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Found 21 results

  1. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    CVs are OP pls fix

    CVs have too much of an influence in the match. The CV rework was to fix this and and make them more accessible to players. However there has been a serious backlash. First of all when DDs are complaining about CVs, they seem to forget how before, CVs could keep you perma spotted easily. Now is not the case. The biggest difference between the rework and old rts system is that there are always CVs out there. Here are some of my suggestions to help balance things out yet also require CVs to step up their game and not spam things and farm damage. 1) Limit 1 CV per side at T8. Since T8 has all the premium CVs, they are basically just too influential on the game. An Enterprise and Saipan side would easily demolish a double Shokaku side. This shouldn't be the case. They can also gang up on any T6 ship and make him redundant 2) Give DDs the fighter consumable where they "CALL" fighters "FROM" the carrier to their location. This would give them protection and make them an intergral part of the game again. The fighters could even have a travel time from the carrier to the DD to balance things out.This ties into number 3. 3) Make fighters automatically aim for enemy aircraft as soon as they enter their effective radius. Currently carriers can easily get a premature run or escape before the fighters engage . This shouldn't be the case, fighters should automatically attack any planes that enter their effective radius. These are some of my suggestions and I would like to hear any responses. Destroyers have always hated games where there is a carrier, even before the rework. I find that people seem to be forgetting this. Superunicum carrier divisions were pretty common before the rework but I've noticed a drop in their number. Before you would always get some anchor T7 Saipan with two T8 AA ships division, this kind of div doesn't work as div anchoring doesn't work anymore. I don't consider the reworked CVs to be OP. It's just that they need a proper counter by the players and I thing making DDs have that consumable would help them. I personally like the new carriers as now everyone can fly.
  2. HEllo to cv [content removed] i am getting frustrated day by day just played game with moskva and you know what hakuryu arrive with dive bombers and killed me with AP dive bombers .. ever time he hits me with citadel and damage 17 to 22 k each time in 6 to 7 minute i was dead focused by cv ...and AA is garbage until thy drop no plane shot down after drop 6 to 7 plane down by defensive AA ,, wow great rework ... whats the meaning of AA then if you cant shot down any incoming planes ... not even CA in yamato or GK or any other BB you play you always end-up by cv .. i am not against cv old cv was good thy has many things to do like fighters and all now this is completely target practice game. when this is going to be playable again?? no tactics worked here no stelth no team work after this patch i always found cv in game and experiance player knows what to do but can not do any thing bcoz that air [content removed] . now this game becomes like HUG with each other and stay alive. WE NEED CHANGES
  3. WG Dev Team, You need to do something about your new CV meta. It needs a serious balance adjustment. Problem 1: The new CVs at higher tiers are like a premeditated murderer at a birthday party. At the start of the match they just look at the crowd and pick a target to focus all their air power onto: the hapless victim is completely powerless to defend themselves and dies. And this all goes down in the first five minutes of that match when people have barely moved from their starting positions and are surrounded by teammates. I've had it happen to me at the START of matches where my battleship was surrounded by my team and very near to our starting position on the map: for whatever reason, the enemy CV decided my ship was "The One" and proceeded to send onslaught of plane after plane against my vessel until I sank. My team mates couldn't help despite being next to me. My own AA was useless, even when supposedly "reinforced". This has happened too many times now. Problem 2: The recall feature of CVs is too open to abuse. Surface ships are too afraid to pop a DFAA or Fighter consumable because you're not sure if the enemy CV is going to do a recall and force you to waste your consumable so that they can pummel you later when the consumable wears off and is on cooldown. This is not effective gameplay. The price aircraft should pay for attacking surface ships is taking AA damage during the attack and taking AA damage whilst they escape.... not simply pressing the F key and warp jumping to safety. Problem 3: The spotting mechanics of aircraft needs to be revised. Surface vessels can only see the planes when they