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Found 6 results

  1. List anything you commonly see when playing Narai with the Social Wolves. @dejiko_nyo killing Lancer @Tagnbag in a stock ship with no modules. Grygus_Triss eating all the torpedos. @Max_Battle, @S4pp3R @Earl_of_Arland
  2. dinh_19

    Narai free xp issue

    When i finish narai operation and done all secondary tasks, the 10000 free xp award shown up. But when i came back to port, only regular free xp from ship added (~1000 free xp) and after restarting the game, it still didn't change. Is this an issue or i done something wrong? Thanks
  3. legionary2099

    That was weird

    Take a look at these two pictures , they are from the same match. I got lucky when i see the damage tick stuck at 99999 , thinking i got a nice number , i took the screenshot right after death. Then when the match end , the damage shown is 100000 ???? What the ? Can anyone give some insight about this ? I mean the system just take correction automatically, just weird.
  4. So the clan I'm with have been trying to do Narai and Cherry Blossom and the game crashes. (No surprise). Has anyone else been experiencing this or is it just us?
  5. Yeah, so 3 star win on PTS to get the flags on your live account. Easy eh? Oh no. I've managed 1 win, 1 star after maybe 6 goes. The extra BB that comes in the middle part makes a huge difference. They really seem to Target the transports as well. And with the King CV sailing up the side of the map my guess is you really need a CV to do well. The objectives are split now properly in different areas, and if the team splits too soon, well an early return to port is the usual outcome. Be interested to see if anyone else has tried it.
  6. Even completing with 4 starts the credit / Xp rewards in the MK seem decent.