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Found 6 results

  1. First, yes I know the split is 7.1 ( or 7.2) anyways, not this patch. But getting bored watinig for 7.0 so I thought I would post something different to fill the time...better than reading how people are sick of waiting ;) Anyone else been prepping US CA captains ready for the new line? I've ground out a couple of extra T10 captains on the Cleveland ready for the split, I may even rebuy the Pensa and NO to grind them up a bit more. if I don't like how they play when rebalanced, well I can always swap the captains over to the new CAs. Cleveland at T8 will be interesting. I know people say that is where she belongs, but look at the opposition - the Mogami is the best T8 pyromaniac IMHO, the MK, is well the MK. Chapeyev stronk Soviet radar. If they give her back the pre nerf range she had way back when I'm not sure if that will be enough. Radar maybe? Hope not, because this game has enough radar ships now.
  2. Ive only gotten as far as Tier 8 New Orleans. I manage to get by a game with say 10% damage. What gets me is the after game ship maintenance costing me over 60k credits. Im going poor playing this ship. Is there something wrong with the formula that the developers haven't noticed? Why cant they do something about it? Anybody else notice this?
  3. Commander_Dusty

    New Orleans Tips?

    Hey Guys Ever since I sold my cardboard Pensacola, which despite its bad armour had some rather punchy 8" guns, the New Orleans doesn't feel like an improvement and given the fact you face tier 10's and Yamato's now , its improved armour doesn't really compensate for much. Its guns have a slightly better RoF, but also feels like they have worse trajectories and slow shells, and meh damage. I've kitted the ship out with range upgrades, camo and got the demolition expert captains perk (working to get camo skill as well) but still struggle to put out damage with this ship. Any tips on improving my playstyle and making ends meet?
  4. Hey guys, I have had the New-Orleans for about a month and after transitioning from the 'PEPSI COLA" i played it in the same way that i played the Pepsi but after so many games i just realized that the cruiser was a different breed than the Pepsi and could not be played the same way. Also even after winning a game and doing something abt 10-20k damage(P.S i use HE as American AP is a lottery shot and at best i am average shot.) I still end up losing credits and after so many games i have finally given up and come to ask all the Alpha and Beta testing veterans, How do you really play a New-Orleans class Cruiser profitably and second question is that whether the 2nd Gun Module mod is good enough to be researched and bought or should I simply skip over it and go on to the Baltimore . Also is the Baltimore to be played the same way as a New-Orleans?
  5. After looking at the statistics what i have been saying since CBT has finally been confirmed, Pensacola, New Orleans and Baltimore are all terribly under powered when compared to their Japanese counterparts. Average for all players: Myoko, Mogami, Ibuki Average for all players: Pensacola, New Orleans, Baltimore This is 100% because the Myoko, Mogami and Ibuki all have the same DPM as the American ships using their main batteries with the added bonus of torpedoes (And before anyone says something about those 3 american ships having small citadels go play them.) All it would take to fix this disparity is increase Pensacola DPM to 4.5 rounds per minute, New Orleans to 5 rounds per minute and Baltimore to 6 rounds per minute. It is either that or nerf the Japanese cruisers and i really do not want to see wargaming throw fun killing nerfs at them.... please.. buff the American ships instead. If Zao vs Des moines tells us anything they tell us that it is OP as all hell having the American ships fire so slowly considering how much more DPM Des moines can pump out with its guns yet Zao still beats her on average damage. ^ (FYI Des moines range was nerfed while Ibuki received a DPM buff from CBT to OBT which i think may be a big causing factor behind this, another topic for another thread already covering 3 ships here) Stats page if anyone is interested in seeing other ships stats. http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20150719/statistics.html TLDNR: Pensacola needs 4.5 rounds/min DPM, New Orleans needs 5 rounds/min DPM, Baltimore needs 6 rounds/min DPM to compete with the Japanese cruisers.
  6. Hi Guys, Just a quick note. Is the 203mm turret and barrel size on the New Orleans proportional? I ask, because if you compare them to the Baltimore and Des Moines, they are significantly larger in all dimensions. Cheers, Ormos_AU "pew pew"