are literally on top of you. Also the enemy CV players are able to disguise the true strength of their squadron.... that single squadron of torpedo bombers suddenly morphs into 2 - 3 squadrons at a range of 5km. Basically surface ships never see enemy aircraft coming until they attack, they never see the true strength of the enemy aircraft, and the enemy aircraft use the recall feature to then disappear in a puff of smoke. CV aircraft have basically become invisible ninjas and there is almost no defence for the surface ships. Problem 4: CVs have utterly ruined destroyer play. What's the point of destroyers if CV aircraft can ninja in and out of an area and spot the enemy absent of any kind of risk? Flanking cruisers face similar problems to destroyers, as they're not intended for front line combat but for hiding and shooting as the opportunity presents itself... except they can't hide now thanks to CV enabled perma-spotting Problem 5: The new Manual Fire AA Control commander skill is useless. All you get is a 20% reinforcement bonus and a measly 2 second time saving when reinforcing sectors? Are you guys serious? This is a 4 point skill which is often used by players who've taken the time to invest in a 14 point commander. It's now pointless for surface ships to be a pure AA build because the crowning achievement of the AA build, the MFAAC commander skill, is now a pointless waste of time. Problem 6: (UPDATED!) Surface ship AA is a waste of time and useless. It creates pretty fireworks but not much else. If you're in a dedicated AA vessel you may actually shoot down a few enemy planes but you're still totally powerless to stop the enemy CV from hitting you or swarming you. Reinforcing your AA is also a waste of time and pointless: minimal effect upon enemy CV planes as the enemy CV normally tries to cross the axis of your ship anyway. Problem 7: (UPDATED!) The Fighter Consumable is a waste of time. It's too easy for enemy CVs to bait you into blowing your Fighter Consumable via use of the recall function. And why do the Fighter Consumable fighters return back to your ship as soon as they land three kills? I've been in situations where I'm being swarmed by enemy fighters in a supposedly decent AA surface vessel, I pop my Fighter Consumable and they return to base after downing three enemy planes even though there is time left for the Fighter Consumable planes to continue patrolling? Makes utterly no sense. The Fighter Consumable planes should patrol for the full duration of their consumable, no matter how many planes they shoot down. The action time for the consumable is pitiful anyway, so the 3-kill limit you've imposed makes absolutely no sense. Most of the time the Fighter Consumable shoots down ZERO enemy planes but if I'm lucky maybe ONE. Problem 8: (UPDATED!) CVs can only deal damage, they cannot provide air cover. CVs have absolutely no interest in team work now as their sole purpose is to deal damage faster than the enemy CV and cannot assist team mates with air cover. This means you can never take advantage of strategic positioning errors by the enemy team. See a gap in the enemy lines and want to cut off their escape? No can do because as soon you get into an advantageous position and cause the enemy ships to crap themselves, the enemy CVs see what you're doing, break off all other engagements and swarm you. Previously friendly CVs could provide you with air cover. Now you are encouraged to always play defensively whenever an enemy CV is in play because you have absolutely no defense against air attack... even if the enemy surface ships are wide open and begging to be pummeled from the opposite direction because they left a gap in their lines. Forget about intelligent map positioning and exploiting weaknesses in the enemy formation, as now you are forced to clump up together to survive like you're a character in a zombie movie. The Fighter consumable is a joke as is the reinforced AA and the MFAAC commander skill, so your ship is utterly defenseless against CV attack. This new CV meta has been out for many months ago. It's utterly unacceptable that the major flaws in this meta still remain unresolved 4 months later. Meanwhile you're churning out updates for new Soviet battleships. Who wants to play a Soviet battleship when the new CVs are ready to eat your shiny new Soviet battleship for lunch and your sole means of survival is praying to whatever God you believe in that the CVs attack someone other than you? I've read responses where you've said you're "listening to all the voices out there" and "if you feel like it" and the "data supports it", you might change something. Stop stalling and fix the issues now. They're not that hard for you to address. You've had long enough. (And we're all still waiting WG.... and waiting... and waiting... I want to say it's nothing short of disgraceful)
  4. Rina_Pon

    Shiratsuyu OP?

