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Found 8 results

  1. Look. Ranked, as much of a cluster[Edited] as it is, is still a competitive mode. If you have no reason to play competitively, or you don't like ranked for whatever personal bull[Edited] of yours, then please stick to Randoms or Co Op. If you do wish to play ranked, and you know full well you don't play T10s, or you that you never played competitive modes, or that you are in fact less skilled or experienced, then please: Shut the [Edited] up and listen to the people who do. Thank you.
  2. FenrirApalis

    Salty reports

    Before you tell me to send a ticket to support, I know how long it takes for them to respond so I just didn't bother. I received a 7 day chat ban without saying anything offensive, and I concluded that someone either on my team or the enemy team just got salty and dumped reports on me. Now I can't even coordinate with my teammates because I can't even tell them my ship's setup and the strategy that would work the best, just because some players cannot handle failure and needs to take out their saltiness? One thing is this game has a stupid censoring system that mainly censors every day normal words or random character combinations, and instead of using that to help protect the chat environment we have a report system that allows people to take out their anger and punish players for things they never did. How about you just make a working censor system that can automatically give players warnings? Instead of having this lazy solution of giving the players the ability of manipulating the automated system and ruining the experience of others? This game is getting to the two extremes where the bad is really bad and the good is really good. But the bad is really covering up all the good at the moment.
  3. Bloody hell have not even reach 50k dmg 3/4 team die in 1st 7 mins. [content removed] typical weekend warriors Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  4. Hi, i'm starting this thread to share my ranked experience. i'm currently in rank 10 and finding it hard to uprank to rank 9 because of either being killed by a loyang sonar'ed me or being unassisted when capping. list of best performing ships in ranked (by n00b1e) BB 1st: North Carolina/Alabama : three triple 16in guns with good armor make the best BB for holding cap/sniping, rarely see a NCAR or Alabama losing a 1v1 on another BB like amagi or bismarck 2nd:Amagi : better mobility than US BB's but with rather unreliable gun dispersion, bad choice for holding cap and get sunk easily with focus fire by BB's 3rd:Monarch : for those HE spammers who like to make people salty, the AP is unreliable for use againts BB and she will lose 1v1 with a NCAR/Alabama or Amagi used by a decent player at close range 4th:Tirpitz : torpedoes makes up for the german gun dispersion, she is still a bad choice with the NCAR's and Amagi's around 5th:Bismarck : bad gun accuracy and is not as agile like Amagi makes her the worst choice in my opinion, with the sniping fest worsening the situation for Bismarck and Tirpitz having torps making her rather outclassed DD 1st:Loyang : the primary cap denier for capping DD's, seen Loyang players just stop and use smoke&hydro and spot you up, the hydro is the most dangerous part of this ship 2nd:Kagero : long ranged torps make surviving easier in Kagero, unless you're the capping DD and the guns won't help at all in that case 3rd:Kidd : the heal makes this DD a DD killer, but the single turret torps will make you useless againts a radar cruiser 4th:Benson : decent torps and good guns, but outclassed by a dedicated DD like Loyang or Kagero 5th:Ognevoi?/Kiev : in this case this DD's are useless because of having the worst concealment CA/CL's 1st:Chapayev : 4 triple 6in turrets, 11,7km radar, good HE to burn BB's, what more can you ask for ? 2nd:New Orleans : a cruiser killer with good concealment to support DD's capping, hard using her to fight BB's 3rd:Atago/ARP Takao : good torps and good guns, but fragile (seen many Atago/Takao in ranked) 4th:Hipper : good armor, good guns, but no radar 5th:Edinburgh : have radar, hydro, and good torps, good as a DD cap assist but with the BB's swamping ranked she's rather underpowered 6th:Charles Martel: damage farming boat, rarely seen one contribute beyond surviving the battle 7th:Mogami : need me to say anything ? bad reload, fragile, and bad torp placement since i'd avoid CV's i can't comment on them share your ranked experience and review mine. thanks and have a lot of citadels ;P
  5. Reverse_ldeology

