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Found 7 results

  1. Manacetamol

    What exactly is Airstrike?

    I were suspecting about it since the first look and I're trying to learn about it. But there is nothing on WoWs Wiki. Then went to watch some Anime clips and found an unintentional coincidence. The best place can tell about it. What's inside? How's it going? Only hope
  2. anonym_2EFpjvgfY2gu

    WOWS Time

    So I'm confused about WOWS in game time. For example, 0.7.4 Public Test #2 Test Start: 19/04/2018 @ 00:30 UTC+8 I'm thinking, how many hours until the PTS starts? I found this page- https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/utc8 Is this page representative of WOWS time? Will the public test start when the clock on that page is at 00:30 (12:30am) on 19/04 ? Thanks.
  3. just thought I'd start a post where everyone can post their most impressive games, to show off their skill to the community.
  4. TheLesserWeevil

    Australia - World of Lagships

    Hey world, As much as I love this game, I am constantly plagued with ping/lag spikes in games, occasionally resulting in me dropping from the server completely. Nothing is more frustrating then lining up that crucial torpedo spread, only to have the game lag for several seconds, after which you have missed your chance and been torped in return. My question is, are other Australians having these issues? Trying to diagnose whether it is the Wargaming servers to blame or my own hopeless ISP. I'll admit that I have been having problems with my ISP recently, but I am not having such severe problems with any other online games.
  5. Chawp

    Hall of Fame Q1 2017!

    First off, apologies for the late start everyone but lets get thing started. Run time: 20th of January - 31st of March ( Ending date may change, watch this space) Prizes will be the same as Q4/16 Griefer's Challenge: The player who earns the highest XP earned in the Pensacola will win 1,000 doubloons. Last call for scores will be at 2159hrs +8GMT(server time) on the 31st of March. Rules:Due to the fact that there are now prizes, rules will be followed to the letter. Only games from patch 0.6+ are allowed now. Only games that were played from the 19th of January 2017 onward will count. Entries must contain the following tabs: Personal Score Team Score Detailed Report Credit and XP tab is optional but highly recommended. See previous threads for examples of the format. If the above tabs aren't shown, then your post is DQ'd. Only one entry per ship but you can update that score with a new one (via a new post). Asia server players only. Results must only be from the Live server (No Public test scores) Good luck to all. Links to previous seasons: 2016: Q1/2 Q3 Q4 Tier 1. Cruisers: Erie: Hashidate: Orlan: Hermlin: Black Swan Tier 2:Cruisers: Chester: Chikuma: Dresden: Albany: 1. Moganite 1675XP | 2. Diana: Emden: Novik: Weymouth Destroyers: Sampson: Umikaze: 1. MatterCore 1067XP | 2. Storozhevoi: Smiths: Tachibana: V-25 Battleships: Mikasa: Tier 3:Battleships: South Carolina: 1. Admiral_Neptulussus 1144XP | 2. Kawachi: Nassau: Cruisers: St Louis: Tenyruu: Kolberg: Aurora: Bogatyr Caledon: Destroyers: Wickes: Wakatake: Derzki: Campbletown: G-101: 1. Necrofantasia 690XP | 2. Tier 4: Aircraft Carriers: Langley: Houshou: Battleships: Wyoming: Miyogi: Ishizuchi: Imperator Nikolai: Arkansas Beta: Kaiser Cruisers Pheniox: Kuma: Karlsruhe: 1. bucksgen 1553XP | 2. Iwaki Alpha: Yuubari: Svietlana: 1. rouge42 1485XP | 2. Danae: 1. RepublicTrooper 1514XP | 2. Destroyers: Clemson: 1. MatterCore 1558XP | 2. rouge42 1393XP | 3. Isokaze: Izyaslav: 1.Xphia 1007XP | 2. V-170: 1. XP_On 1023XP | 2. Tier 5 Aircraft Carriers: Bogue: 1. Stratmania 2281XP | 2. Zuihou: 1. Stratmania 2030XP | 2. MatterCore 1160XP | 3. Battleships: New York: Kongou: ARP Kongou: ARP Kirishima: ARP Hiei: 1. Admiral_Neptulussus 1975XP | 2. LousianaM 1239XP | 3. ARP Haruna: Texas: 1. Onlinegamer 2052XP | 2. Koing: Cruisers: Omaha: Furutaka: Koingsberg: 1. THAI_THIEF 1526XP | 2. Marblehead: Murmansk: 1. XP_On 1835XP | 2. Kirov: 1. rouge42 1965XP | 2. Emerald: Destroyers: Nicholas: 1. rouge42 2145XP | 2. Minekaze: 1. LousianaM 1258XP | 2. Mutsuki: Gremyashcy: 1. XP_On 2032XP | 2. Kamikaze R: 1. XP_On 1860XP | 2. Kamikaze T-22 Podvoisky: Locked: Gnevny:
  6. MissMeMiss

    WoWs - Hall of Swag

    Upload your best Score in here. No need to feel "swank", because this is the place for you. NOTE : Using bonus XP, consume items, Premium Ship ... ALLOWED !!! As long it's way above the "Average" Score of your TIER average. Eg : Brag Tier X got around 150,000 credits and 2000 XP is rejected, but brag Tier 1 got 100,000 credits (if possible?) and 1000xp is a masterpiece, UPLOAD IT !!! (I hope this is not against the rule though. )
  7. AdmiralAckbar13

    World of War: The Trio Combined

    Now that we have worlds of tanks, planes and warships, I think it would be amazing to see Wargaming combine all three into huge multi-player games. I know it will probably never happen, but what are people's thoughts and opinions? I think it would make for heaps of fun and drop some of the barriers between the three separate games.