    68 Shiratsuyu games got me from Hatsuharu to Akizuki. The stats are in: Will WG hit this ship with the nerfhammer? Because I can't be the only one posting these kinds of numbers. Which would be unfortunate: Shiratsuyu is a pretty great ship. (Fubuki and Minekaze were some of the first ships I played, back when I was a complete scrub. Ignore.) Considering Shiratsuyu as 90% of a Kagero and considering that Kagero can more than hold her own in T10 games (I have a 68% WR in Kagero to prove it) and you have to conclude that Shiratsuyu in T5-7 MM is more than a bit OP. Specifically, TRB is OP. Load up on premium TRB consumable, SI, reload buffs, Shira is dropping 8 torps every couple of minutes, and spreads of 16 fish four times a match. It doesn't take a whole lot of skill to convert that into a victory, even before you add the spotting damage and some reasonably potent gunnery into the mix.
  5. Incoming worldwide radio contact from WG's Headquarter WG : To all players, we will always hear your feedback, please contact us anytime to make WoWs better. MissMeMiss : Nerf Saipan please ? Rando1 : Saipan the prems CV is OP Rando2 : Vs Saipan = Auto Lost match Rando3 : Saipan the easy credit~grinders Rando(4~1000.000) : Help, Saipan is immortal ! WG : ... zzz (silent) *radio contact lost with WG*
  6. [Really salty rant incoming] Saipan is seriously ruining CV gameplay at tier7, just about every match I get in my Ranger, it's a 90% chance that I'll be against a Saipan. It's a miracle if I even get pitted against Hiryu or another Ranger. With the CV playerbase already so small, Saipan pretty much dominated the tier7 CV spot, and with it's broken OP planes, it's practically impossible for Non-premium CVs to even have fun. First of all, it's those darn tier9 planes that somehow has no downsides aside from it's small squadron size. It's fast, and hard to kill, and can get out of a fighter lock without losing a plane. Ranger players are the ones that are getting kicked around most of the time since they're stuck with 1 squadron and even though it has superior numbers, it's pointless as Saipan has 2 squadrons of fighter which when combined, makes it basically Ranger's 1 fighter squadron made even more powerful by being split into 2 and being 2 tiers higher than normal Ranger. Second of all, Non-premium CVs are forced to play a defensive role when Saipan is on the other team. Whenever you even take your fighter squadron to escort your bombers, Saipan will just send his TBs to strike your open flank, and you can't even send your own bombers to an attack escorted without having to lose 1-2 squadrons because your own fighters are busy fighting 1 Fighter squadron while the other enemy squadron is gunning down your bombers returning to your ship. I really have to say that playing tier7 CVs against Saipan is no fun at all. At least when you're against Kaga, you actually have a fighting chance since it has a reasonable weakness, being that it has more fragile planes compared to it's non-premium counterparts. Against Saipan, it's practically going to be 20mins of hell for the CV player on the receiving end. Why can't WG just nerf the fighter squadrons. At least give my bombers a chance to escape by having the Saipan's fighter speed reduced.
  7. LordTyphoon


    Saw this video the day it came out, but I was banned at the time for (allegedly) using profanities on this forum at the time, so haven't posted until now: If this gets released the way it is I'll never be playing CV again. EVER. Look at that Taiho just ragequit. Insert your thoughts below.
  8. detonate_me_daddy

    Moskva OP at tier 10? Your Opinions?

