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Found 1 result

  1. What if WG removed the multi cap game mode and just had the 2 spawn point caps? It would be much easier for the majority to understand, as at the moment, the most common action for asia server players is to completely ignore the cap circles regardless of what is happening. eg 'Enemy has all 3 (or 4) caps, hurr that's fine, I'm a DD and I'll keep chasing the CV which is 20km away'. It would improve gameplay vastly, by creating focal points (but only 2) on the map. Any more than 2 key points just seems to be too hard. Out of a friends list of 30 players, maybe 3 are active in this game. I think that part of the reason is the massive gap between 'capable' and 'normal' asia server players, making solo random gameplay painful at best, and mind bogglingly dumb at worst. Getting rid of some of the cap circles on maps may go some way to at least make the game easier to understand, and maybe later, when the majority get used to the idea of goal oriented battle, WG could slowly reintroduce an extra cap circle here or there on some maps. Giving the server population less to think about other than one key point and more time to think about possibly getting involved in the fight or even 'gasp' showing some initiative and attacking/defending a known and understood key point might just fix gameplay in mid - high tier randoms. Just a thought, obviously WG have always catered to the lowest common denominator, but it would turn an otherwise enjoyable game into maybe something with some longevity for anyone other than anime fanbois.