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Found 5 results

  1. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    Returning to World of Warships!

    Hi Guys, Good day to you! I play World of Tanks regularly, and somewhere in the distant past, I had tried to play World of Warships too. Today again I'm re-installing this game to play casually. When I was roaming on the game website, I found Recruiting Station tab (screenshot attached below). Can anyone help me with this? Appreciate any help provided. Thank you! 😀
  2. Hey all, I posted a set of videos in the game guide area, but noting that many skip past the "Game Guide and Tutorials" Sub-Forum (it's tucked away at the top of the Newcomers zone) I thought that I would drop the link in this more active area of the forum. The videos are aimed at first time players, new accounts, or folks thinking of trying out WoWS. Enjoy. Noppers.
  3. Hello Everyone :D As you see in my stats, i'm a fairly new player to the game, and just gotten my first ever Tier 7, the Gneisenau. And with that, came the wall of reality that hit me, is that the game are very unforgiving in the high tiers, especially T9 Battle. The Prospect that a Musashi and Iowa can punish me with those nine big 18 and 16 inchers from Mars while i'm stuck with six 15 inchers that can't hit a barn from the inside. Then there's this lovely BBQ cookers named Atlanta that shoots from behind the islands, and of course, the loliboats. Then there's my dilemma. I know my gun sucks, so i need to get closer to at least 11 km. The problem are, that i got focused by half of the enemy team no matter what i do. The fact that everyone is camping, and just spared me as a bait and retreat really grinds my gears so much. I always push with the cruiser, though all of them got deleted first hand and the other BB on my flank just stay behind 10km away, while i'm getting spanked by Iowa, burned by Atlanta, and torpedoed by the Loliboats. If i tried to snipe, well you know how 'accurate' German guns are. The guns also lack the necessary punch to penetrate larger battleship from 15+km. And you usually lose a long-range artillery battle. Then the hybrids of the two, which most say as the best playstyle in Gneisenau, which mandated that i just snipe in the first half of the game, then push if the enemy flank started to crumble. The problem are, it's either that my flank crumbled first rather than the enemy, or just no one on my flank thought of *push* after the enemies retreated and then i got obliterated because i'm all alone. Yes i know, i'm a noob and shouldn't complain too much and 'git gud'. Some also suggest to just play T6 to learn more, but Gneisenau is very different than Bayern are. Anyway, can any veterans here suggest what should i do to improve myself? Suggestions are welcome indeed! Sorry for the rage everyone, and sorry if i offend anybody. TL;DR i suck in Gneisenau and need of suggestions. Notes: I'm running a full specced-build (7.6 km secondaries) with 12 capt skills on Preventative Maintenance, Expert Marksman, Adrenaline Rush, Basics of Survivability, and Advanced Firing Training. Wish You Luck, All :D
  4. come on i know u want some money but please if u want put this T9 premium ships in premium shop at least u WG can make some Terms and Conditions like minimum battle if u wanna buy this ships maybe 1k-2k battle so u can buy this ship with your wallet (sample) because this new player with T9 premium ships is f*k us at the top tier battle and make the first atmosfer at the battle really bad im dedicated to play this game over 3 years but why u don't listening us and what the h**l u can't fix this problem, this is really really unfair please WG fix this problem
  5. Salutations, Warships community! I myself am a Tanker, but I have a friend who is obsessed with ships. I introduced my friend to WoWS and she wants to play now (despite rejecting tanks for years). The thing is, I told her about invitation codes that give away low tier premiums and premium time, and I know WoT has them, but does WoWS have them too? If not, I think it would be a great idea to implement it, since premium low tiers are fun and I still occationally go back to my T2-light for casual fun in Tanks. Thanks, y'all. Bon Voyage~!