    The fun and the unfun - some advice

    After taking a short break for WoWS to adjust my schedule during summer break internship, I finally got back to playing this game. Of course as a skrub with only 5000 games as someone who know many other players and am involved in the giving feedback on this game, I decided to re-start playing with a fresh perspective. No longer do I feel pressured to win, but instead I just play in divisions nowadays to have fun with other players (in various different ways). Here are some observations. 1. World of Warships is not a game to be taken seriously, as QnA implies. Ships are balanced based on how they perform with respect to other ships, and buffed or nerfed if the devs feel like they are under or outperforming their peers too much (by how much, and by what metric we don't know). WG communication has also stated that CVs such as Saipan are "fine". You can infer how seriously they take game balancing from that. 2. Winning in this game is mainly about knowing what to do in each situation (as a player). Carrying solo games is mainly about how well you can coordinate with your team, on top of knowing what to do as a solo player. Div carrying is mainly about ship selection, followed by solo game sense + div coordination. 3. Taking this game less seriously and just trying to do the most in each match (which is quite fun cos being alive = can do things = potential to have fun) is the best way to both increase enjoyment and increase win rate. Just play another game if you find matches unenjoyable. 4. Poor CV players, especially in high tiers are the most un-fun part of this game. Doubly so if your AS/Balanced CV cannot even control the air over a strike loadout. 5. Fishing teams are fun to face against, if you are in a div of skilled players. Otherwise having one (or multiple) of them in your team or the enemy team usually ends up in a steamroll, netting you little xp either way. Of course you can afford to aggro more if your fishing team is winning for you (if that is your definition of fun), or play more proactively knowing that said players in fishing div can cover you. But most of the time you get less xp and credits if they are on your team, and get steamrolled if they are on the enemy team. 6. Being bottom tier while your top tier players feed can go both ways. It can either be very un-fun, if you happen to be in tiers 5-7, and lack the survivability and DPM against higher tier survivors in the enemy team (you can only farm damage). Or it could be very fun if you manage to get some "High impact (insert ship class here) play" and carry the team while bottom tier. 7. There are many situations with "no counterplay", or "very little counterplay at best" in this game. Instances such as "radar cruiser Haven south spawn domination" or "Saipan who knows how to abuse strafe exit mechanics", or "Gearing Mino Hak", or "Belfast", or "Black, Balti, MO", or "Triple Black". These mechanics are fun if you are the one abusing them, but very un-fun otherwise. Of course WG has shown itself willing to change their maps over time, so maybe this will improve with time. 8. IJN DDs are more often than not driven by noobs who either torp at second line or YOLO into cap and die. Very few players know how to ride the fine line between being close enough to torp while far enough to react to enemy DDs. N. If there is anything else please feel free to add. tl:dr don't take this game seriously, just div and have fun. If you find yourself carrying to hard or losing too hard just play another game.
  6. After over 5000 games in WoWS, I finally realized the point of this game. It is not to win, but rather to have fun with division mates at expense of enemy enjoy the game as it is, regardless of how bad your own, or the enemy's team is playing. There is no point being salty, no point complaining why you got reported for telling your team that "going to A in Okinawa means you lose 90% of the time", or "don't push and feed just kite we got caps" Instead of trying to solo carry, coordinating with your team while solo, positioning well, using good game sense, and getting stressed over getting gud and winning, why not just take a ship you feel like you would have fun in and not care about the outcome (like Gremy, Nik, Belfast?). Also, why not just form Black, MO, Balti divs or other divs that allow you to have more fun at expense of enemy? I mean winning feels good, but with how randoms are set up (no MMR, inbalance of ship types, gunboats, radar ships etc) what is the point of winning? MM is totally random, the ships you get is totally random, your teammates skill is totally random. Why not just farm keks by forming fishing divs or watching your own teammates potato? Anyway my question to other players who have played more than me: How does one take randoms seriously?
  7. Ahoy sailors, I've previously shared my YouTube channel in the Fan Zone section of the forums but figured I'd share it here also, hope you like it Duplicate Thread. Thread locked. User warned. ~dead_man_walking
  8. karrablaster123

    Noob Friendly Guide

    This is the blog: http://www.worldofwarshipshowto.blogspot.com/