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Found 1 result

  1. My first post, after 3rd day playing. Just want to advice ... 1. Battleship support / tailing teammate Cruiser. 2. Cruiser support / tailing teammate Destroyer. 3. Destroyer, use it quick maneuver to flank Enemy's Battleship and do close torpedo. And the quickly evade or escape from other enemy. Killing Enemy's Destroyer also priority. 4. Carrier. You are basically play alone, but be effective and do a lot of damage by your minions. 5. If Teammate Destroyer get killed in the front, Cruiser should STAY in the middle between your team Battleship and Enemy position. 6. Battleship, pls don't miss ! 7. Destroyer, you are indeed had low HP and Armor, but you can deal big damage, also act like a ninja. Higher Concealment mean, your position and ship appearance can vanish from enemy sight. Using the Ship Commander skill to know if you being detected or not also make use of Destroyer better. 8. If you a Kill-Rate-Whore, don't use Cruiser, instead Battleship or Destroyer. Because Cruiser are better to harass enemy or make enemy burn all time. Killing with Cruiser is bonus, but not priority. 9. Cruiser and Destroyer, don't expect Carrier and Battleship to do capture for you, because IT'S YOUR JOB to do it. ENEMY || 5 Kilometers || DESTROYER || 3 Kilometers || CRUISER || 2 Kilometers || BATTLESHIP (Position distance changes when Ship Tier goes up as the cannon range are increasing each tier) When Cruiser are playing like Battleship, even worse, Destroyer also playing long range tactic aka Passive and just shoot and pray his torpedo hits. Bet your team will lose quickly, or by point of the very end game time which are suck for players who die earlier and cannot use the ship till the match finish. Playing MMO FPS encourage you to team play, this game are even more must for you not to play solo. No hero in this game, but team play. Please defend your team battleship by NOT playing passive ... or even worse, fear of dying in a video games.