    Right now in Tier 10: Shimakaze got nerfed torps, underpowered Zao nerfed invis fire, still good to play with Lets not talk about CVs. Montana good all rounder except when vs yamato. Hindenburg, not so bad, not so good Des Moines No CV=Poor credit /exp yield Yamato, welp, still good when VS other BBs, but got burned bad. Gearing's fun to play Khabarovsk is???????What does this ship even do? Annoying BB and CA players to hell and terrorize DD players? But still not op Now Moskva....this thing Huge health pool, AA better than IJN, can bounce BB shell's armour when angled, high speed, decent RPM, soviet penetration, magic shell velocity, BBs range The thing is Devs try to justify it by saying it has sluggish turning and bad concealment, But you dont even need to go frontline or to use broadside to unleash this things power, all moskvas just turn bow at enemy BB CAat 18-20 Km and fire non stop, BB can not do anything about it. Yes other nation's cruisers can use concealment to surprise attack, but that doesn't stop it from having the best shell arc/velocity/penetration of any CA in game. Because its better than IJN AA even CVs prefer to torp a poor ibuki/zao/atago over it. German CA have good AP penetration and torps. But in return gets bad armour, bad HE and bad conceal Japan CA have good HE, good shell arc best CA torps and good conceal, but in return gets ultra bad AA, huge citadel, lowest rpm and sluggish turning and no radar American CA have best AA, best RPM and radar, but in return get ultra bad shell arc thus not even good shells are gonna hit anything, and no torps Russian CA Has Good HE, decent RPM, best shell arc, long range, best penetration, high speed, high HP, radar what else does it possibly need? Your opinions, keep it civil.
  9. Reverse_ldeology

    Zao becomes even more OP

    After my previous "Zao is OP post" about how taking RoF on Zao makes it a really strong, borderline OP ship, path 0.6.0 came. And with that came Adrenaline rush. So I decided that an aggro build would be pretty viable, so I took Rudder mod 3 instead of the usual Concealment mod. Guess what, this thing becomes even more OP. Before: After: Skills: AR, EL, EM, AR, DE, AFT, CE Modules: Main battery 1 / AA range / RoF / Damecon / Rudder 2 / Rudder 3 Currently it has: 12.1 - 9.7s reload 16.2 - 19.4km range (spotter + DFAA) 10.8s Concealment range Most importantly ->> 3.7s rudder. Right now this build can troll USN BBs at 12km and dodge all their shells, and troll all other BB types (except maybe Izumo cos 870m/s shell velocity) at 14km. The 3.7s rudder can even troll CVs. Wargaming may want to balance CAs in this tier by either buffing the others (like poor Hindenburg) or (recommended) nerfing the Zao. Of course detractors may claim Zao is not OP, but they are just not playing Zao in the most optimal way. Why else would the best Zao players have the highest CA win rates in T10? Only for 3-man divs does DM outwin the Zao (according to warships.today) How am I going to remove slippery aggro Zao players from the enemy team when I can't hit them? Why would WG put a T10 ship with literally no weaknesses in the game? As someone who cares the about the playability of T10 games (since I play T10 quite a bit), I am quite concerned about this troll build. One does not simply add an "anti-everything" ship into the game, unless it is premium. This would literally be encouraging players to cheese.
  10. So there I was, poking the EU forums, and I found this guy's post and decided to shamelessly rip it off do a cross comparison between the meta on different servers: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/66470-elimination-thread-number-two-tier-v/ Here is the list of ships: Starting list: Bogue (2/0/1): 15 Bogue (1/1/0): 15 Bogue (0/1/2): 15 New York: 15 Texas: 15 Omaha: 15 Marblehead: 15 Nicholas: 15 Zuiho (1/1/2): 15 Zuiho (1/2/1): 15 Kongo+ARP clones: 15 Furutaka: 15 Kamikaze/Fujin: 15 Minekaze: 15 Gnevny: 15 Gremy: 15 Kirov: 15 Murmansk: 15 Kazny Krym: 15 Konig: 15 Konigsberg: 15 Emerald: 15 Basically the rule is that when you post, you choose the best ship and give it one point and choose the worst ship and subtract 3 points. When doing so you must explain your choice. The next guy follows on from where you left off. When a ship hits 0 points, it is eliminated and removed from further consideration. Copy-paste the list when you make the edits please! List of ships in order of elimination: Krasny Krym Marblehead Emerald Bogue (0/1/2) Omaha
  11. Admiral_Yularen

    (MAD) WOWS X Kantai colection Opening HD

    This is my second MAD enjoy Link: (Use the subtitles feature for the lyrics there are Japanese and English, still working on Indo)
  12. ReNation

    The amazing WG WoWs Launcher

    just as amazing as ever been even 300 KB file can be corrupted.
  13. Retia

    Why I Love UK CLs!

