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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Captains, l'm currently in the bronze rank 1 stage qualifying for Sliver for several days now. There would be times when things go well and others that doesn't go well such as this. I'm more of a cruiser/battleship player and leaning towards IJN ships (my first tech tree line when l started playing this game in 2018). For Silver T8/9 ships, my favourite is Izumo - its heavy, has good armor protection, able to pack quite a punch with its AP rounds in a well place shot, good secondaries and overall performance (tho some might disagree). l am quite experienced with Izumo with a level 17 captain in command. Just to show you how well Izumo can perform in a normal random battle in the hands of an experienced player, a snapshot is provided below. Lately in qualifying, l have been constantly losing and wining stars, which makes it hard to complete qualification. After reading numerous forums, chats, advice and even Flamu's ships recommendations on Youtube, l starting to notice a pattern as to why l lose a ranked match + my hard earned star. This the problem - overpowered teams in matchup progress. My team - Izumo (me), Lion, Jean Bart, FDG + cruisers and dds DONT stand a chance against the other team - Jean Bart, 2 x Musashis, Sov. Soyuz + cruisers and dds. -> You can imagine how that is going to turn out already :< Breakdown: - Jean Bart - good BB with good armor, bow tanking, etc. - Musashi - T9 of Yamato, big guns, lots of hp - able to deliver huge amounts of damage per shot. - Sov. Soyuz - good armor on all sides, hard to cause significant damage to superstructure and sides with BB AP rounds. Despite a tough fight put up by my team, we lost. I straight away knew it was going to be a defeat while in matchup before the game started. l'm someone who believes in fair play and an equal playing field - but in this case it is not right. It might as well be as one sided team win. Now l don't blame the player who chooses to take their best ship into battle but unbalanced team matchups is what causes loses and falling down in ranks. You might say...why not take georgia, musashi or some other premium well performing ship? Well l don't have only of those, that was because l didn't have enough resources to acquire them before they were removed from the game. The only T8/9 premium ships l have is Lenin and Agir along with a handful of cruisers and BBs from the usual tech trees of Japan and US. The only trustworthy ship l have is Izumo, the other is Iowa (just bought recently and still training the captain and skills, not suitable for ranked yet). If anyone is going through the same frustration with T8/9 ranked matchups, comment and share your experiences below.
  2. ArtickWarspite

    750K free exp

    So I've just ticked over 750k free exp (without converting any elite exp I might add), and I'm deciding whether to save it, or spend it on the Musashi. My stats suggest I'm a BB main, and the 18" guns are tempting, but is it worth it? Also, with the weak as AA, will it become more of a liability when the CV rework comes? I know it's popular- I see it in every single game that has T9 ships, but I need help weighing up the pros & the cons...
  3. ...you can finally afford a M U S A S H I !!! 😃
  4. DFaultPlayR69

    Musashi or Alaska

    I'm pretty much close to getting 750,000 FXP. I was supposed initially get Musashi, but with the announcement of USS Alaska, I'm now confused whether which ship is more worth it. I know Musashi plays more of the traditional BB gameplay, like going bow on and getting citadel nukes on anything. But I'm kinda curious with the Alaska. How does it play, from what I know, it was 305mm guns, so I'm guessing it plays like a cruiser hunter, like Scharnhorst? or can it not brawl close range? Also how does the two compare in the case of credit gain?
  5. DFaultPlayR69

    Better premium ship

    I know I don't have enough free exp to buy either one of the ships, but I just want to know which ship is more worth the exp. I'm talking about the Nelson and the Musashi. Yes, they are 2 tiers apart but I want to know which ships is more worth the free exp spent. For one, I have not used any British nor Japanese battleships. I only have USN and KM BBs. I also have no experience with using front mounted turrets like the Dunkerque. And before anyone says it, yes the Missouri is the absolute best, but I was not interested in it before. I know I'm so late for the party, but I didn't have time to grind the ship back then.
  6. Hi, as the title suggests, Musashi's Haifuri camo is not accurate to the one in WoWs, and I think WG should fix it. First, Musashi is missing the modern radars that it is supposed to have: But Harekaze has the correct radars: Musashi is also supposed to have her name at the back of the ship: Again this is missing on Musashi's HSF camo: But, it is not missing on Harekaze: Even the way WG makes the red stripes is wrong: Since I also paid to buy the HSF camo for Musashi, I think WG should fix these glaring inaccuracies on the camo. If they can get it right on Harekaze, they have no reason to make so many mistakes on Musashi. Yamato's HSF camo is also missing her name and modern radars. I really think WG should fix these, or not call these HSF camos because they are inaccurate to the ships in the anime.
  7. Ok. this is just a rant coming from me, I'm a noobie player with 2000 battles so far and just managed to get my Musashi maybe a week back which I would come to regret it direly. I was super excited to test out the Musashi since its said to be the sister ship of the Yamato. I thought 1.8 sigma is nothing important and lack of AA is not that important since Asia server has small CV playerbase and its kinda rare that you actually get to meet one. So ok, I went into my first battles with my Musashi. Since I've never rode Yamato before I wasn't used to the gameplay yet and caused my team to burden me whos dealing less then average damage and literally almost not contributing to the team at all. (Sorry if you meet me back then.) then about 40-50ish matches with the Musashi now and I get a decent hang of it by now. YET! still I could not even hit my shells at a 7km Ibuki who was showing me a broadside which became literally a 'Shotgun' (god RNG why) there were times where I thought I could get the citadel but it did not infact it overpens and there were times which I thought "oh my shells are not gonna citadel definitely." But it does citadel. And Musashi does not even have a credit earning factor like Missouri nor does it have radar or sonar. I don't know I might be playing it wrong but Musashi is just BAD for me. I wish WG can give me back my 750k exp so I can just get a Missouri or a Yamato :'( or please buff sigma plz?
  8. keskparane

    [MOG] Musashi Owners Group

    There has been a lot of talk about whether she is worth it or not. I don't care for such chit chat, I just went straight to tech tree and got her. Proud owner of nu bote.
  9. As title said. Im working my butt off on a part time job , but wont get paid until the 10-11th of this month. Just wanna ask if i can buy it in time after getting paid :v
  10. Aniket_Sengupta

    New Dispersion Guide

    With a lot of people jumping aboard the new high tier premium BBs, I thought the following video should be helpful and hence the topic. Also applies for those torn between 406mm and 420mm in KM BBs. Definitive Guide to Dispersion by iChase Be sure to check his previous video on dispersion too.
  11. legionary2099

    The hype

    Look at what i find today :v :V shameless self advertising : World of BB
  12. Don't know if you guys agree with what WG is doing to the Missouri, but to me there's no reason why I'd get a nerfed Yamato for 920k free xp when that's way more than I need to free xp the Yamato from the Izumo (in fact should be enough to free xp from tier 8 I think).