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Found 5 results

  1. G'day folks, I assure you I'm not doing some sort of IJN themed One-off series, these are just the games that have a fun story... As the Leander review is ahead of schedule, I can drop this one a week early... I'm pretty happy with this edit, almost as good as the Atago edit if I'm honest (Atago has been my fave edit in a long time, not that much due to the editing but the story of the game was amazing) I'm not a great IJN torp boat captain but this game was something... What are everyone's thoughts on IJN Torp boats, particularly Kagero? As usual, any YouTube or Reddit love is appreciated
  2. G'day Folks, A new One-off - Hannover. This one is from our very own @SgtSullyNZ and in Coop no less. I would still watch this, it's a truly Exceptional Endeavour.
  3. G'day folks, A bit of a tweak on a One-off for April; I've spiced up the editing and doubled my work if I want to repeat it in future. This one has cinematic cuts all the way through, leme know what you think! Atago was my first premium (apart from lowbie freebies) and I fully Potatoed with her, I think I was at around 47%/35k with her prior to trying to improve that over the last few weeks... I think I'm at around 51%/44k now. She's a strong ship if you play her carefully and clinically. I always play to win, this game shows you that sometimes you need to live to fight another day in order to try and get a win... As usual, all the YouTube and Reddit loves is appreciated and if you like this video and want all the juicy info feel free to join my discord - Darklab (https://discord.gg/AApEFZquK9)
  4. G'day Folks, One-off Jean Bart. Pretty decent game, I made a few mistakes but was lucky not to be punished for them... And at a certain point I realise, I gotta make a move or we lose... As usual if you like the video, leave a comment/like on YouTube, it'd be greatly appreciated. And yes, Commonwealth is still coming... I want to get it right and there'll be a few videos to do it properly, so the writing is taking a while... As usual, Reddit love is greatly appreciated as well, if my videos break through the salt-wall they tend to do well.
  5. G'day Folks, I must be sick, I'm clearly doing far too many videos... In this one, Quigee in his West Virginia '41 and me in my Warspite get involved in a bit of sport... 151ST is recruiting again, we have a few spots... We aren't a 'serious' clan but are seriously casual. We are only missing the last steel upgrade, so you will get all the bonuses... We occasionally do Clan Battles, usually in the winter months on Saturdays. We occasionally do scenario divisions. We have some serious experience and knowledge and folks from 16 to over 60. So if you are interested, PM me. We are all primarily based in Australia and New Zealand. As usual if you like the vid, throw some YouTube or reddit comments my way... Enjoy!