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Found 1 result

  1. So people have been asking me what this 'special project' that I've been working on is, why i've gone a little silent in posting vids! Well once you've read this, you'll understand what's been cooking! So now, I'm going to announce my Full of Win upgrade news! Release 2.0 With the start of clan wars we've been given an opportunity to finally battle one on one with our clan peers! We finally have the ability to now prove who the best of the best is... well unless your an Australian clan, or a clan from New Zealand, India or really anywhere that isn't in a country on the +8 utc time zone. But other than that Clan wars is upon us! But who really rules the waves? Sure, we have ladders, stats and all that other stuff that sends people in to frantic meltdowns of statistics vs well pretty much everyone else... But does this actually tell the story of the clans? I, your ever humble host of Full of Win has thought about this long and hard and I've come up with a solution. Starting in the very very very near future, this servant of the people is going to bring to you the news from the front lines of our fictional battle zones! But I can't do this alone, what I need from every one of you is your replays of your clan wars battles (One per battle), I need your results of the win / loss with a date and time. I don't need your team comm's, your clan secrets will remain secrets! i don't want to know what you've been talking about! What you'll get from me A fortnightly news broadcast, detailing the wins / losses of those who participate A tally of those wins and losses A leader board of where you sit according to moi - I'm not going to go in to the leagues, and yes, my results are only as good as the reporting to me. But hey, we gotta start somewhere! And more importantly a play by play of the battles your involved in I'm looking for people to participate, to provide replays, screenshots of there wins and losses! At the end of the day, this is for fun, to give the clan wars community a sense of pride. For the moment, if you upload your replay to the wows replay site and provide me the link, i'll take it from there! Full of Win can be your trusted source of clan wars content! So come with me on the journey!