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Found 1 result

  1. detonate_me_daddy

    I want to get refund for Atago!

    If i knew takao would be given out for free i would not be buying it 7 month beforehand in case you guys don't realize already, i'm more salty than yobbo Consider this: yes it does not provide premium income but everything else is same as atago, with op concealment, fire chance and repair party. If without premium income, Takao/atago was still a much better alternative to mogami which was nerfed quite a long time ago. Takao/Atago is just a wholly better playing experience, just like any other premium ship(isuzhichi is an exception), and it is now been giving out for free Atago Offers both premium income and premium (in game playing experience), and that premium (in game playing experience) is been offered for free Even without premium income, Atago/Takao is still worth (in real life) money, because it is a better alternative. Maybe it will not be worth 59AUD anymore, but anywhere between 30 to 40 AUD is what I would think is fair. WG is giving out a t8 premium for free, and the missions are much easier than getting rank 1 for three seasons (which only gives a t7 premium) What is WG marketing thinking? If any of you atago owners don't get it: By giving out, essentially FREE copies of atago, WG is inflating the price of atago, because atago is not 'hard' to get anymore and will populate the player base, we as customers essentially had our goods' ' in game value which was bought with real money' decreased. Either nerf Takao or refund for atago Edit: I dont hope to get a refund anymore but at least nerf takao's repair party P.S; yeah i am a salty kid but everyone can have their own ideas and opinions, say what u want i wont mind Thread locked on OP's request. ~amade