    Greetings fellow captains, I just wanted to share this video, showcasing why exactly the UK CLs are awesome and everyone should jump into them. It's an overall great line of ships with an explosive impact on the battlefield whenever they appear. Don't miss out on the opportunity to play the first british line!
  14. RisaFujiyama

    Tea Party Is Coming

    RN cruiser is too weak they said... GET THEM LADS! Hydro + Smoke + Radar + T8 Upgrade Slot + Prem Sheep(that will never get nerf!) #MakeRNCLsGreatAgain
  15. FenrirApalis

    Montana HE OP

    So I was sailing my derpitz around today and I took a full salvo of HE from a Monty at long rangs, 16k damage, 2 fires with citadel sound. The other guy shooting at me was a Hindernberg and I was bow on to him and he was shooting AP. WTF RNG are you mad? Or was the Tirpitz missing armour true? The shells landed around rear section, where I have landed citadels on with NO and Balti before on super harsh angles. Citadelling angled Tirpitz with 203 isn't everyday things okay, you probs won't even cit South Carolina if it is angled with 203mm. And yes I was somewhat angled towards that Monty. 100& sure it was HE. I will post replay if I find it
  16. TepidusLegend

    Please Nerf the Budyonny

    Hello Wargaming. I recently got my Budyonny and i think this ship is too unfair when compared to my other tier VI cruisers. Her armor can shrug off most AP cruiser shells in her effective engagement range. Not only that, the turret traverse, muzzle velocity and arcs are powerful too. The torpedo might only reach 4k, but the arc and speed is excellent. To top it all off, the ship has spotter planes and fast speed. Please nerf this ship. Yours Truly, TepidusLegend
  17. Nishizumi_AnkoSP

    Kirishima Everywhere

    I know Kirishima is good but not until this standard right it like every tier 5 battle I am with this kind of battleship MM.... Nerf the Kirishima too OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. ReNation

    OP ship with 100% chance of fire

    this picture explain everything
  19. S4pp3R

    BB OP?

