 'I had an almost identical game almost 2 weeks ago in the same ship, and it was 800 BXP more' Assessment: Basically the only major difference is he died in the one last night, so didn't get the 'do 100% of your HP and survive' award. But that should not be worth 800 BXP. Yes there were some differences in ships attacked and damaged but by my calculations the one from last night should be higher BXP (without the death/award considered) thanks to enemies being higher tier (Furutakas v Kumas). Also worth noting is that the rest of both teams saw comparable drops in BXP. On my assessment we are looking at a 30-40% drop in BXP rewards MINIMUM. The alternative is the rewards for 'Doing 100% of your HP and surviving' are insane. For Reference: 10.4 notes: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-0104-german-destroyers-part-2/ Operation Aegis results below. 13 May 21: 22 May 21:
  4. Grygus_Triss


    This is likely pointless, due to the small number of people on this forum. And this poll has probably been put up, and ignored, before. But I’d like to know if I’m just in a minority, and no one else really wants operations, of are WG just managing things really badly, and not noticing that more people want them.
  5. With the recent, unannounced removal of Narai from the roster (again), We must ask; Do Operations have any future in this game? I don't have the numbers, actual or spreadsheet, but from people in the forums and those I play with, I would say that operations has a good amount of fans, certainly enough to build on with improvements. The fact that there are still so many people who play only co-op indicate that there are a lot of PvE players in the game. WG put a lot of focus on operations when they were brought out, but in recent years, they seem to be moving in the opposite direction, and the remaining ops lay buggy and abandoned by the developers, and as things go, I feel it is only a matter of time before they get removed. Which is a pity, because I feel that Operations add a lot to the game, allowing you to use ships in different manner to how you use them in random, and being a refuge for those players who strive for perfection through memorizing patterns and preparing, rather than adapting on the fly and trying to outthink a human opponent. As someone who plays all game modes, I certainly feel that operations are fun, especially with friends, and I own many T6 and 7 ships I would never have bought if not for operations. Operations had SO much potential, historically based battles, using other tiers, and maybe a refuge for odd classes such as subs which would be awkward in random. So, I ask of any WG developers, staff, mods etc... What is the Future of Operations? All we have heard is "We're not focusing on operations right now", but is that just code for "we don't really care about operations anymore, we just want to do PvP because its easy, and we can keep throwing new ships at it"? I hope that you re-evaluate the importance for Operations, because the game does need something new, and many players are already sick of all the new lines, cutting back a line or two per year to focus on operations would be a welcome change, I feel. Maybe I and my friends are just the minority, maybe people in the wider community don't care for operations, CCs certainly don't mention them much. But if they do go, I wil;l be said, because they could have been great, a real gem for the game, had attention ben given to them.
  6. I am thinking of using the armoury coupon to pick up a T6 USN BB for use in Operations. Arizona vs West Virgina - which do you think is better and why? Or should I just use my coupon on another ship? Or just save my doubloons and don't get anything altogether?
  7. Diversifying the conversations and news, we have now: Apparently the inability to read and comprehend is not limited to our dear server. Unless that poster is from our server which then I will retract the commentary.
  8. The enemy AI for the last wave of battleships doesn't seem to be working? They don't aim or shoot at anything, they just keep on sailing straight ahead. 20191004_035538_PZSD506-Anshan_s03_Labyrinth.wowsreplay 20191004_041429_PZSC506-Huang-he_s03_Labyrinth.wowsreplay 20191004_045049_PBSA518-Ark-Royal_s03_Labyrinth.wowsreplay
  9. Hi everyone. We are an English speaking Ops Div group. Everyone is welcome, we have no national exclusivity but we speak English. We are not a clan. We are simply a group of players who enjoy divving up for Ops. You will see many [CLAY] and [TF44] members in our divs but all are welcome regardless of clan, non-clan or skill level. We may shoot off in groups of 3 for some random PvP sometimes but we mostly play Ops with the goal of 5 starring and mutual benefit for silver and XP for all involved. Search for and join channel "Social Wolves" in game and say hi. If you join the channel and there is an open spot you will probably just get sent an invite to join anyway. You can PM me or Taipan17 in game or on this forum if you like. We are often most active afternoon-evening-night Australian time but that is not set in stone and is not locked in in anyway. All are welcome. We have players of all skill levels in our group and we do not judge - though we may chortle 😛 Please don't be offended or put off if we are full. We often do have a full div but we are always looking for more Social Wolves to fill up games. We have many people who play with us who have never divved before or who have limited experience playing with others or playing Ops and that's fine! We only ask that you pay attention to chat and follow task deployments that we discuss before and in game to maximise the outcome for everyone. During this time of CV adjustment, Ops may be just the antidote you need! Note to mods: I have posted a few threads on this subject, often directly relating to Op of the Week. I'll try to keep this one running as a generic Social Wolves thread so we don't have to keep posting every Op of the Week rotation.
  10. Grygus_Triss

