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Found 3 results

  1. Rina_Pon

    Stat thoughts

    In the last year, I've functionally stopped playing BBs, and rarely play Cruisers. I pretty much cycle through T8-10 DDs, usually USN and IJN, KM a fair bit, but visit all the nations tech trees pretty regularly. Part of the win rate drop and damage increase is no doubt my focus on tiers above 7. More competitive games, bigger weapons and bigger health pools to remove. I think, though, that the changes in the game over the last year so have made it harder to carry. For those that don't know, FtP multiplayer games are designed with randomness baked in to the mechanics in order to keep the game fun and engaging (here used without irony for once) for less skilled players, basically to stop unicums from winning all the time. Recent matches have 3-4 DDs and at least 1 CV almost all the time now, and maybe an SS too. In such a mix victory or defeat has little to do with your actions as one DD among 4, say. More often than not victory is determined elsewhere. A year ago I'd often be the only DD, and many games had no CV. It was much easier to engineer the win. If I'm playing on a side where 4 of the DDs get wiped right at the start, no amount of genius on my part is going to get me out of a 4 on 1 pile up. One stat I would really like to see added is your average position on your team, win or lose. I would love to know if I'm losing more because I'm doing worse relative to my team, or despite the fact that I'm doing better.
  2. LongDongFong

    Needs more bots

    Hi all, and this is specifically aimed at WG Asia I was wondering what WG ASIA is doing about bot accounts, if anything. I am seeing more and more of these 'players' that do very little, even by Asia server standards. After battles I'm checking the profiles of these very very hard to detect ninjas and 36--42% is pretty consistent, average damages range from 6k - 8k, Kill/Death ratios of 0.1 are pretty normal for them. Everyone knows that botting is rampant here, same as it was on WoT Asia, yet these accounts are racking up thousands of battles and WG seem to be struggling to do anything about it, or ignoring the issue. I see 1 on average every battle yet WG has access to all the data and the problem persists. I know it's a lot to ask, given that they can't even get CV balance right, but surely they can slap a ban hammer on bot accounts just as easily as they would on anyone that points out that they're incompetent.
  3. Since WG nerfed Emile Bertin I haven't had the heart to play that ship anymore. It's still strong, but it feels much more ordinary now. La Galissonnière OTOH has become much more interesting as it's the first ship of the MN CA line to get the new reload booster, and 4 charges no less. My opinion of the ship's fun factor has done a 180 turn, from extreme dislike to serious enjoyment. The torps are still silly (two!?), and the speed/handling/armor are okay-to-meh, but when taking on cruisers 1-on-1 you punch that boost consumable and the enemy ship simply dissolves. T7 .. no problem. If they didn't see you coming, chances are they are dead in the time it takes the boost to run out.