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Found 3 results

  1. I'm back baby! Neptune Review, get it while it's hot! I hoped for a lot, did she make it? Is she a continuation of Edinburgh or a tangent? Is radar a viable build? YouTube and Reddit likes/comments would be greatly appreciated! Please please please... ... plis?
  2. I never knew my first released discussion is about Neptune using Radar instead of Smoke. Why would you even trade smoke for a long duration radar on a floating citadel that somewhat turns like a truck compared to other British CLs in the tech tree that can dance far more better than this clumsy and big ship for a CL? Well, you don't. (Are all the folks who are against the idea of a Radar Neptune gone? Then I guess I'm good to go and spread some tryhard tips on how to make a terrible idea work) Anyways, the first big bonus you get is the long duration 10km radar found in late-tier RN CLs. This marvel of British ingenuity ensures those pesky destroyers will be bamboozled the moment the knight in shining armor, which is you by the way, arrives into the heat of battle. With 35 seconds of "No DD allowed" within a 10km radius, your Neptune can fire 7 salvos of 12 AP shells that will make short work of any daring DD that wants to pay Davy Jones' Locker a visit. Oh don't worry about your AP shells, they have improved AP angles and a shorter fuse allowing them to blow up inside the poor bloke instead of passing through like paper. Afraid of torpedoes? Then let me introduce you to the fact that Neptune has a separate slot for the Hydroacoustic Search consumable! This way, you can ensure no torpedoes from that kiting DD will hit you, as long as you properly position your clumsy boat that is, but worry not if you're hit for onboard the ship is a mobile drydock able to perform emergency repairs and even rebuild the entire ship from scratch if necessary, and this includes hits in the citadel, our jolly crew are loud and proud to respond at your leisure! If heavier threats arise, the ship has 16 torpedo tubes, 8 on each side, which is more than enough to tell them facing you was a terrible decision. Unfortunately, if you're screwed, our smoke generators are disabled to power up the radar module and repair tools and it would take more than 30 minutes, perhaps even more, to redirect power back to the smoke generator if we ever need it, so there will be no smoke to cover our retreat, but our magnificent supercharged engines are more than for the task of ensuring max speed is maintained even when we're up against drag caused by turning! I say Radar Neptune is a great decision if you wish to hound DD players to their misery, but unfortunately, they're not alone and are usually supported. We'll have to plan accordingly if we are to succeed in our operation... [This is the real portion of the discussion, the introductory storytelling above was made for fun and to inspire lads the idea of a Radar Neptune] So why would you actually want to be in a Radar Neptune, what generally you should be doing to get the most out of it, and is it really worth all the pain and effort for such a situational task? Well, the big selling point of a Radar Neptune is of course the long duration 10km RN radar combined with all the assets Neptune offers, minus the smoke of course. That is the tradeoff, you're sacrificing the ability to break LoS of enemies targeting you for the ability to spot all ships within a 10km radius of your ship. That's a pretty balanced tradeoff in paper, but live action is usually very different from paper plans. The big argument here is "Why would you trade an ability to improve the chances of your survivability for an ability that improves your spotting capacity?". With smoke, you have more room to farm damage safely without totally putting your life in total danger, while with radar, there's no guarantee to farm damage and you're usually spotted first before you can pop your radar (Because Neptune has 10.3km concealment at best while only having a 10km radar, so no stealth radar for this ship). 300m is quite a lot for a lot of people, add the fact that Neptune is a literal floating citadel and you're basically asking a very vulnerable ship to spot using radar while being actively spotted by the target that has better concealment, there's not a lot of cruiser captains willing to take that burden and risk for such a situational task. Unless you're a DD captain playing British CLs like an oversized DD with radar. The fact that British CLs has the British Acceleration bonus that allows them to reach max speed ridiculously fast allows them to effectively maneuver similar to a DD, albeit the ship you're using is more larger and usually has larger turning circles and has a slower rudder shift time. This allows you to dodge shells like a DD would dodge incoming shells, and to compensate for your size, you have a heal to mitigate more incoming fire. Unfortunately, not all are comfortable with this playstyle and some would argue this is too risky or even dumb since you're a DD with a citadel and a very terrible concealment compared to DDs with the worst concealments (Even Khaba has 8.7km concealment at best, which is just far more superior, but who would even go for a max concealment build on a Khaba anyway? I think I would, I'm willing to try, hahaha!). Playing British CLs demands high amounts of skill, which the average cruiser or destroyer captain not usually willing to take or have. If you have what it takes or is daring enough to take up the task, then I think you get the gist of 1 playstyle Radar Neptune can offer. It's not the most optimal playstyle, but it sure does give a lot of thrill and fun for those who like it rough out there in the seas. At least you'll be a very active player in the field, and the amount of damage you deal will totally depend on your skill since you'll be using time to actively dodge shells instead of using it to farm damage. The core tip this playstyle requires is to play like a DD but with more disadvantages for some tradeoff benefits. So if you can't handle that pressure and skill demand, this might not be best for you. [Yes, I have tried this playstyle multiple times already, and yes, it works, but it's a very daunting task that you might find yourself uncomfortable if you're not used to it. I as an average player even have difficulty pulling this off successfully, but it is hella fun dodging shells and watching AP shells bounce off your very thin armor] Another way to play Radar Neptune is the typical island-hopping strategy snowflakes are more common with, although you may still have difficulty farming damage since you don't have smoke to cover your very lightly armored hull, but at least you'll feel more safer this way, but this will make you more dependent on your teammates more else you're pretty much a free EXP generator. Come to think about it, Radar Neptune is more effective if you're in a division so you can coordinate with a teammate and provide supportive fire and abilities mainly because of how fragile Neptune is. Actually, Neptune is just too fragile and has relatively poor concealment to make radar consistently viable. You have to put yourself in a lot of risk and specific situations to get the most out of a Radar Neptune, and that's a lot of skill demanded from the player. Not to mention, all that it needs to counter you is 1 precise and lucky salvo to devstrike you and the insane ride ends. So, is Radar Neptune worth it? A lot will say no, but I think it depends. There's a lot of offensive power that Neptune carries, and giving her radar improves her offensive capabilities. Radar Neptune is pretty much like playing a DD, and for me, DD play is all about tradeoffs. I've got some plays where I've done extremely well in a Radar Neptune, but I also got some plays where I was utterly ineffective as Radar Neptune. It's a tradeoff you will have to decide from, if you're willing to improve offensive and support capabilities at the cost of losing something that helps you survive sticky situations. It won't be loved by everyone, but that possibility gives players who wants to find something thrilling and exotic at the same time. So what do you think? I want to know what are your opinion on Radar Neptune. Is it really worth all the pain and effort? Leave your comments and replies down below.
  3. アップデート 0.9.1 のパブリックテストに適用されるバランス調整の情報が公開されていましたので、和訳記事を公開しました。 この情報は暫定的なものであり、テスト結果によって修正や撤回がされる場合があります。 https://note.com/torpbeat/n/n6f7710be56d5