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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys, Coming off a 3-month period in which I played on average up to 15 games per weekday (and 25 per weekend day), I've moved from an average ship tier of 5 to an average ship tier of 7 and 8 now. Bearing in mind I'm grinding every single ship line of every nation, not just a few select ones (otherwise I'd have my Grosser Kurfurst by now), as well as premium ships. In the past two weeks, I've been feeling really tired of the game. I've been getting no more than 10 games in over the past few days, and having a '50%' next to a ship name on the carousel doesn't motivate me to play the ship anymore. i also found that my level of play dropped (ignore my 150k damage Arizona game two nights ago), since I concentrate less on the game now, and sometimes I cant help but have a youtube video happening on my other screen. I find myself not bothering to check the stats of enemy ships before the game to look for stock hulls and stuff, preferring to read news and things while the game loads. After the Graf Spee event, I found myself not really giving a crap about events. The current events are passive so it doesn't really matter. I haven't played a single game on public test Moreover, the style of my play has changed - I'm now really fond of my Fiji, while I hated British cruisers before. I was a complete noob at CVs, but I'm doing reasonably well in the Ranger and Zuiho these days. I used to love battleships, but I've only had about 2-3 games in the Bismarck and NC over the last week. Anyone been through this before? How do you push through it? Also, does anyone else grind through every ship line on offer simultaneously? Or is it a bad idea? I'm learning heaps of different play styles, but it takes ages to move up tiers. I stalk player statistics every now and then and notice a lot of players play only cruisers, or only Japanese ships, etc. I sunk a bit of cash (AUD $200) over the past year into this game, I don't want it to be a waste haha.