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Found 5 results

  1. Farlesquew

    Farewell, I'm out.

    I'm out. I played WoTB for ~two years and left when WG exponentially ramped up the level of their thieving, gambling ways. I've now played WoWS for over two years and largely enjoyed it, but watching the blackness of the plummet of WG's corporate 'ethics' as it slithers wallows into the depths of a dark pit of its own making has leeched any possibility for me to find any joy whatsoever in playing WoWS. I played 1-3 games on the launch day of WG's Publicity Rupturing 'Christmas present' but felt dirtied by the experience. I refuse to fund an oligarchic kleptocracy. I feel better, freer and far, far cleaner with each non-WG day that passes. Thank you to everyone I've met in game; the battles, the conversations, the friendships. I wish you as much fun as you personally may still be able to find. Cheers.
  2. Multichoice. Because no one really has answered this important question related to NTC/RB.
  3. Firstly I'm definitely the target market for NTC as it stands... I'm grinding ship lines I don't care that much about now and the ones I haven't touched I won't or just don't care. While I'm not a collector, I never get rid of a ship and subsequently have a metric tonne of ships (150+ or something from memory). I don't play all of them often but there are definitely many that see a lot of love. I have every ship: IJN CA, BB MN CA, BB RN CL KM CA As you can tell, I'm a T10 CL/A main. I have most other lines apart from USN/SN (won't play those nations outside PTS) at T7 or T8. Outside T10 I tend to play BBs more than CAs. I can usually grind a T8 in a weekend and then the T10 in a few weeks. But I won't unless I care about it. Get on with it S4pp3R! Ok, ok... Anyways point is, I've run out of lines I care or enjoy and I can grind them out pretty fast. So I had a realisation this morning, I've kept all my ships, so when I start the line again what do I get for all those ships? All those equipment upgrades? I would hope I get a decent credit refund for the ships and stuff but then that'd be going against the whole point of NTC being another credit/XP sink... I don't want to lose all my equipment upgrades because that is A LOT of creds as well... How should NTC look? The thing is I don't want to smash out the entire line in 2 weeks and laugh at my rewards... I want to be encouraged to actually spend a little time on each ship, and not with stupid missions like 'planes shot down' or 'fires started' or 'earn XP and win'... Now this may sound like a mission impossible but it really isn't. What I would like is some sort of thing that while NTC is active, excess XP earned in the line goes towards extra resource or something like that. Yeah maybe the cosmetic reward isn't for you this time round, but maybe the next one will be. Another thing may be to unlock an exclusive ship-only flag for ships you regrinded... You can 100% bank on me wearing that bad-boy on my Kongo or Furutaka. Maybe make the Flag seasonal and each season have a theme? Also IMO the first 'season' should be Titans and Cretans of the Pacific... USN BBs/DDs v IJN BBs/DDs... Why? Because those nations started this whole thing and much of the player base started with USN DDs and BBs... Also completely shameless, I'm hoping for amazing IJN BB skins for any of the ships between Kongo and Amagi but particularly both of those two beautiful BCs, love them. What do you folks think? How do you want NTC to work?
  4. No to buffed ships... Yes to encouraging folks to play lower tiers No to more eco benefits Yes to cosmetics No to locking out all ships in a line... Basically I reckon it'd be fine if it was for some pride cosmetics and you could keep a ship or two per line for CB/ranked. Remember when the Jolly Roger flag was rare and exclusive and the respect it held? Do that on a bigger scale with Camo and Flags instead of absurd buffs... The last thing we need is another level of buffs to differentiate players! I understand WGs idea but it is exceptionally poorly executed in it's current iteration... Discuss
  5. Amberclad_

    They had enough(?)

    Well, they went this war to oppose the idea of Naval Training Center. Pretty sure other stuff like this are coming soon.. 🙃 I mean re-grinding ships are not fun right? 🙄