    Need More T6 Premiums

    So, until WG figure out CV bots, we're stuck with 3 weeks of T6 operations to 1 week of T7. However, I noticed that there are still some gaps at Tier 6 where there is no premium ship for the nation/type combination, as per below. So WG, please take a break from making more T9&10 freemiums, and fill in the gaps. Japan, USA & UK need premium T6 cruisers, and Russia needs a T6 DD. Seriously, you give US and Japan ANOTHER T9 freemium, but no t6 premium? what's up with that? Oh, I haven't been paying attention to dev blogs, so if there are premium ships on the way that fill these gaps, please correct me.
  11. Although this has been reported on all forums, WG has still not addressed the issue. Just played a game and once again it failed to register that Raptor had passed through the second waypoint. Of course this results in the mission failing, despite the fact it made it to its final exit waypoint. Once again a waste of time, camo’s & flags for all the players that took part. Instead of devising new ways to extract money from your player base, how about fixing what is broken within the game WG.
  12. From the US forums: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/159691-ultimate-frontier-scenario-impossible-to-do/?tab=comments#comment-3787021 Radar_X Senior Community Manager Administrator 629 406 posts Posted Saturday at 01:56 AM We very much appreciate your feedback! The team has done some balance changes which will arrive in the next update to address these concerns. If you were wondering why it’s harder in its current format: I think hard mode is okay for those who want to div up and play them. But for seven random players there an uphill battle due to coordination and ship choices.
  13. Operation~Cherry Blossom~ As a part of the American update cycle a new scenario is added. It is inspired by the historic Battle of the Empress Augusta Bay, which took place on November 1st and 2nd 1943. In the dead of the night Japanese forces try to counterattack the troops that have recently landed. Main objective is to defend the troops and further capitalize on the situation by attacking the enemy base. The operation begins at night time and ends when the sun is out. Players will get to know a new mechanic - night battles with star shells as a means to light up the combat area. Participation in this scenario will be limited to tier VIII cruisers of the American, French and British nations. Operation~Cherry Blossom The operation begins in the night, so visibility and detection parameters are changed accordingly: Max. detection radius of allied and enemy ships is limited to 17.6 km Ships' detectability in combat is reduced by 40% Dispersion is increased by 20% Guaranteed detectability after firing from main batteries is decreased from 20 to 8 seconds Star shells and flash bombs create zones of modified visibility parameters as well: Max. detection radius of allied and enemy ships is limited to 17.6 km At the same time minimum detection radius of ships is increased and limited to 17.6 km Closer to the end of scenario night turns into day and all of the visibility parameters go back to normal. Time of day does not affect the effectiveness of consumables in battle.
  14. anonym_CaiHxum9rCx0

    Aircraft Carrier Operations?

    So i basically just got my bogue aircraft carrier, but im wondering before i begin my grind for tier 6, can aircraft carriers be brought into operations? I feel like that if they dont i would have grinded for nothing.
  15. 1.Description While using the dragon port, going into an Aegis operation scenario will just result in the game getting stuck at the searching for players screen, then disconnection. When relogin, the game shows the division is in battle, but the ship previously selected is free, and camouflages and consumables are not used. 2.Reproduction 1.Select the dragon port 2.Form a division for Aegis 3.Start the operation May also occur if any one division member is using the dragon port (need confirmation) No idea about other ports. The Philippines port is OK. 3.Result When the operation starts, it will pause at the "searching for players/loading" screen for some time, and eventually disconnects to login screen. After login, the division is shown to be in battle, but every member is free, the selected ships are also free. 4.Expected result Successfully go into the operation Aegis. 5.Technical detail Time of occurrence: ~1500 (forgot the exact time) python.log, dxdiag report attached. python.log DxDiag.txt
  16. There's very little technical advantage of t6s over t5s in operations. I am against this move because it is possible to carry an operation with a t5. If you want to ban t5s, please limit it to CVs as they do not have manual drop and thus the ai can easily dodge their torps. To prove it's doable, here are a handful of screenshots. It's not just DDs too, I've had excellent games in Murmansk, Marblehead, Texas, etc. I have a lot of fun levelling up my captains in operations with t5 premiums, it would be a big loss to lose this fun :'(