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Found 5 results

  1. Drop_Bear_62

    Merge Accounts

    With the one unified client now in place is there any plans to allow for merging of accounts? I have one account on the NA server where I first started and a newer account on the SEA server. I would be happy to pay something to get both accounts merged into one (prefereably the SEA account). Apologies if this has been previously discussed. ps I was promised a merge in my tanks account from NA to SEA but that was a lie and it never happened.
  2. 如題,官方前陣子開放給亞服轉移伺服器帳號,我與其他同學都轉移到北美,但是在今日2019/12/13 晚間23:56(UTC +8)時,同時出現以下畫面,還請官方回復,或者同時有遇到這個問題的玩家也一起討論!
  3. Hi guys! I love playing WOWs. One thing that bothers me is why cant I view myself on the deck of all these wonderful ships. The zoom in view is limited. As a warship fanatic I would love to be able to walk or run on the decks of these ships just as the sailors experienced it as these photos shows. Im not sure how difficult to implement this in the game. But it would be awesome to play with a click of a button to zoom into a sailors view perpective. Especially during battle or on spectator mode. What do you think guys is this possible?
  4. Unfortunately for me and a few others, we started off in this SEA server. This server is unfortunately, the WORST server to play on and I will tell you why. 1. Every single person runs AS loadout I played 31 games today to complete my ARP missions and I witnessed only 2 strike loadouts out of about 25 games with a CV. I have no clue why everyone on this server wants to play such a redundant role of being useless. This promotes a defensive play which absolutely accomplishes nothing. Playing reactionary in CV does not win games nor does it help your team. 2. Events We have gotten to the point where they are outright recycling the ARP boats and captains. Not only this but the rewards for completing these missions are absolutely horrendous. It has been what, 6 months? And the best captain they've given us is a 12 point captain. EU got a 16 (Sixteen) point captain for their 2nd mission. Not only this but I've played around 2200 games including ranked. I only have 1 17point captain and 2 15 point captains. The grind is outright ridiculous with repeatable events giving 1.2x exp/captain exp. Sure we are not NA but look at this. NA gets 2x exp first wins or a 1.5x exp/ 2x captain. NA gets events which are not just ARP missions. I started an account on NA called Unryuu_Kai and in 200 games, I already got a Taiho and a 10 point captain and a 16 point one. I only have 2 T9s and a T10 on SEA. This is just how horrible SEA is compared to other servers. EU right now got an event to gain 50k exp and they receive 1M. Our event's max rewards are 400k. 3. High Tier gameplay + Nationality gameplay If you have been living under a rock, IJN DDs are now absolute trash. Go look at the statistics, I'm not bothered explaining. SEA is filled with IJN DDs and more often than not, they are dead weight. Not only this, SEA's players simply do nothing in high tier but loiter around and snipe. I do not blame them but again, SEA was the ONLY server to not receive the high tier reduction in repairs. And please don't give me an excuse like "oh we're the control group". We haven't even received 5.10.1 yet while NA has already received it a week ago. Don't get me started on contests too. NA gets contests where they give away premium ships and 2k+ doubloons. SEA? A measly 1000 doubloons for first place! It would make sense if NA had more players but as far as I'm concerned; both servers have the same amount of players at peak time. TLDR: SEA server sucks and nothing is being done to fix it.
  5. Ahoy Fellow Naval Commanders, The Razer Comm are hosting a Promotional event on their products, simply go to here Links: http://www.razerzone.com/world-of-warships-comms and then you will see lots of stuff inside there. [Original thread can be found on here Links: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/10290-free-1-day-premium-1-port-slot-razer-comms/ ] Credits to: Naval Commander Vyviel and Naval Commander Spawnster Images: WHAT DO I GET? BONUS CODE FOR ALL PLAYERS Port Slot 1 Day of Premium invite code for new wargaming accounts 1 Diana Ship 500 Doubloons Port Slot 3 Days of Premium [Codes: GHK594V5G9] BONUS CODE FOR GLEAM.IO CONTEST 1 Marblehead premium ship 500 Doubloons Port Slot 7 Days of Premium [For your Informations, I am helping fellow Naval Commanders who haven't registered email on any Razer Comm before to get those codes for free for them, if you are unsure how to do it simply PM me in the forums or in game chat and I will respond to you ASAP, I only do it for those new emails haven't registered for Razer Comm] Tutorial: Firstly log in from here: Then type WoWS Community and click search: Then you found it, click the WoWS Community to join.: Then go to this links: http://www.razerzone.com/world-of-warships-comms Then after that you will just need to log in the details and click verify and you able to get a codes like this. Enjoy! Regards. Nimitz