    I'm not saying this as a CA/DD player or a BB player, I'm saying this because my stats say it must be so... So see spoiler, Kong I'm absolutely killing it and trust me I'm no standout player... Myogi I'm still well above average... DD/CV been overnerfed methinks? Edit: Fixed images
  20. Hi All! Currently I think the Carrier Class is overpowered. I haven't played it too much so am not sure of its downfalls but I'll outline why I think it needs to be reworked below. I also think AA needs to be changed up a bit, a bit of manual input to make it more accurate would be nice, rather than press 'p' if required, target the squadron you want dead and then wait. To me, carriers are super OP destroyers, their bombers have the power to sink ships, they can scout over and around cover, their planes move incredibly fast (ducking in and out of AA quickly), and they can constantly change drop angles and re-adjust their bombs until ready, all the while leaving themselves fully protected from their target (usually). Rock, Paper, Scissors - This is the tone the game takes without the carriers, each ship counters one another, however there isn't a counter for a carrier. Carriers are the apex predator of this game, and in real life. Playing the other classes it makes sense to work together, however a carrier doesn't need anyone, especially early game. With every other class, each engagement puts you at risk of sinking (with the exception of stealth torps, which requires great prediction skills), carriers attack without consequence (a few planes here and there). I'm not sure what needs to be changed on carriers or to what degree but somethings that I would consider changing are below with greater reasoning further below, with the main emphasis around making them more vulnerable. -More detectable (think BB range as they are the same size) -Lower ship topspeed (planes do most the leg work make running not possible) -Less 'airtime' (make players want to get closer to the fight and make purposeful movements and make running to a corner more of a penalty) - Make torps invisible for fighter and bomber planes - Reword DD spotting (infrequent position or required them to be incredibly close [with AA off]) - "relay delay" (make them commit to a bomb run further out and make planes respond to orders slower) DD vs CV As a DD your power is your stealth and torpedos, when targeting a carrier you first need to break though the rest of the enemies fleet, find the carrier and then chase it down, predict its path and then torp/gun it down. This rarely happens. From the 20 min mark before you even get close to an enemy ship a carrier can have a fighter squadron above you. DD AA is nothing and if the carrier wants to it can end you with torps, mag you with dive bombers, spot you for the rest of his team and alert teammates of incoming torps. Now lets argue that for once your carrier preoccupied the CV and you've managed to kill a DD or two and break through. 1st, you have to spot the CV, which is done by tracking planes, So you follow them towards the CV, More likely than not the CV is in a corner, or behind and Island and will usually spot you coming, raising everything it has to kill you whilst turning and running from you, giving it minutes more time to counter your push. The only counter you have is your maneuverability, couple the CV's bombs/torps with some stray BB/CA fire and you're probably not going to succeed, as you hopelessly try to burn the ship to a ground and place some torps so well that knowing their path from launch the CV cannot avoid them. Oh and if you happen to be up against 2 CV's forget it. Especially when your smoke practically useless CA vs CV If you manage to get a CV on its own as a CA it either means the CV isn't paying attention to what its doing or the rest of it's team is dead. Once again though, you need to determine where the carrier is, then chase it down and gun it to death. Something that is made easier by your AA and high fire ratio, however 2-3 torps and you're dead. Playing cruisers in the early game isn't really hindered by CV, however as you're the 'counter' to CV you're expected to protect your teammates and shoot down enemy planes that are stupid enough to come close to you for some measly experience. If you don't support your team, the CV will kill your team, and then you. Maybe you first if you're closest. Oh and if you find yourself with no support against 2 torp squadrons, say goodbye. BB vs CV You will lose 9/10 times and you will only ever come up against an opportunity to kill a CV 1/100 games. BB's are the CV's easiest prey, if you manage to be the BB with the least AA support, kiss your ass goodbye, whilst you can eat a lot of damage you will have to limp the rest of the game, sure to lose any BB encounter. CV vs CV This can go 3 ways 1 - You each throw all your planes at one another from the start of the match, 1 CV sinks 2 - One of you has superior fighters and spends the game tearing down squadrons and keeping every DD lit up until they sink 3 - You ignore one another and leave your teammates to fend for themselves while preying on what ever kill is easiest. In essence killing a CV boils down to decimating the enemy team. You will always find CV's behind the rest of the team, whilst they launch the most offensive assaults. CV's have the pros of all the other ships (power, AA, maneuverability, low detection) with none of the disadvantages. The only 1 I can see is that you can't cap points (sanely). -landing hits from a CV required the least amount of patience and skill adjusting all the way until drop circle (unlike long range shells) -CV's always get a broadside, positioning your ship will do nothing but help a CV, hiding against an island? only 1 way to turn now. Turning into/away from bombers? You're rudder is now set, readjust bombers line and drop. - And CV's never put their ship at risk. I just feel that the outcome of each game is influenced too much by 1-2 players. oh and CV players, I'd be interested to know your thoughts especially the con's and how to take you down ;) Pseudo
  21. Well, this is what usually happens when a mainly-DD Beta player gets thrown into a match filled with new players. I feel bad for their team. D: - 6 kills, Double strike, High Caliber, Confederate, multiple devastating strikes -203 k profit on standard (300k on prem D: ) -3759 exp and 188 free exp! On another note, no "Topgun" (or should we call it TopTorps?) for killing half their team? xD Only a pile of shimapans to fly off my ship? Huehuehue- Cheers and have fun carrying the team.