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Found 16 results

  1. This only happens when reaching the post battle screen after a battle, after closing the PB screen the music does not switch to the port music(Ex. Azur Lane Port). To force it to switch I have to click on port select and select any other ports(no need to save).
  2. Fluffykinss

    Audio Feedback of User Music

    to wg this is a good idea to make the music on port and battle can be disable one or maybe set the different volume but i just wanna one more to be this system is more perfectful please make the userMusic too with the different category of the port music and battle music because that's will be great and can burn my spirit when i playing this game and can set my mood when i just wanna relax at port and wanna burn my spirit when i click the battle and join it i hope the developer will notice this
  3. Hello Devs and fellow Captains, Firstly I am just in love with the "Ultra sounds" update. WoWS has come to a point where I can consider it once of the most immersive games I have right alongside Skyrim+mods and Fallout 4+mods. Especially in the sound department. I know it's always a challenge to devs to make the player feel as they were part of the game like controller vibration, VR, AR, and sounds to name a few examples from other titles. But for me, music and sound effects have always been in my sights and I'd like to thank WG for an outstanding effort especially with the "War Drums" feature. Gets my blood rushing in an exhilirating way. With that said, are there plans to improve or add-on some more ambience? - Like for example when we press the LMB we can also hear an "Open Fire!" in the background? - or a call when the guns/torps are ready? or the sound of frantic running when there's a fire or flooding, or hearing the chaos and panic of the crew when one gets citadeled? - or the call to Abandon ship to go along with the sinking animation? etc. etc. etc. somewhere along those lines and I know I probably am asking for too much but I wonder if there is a plan like this in the works? It would really add to the immersion factor to the game since these ships were crewed by hundreds or thousands and all I can hear is the XO. but regardless you have my thanks for a job well done on the sound department. I love it to death and somehow my neighbors hate me for it so early in the morning
  4. Sting_Ray_05

    User Music

    Hi, everyone. I made this thread not just for myself but for those interested in listening to their own choice of music while playing WoWs. So may I ask for a comprehensive guide on how to make it. Thank you.
  5. McAga

    Audio Format for Own Music

    please make the "Listen to your own music" can play all format file, example: m4a, wma, amr
  6. KmonX

    Custom Music volume...

    since the patch 0.5.11 the music was loud for me to love and enjoy, and in 0.5.12 music started overlapping each other and i took the folder off, and in another update the overlapping problem was gone and i placed back my music and overlapping problem was gone, but faced another. the music sounds were just really low... even if i maxed it out... im using a speaker thats pretty loud but the music is just really quite... anyone know a fix for this?
  7. hi guys! you know that we have User music now in World of warship. i want to tell you some of music that fitted with the game. if you have some cool or epic music feel free to share it here. this one is perfect when you're using aircraft carrier or cruiser. While this one is perfect when you on the port.
  8. war4sure

    Eurobeat(da music)

    So...How many of you here that listened to eurobeat? Especially while operating a motor vehicle.
  9. UPD: 0.3.1 BGM has been added. Captains, With the blessing from IronGuard, I repost here my submission to /r/WorldOfWarships/. BGM for everybody \o/ I extracted the client sound files and got the background music in .ogg format. It includes plenty of seagull sounds and all them cool music tracks. Download: 0.3.0: 461 MB .zip, mega. 0.3.1: 508 MB .zip, mega. No dings, explosions, or gun sounds. Those I did not upload, who would need them anyway? Although if you're one of those weirdos, do ask and I'll post 'em. I also found some peculiar radio transmissions, sounds like a singleplayer mission of some sort. Ideas? Download: 973KB .zip, mega. It was also pointed out to me that there exists an (incomplete) of the OST.
  10. How do I make the incredibly annoying new port music stop? Generally speaking I like all the music and sounds in the game but this new music track featuring what I think is an Accordion is so horrible that I'm having to mute my sound while in port. It hurts my head and sets my teeth on edge like the sound of nails down a blackboard. surely there must be a way to stop just that one track from playing without upsetting the rest of the sound... please help ... it's almost physically painful for me.
  11. Minifirefly

    Modification in background music

    I love this game so much, everything tries to be realistic in game. Therefore I think why do we put some realistic WWII military music in the game. In the past I played NavyField, its BGM is so attractive !!! Why!? They are military music !!! In comparison WoWs now lack good BGMs. Imagine you are listening a morale-promoting music to charge a destroyer to enemy battleship. This would be so great !
  12. Ninajim

    Songs of Thy Seas!

    What does the captain listen to? Leave your songs below! Have some fun in what you post ;)
  13. Hey guys I just am curious of your thoughts about the in game music. In my opinion the music make the game a lot better due to the atmosphere and I think that it would be boring without the music. Anyway, enough yabbering from me. Vote in the pole above and have fun in the ocean captains
  14. benlisquare

    Bring back OST 9

    Back during the Closed Beta Test, I would hear this song play in the background all the time during battles: Now that we're in OBT, I've never heard this music track played ever again. Was this song removed? I really liked this track, especially the Polyushka Polye jingle in the middle. Please bring it back.
  15. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Like the WoWS Original Soundtrack?

    I been playing tons of battle and one of the reason that i like this game is the OST or the original soundtrack or background music. those sounds make feel like in the real naval battle and making you chills cuz of how good the music and how it is so compatible with every moments in your battle in game . i have 3 music that i found in the dev's blog blog where you can find here http://blog.worldofwarships.eu/gamescom-2014-so-what-is-it-like/ http://blog.worldofwarships.com/interview-with-artur-tokhtash-head-of-sound-at-wargaming-saint-petersburg/ so I was wondering if they can put all OST to be downloadable or is it available now? or do you know where we can find some music? you like the music of WoWS too?
  16. While rampaging in the seas of WoWS, I'll prefer listening to this: Because Miiro and Saviour of Song is for kids