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Found 1 result

  1. S4pp3R

    Oklahoma - PSA

    G'day Folks, So I just managed to complete the courageous collection and thus picked up Oklahoma... I will not be making a BLUF video on her anytime soon but I thought everyone should know: PSA - play almost any other Tier 5 BB instead of Oklahoma. Let me explain why and what's going on with references to New York and Texas to understand, I'll link my BLUFs at the bottom if you need to know about them. Oklahoma is like the child of an A-hull New York and an A-hull New Mexico. No on looking at her, I thought 'ok so she's an A-hull New Mexico with less guns and poor reload at T5.' Nope... She's worse. So one of the biggest issues with A-hull New York is that she has the old-school USN shells and these seriously lack penetration and reliability (both in HE and AP). When you upgrade to B-hull New York you also get upgraded AP and HE shells. The AP in particular starts maintaining good penetration values at most ranges. A-hull New Mexico has these improved shells as standard, because plainly the old-school shells are so bad they perform REALLY poorly even at T5, imagine trying to hit a Bismarck with them? To top this off, Oklahoma has an abysmal 40s reload. If her shells were actually good, this is less of an issue. The reason for this is while her DPM is low, her alpha-strike is pretty good and most of playing a BB is hitting with alpha-strike. But when you combine this poor DPM with really bad shell characteristics, it makes the low DPM exponentially worse. This is because you are more likely to shatter/bounce more of the shells, reducing the potential damage per salvo. I haven't done a direct comparison to other nations BBs but it's basically redundant. Apart from a minor upper belt increase to 25mm and an impressive turtleback, she still has the 19mm everywhere that New York suffers from. And this 19mm is the crucial point, every BB shell in the game overmatches it, meaning citadels through the bow and stern and full pens in all sorts of other places. Oklahoma tries to trade everything else for being 'tanky' and having respectable AA, she fails at this and is basically a walking XP pinata with unreliable guns. Don't get me wrong, as with any Tier 5 BB, anyone with decent skills will still get results but I would rate every other BB at Tier 5 ahead of her. Having extra 'citadel protection' does not make you tanky when you are still covered in 19mm plating. Almost all gun HE will pen 19mm (120s+) and every BB sized gun in the game will overmatch you with AP (272 mm +) Whereas Texas trades some gun power (in DPM and range) for better turret angles on 3rd turret and better AA; she still has the modern shells which means her guns will still perform. I'm really sorry, I wanted to like Oklahoma, hell if I can make Kansas work, surely I can make Oklahoma work? Yes but she doesn't have an overwhelming broadside weight at tier to compensate for her poor shell characteristics (whereas Kansas does). New York and Texas for reference...