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Found 2 results

  1. S4pp3R

    Monitor issue

    So I've raised a ticket, no response yet, however I wanted to open it to the floor. After a restart yesterday my Warships and PTS, despite booting the launcher on Monitor 1, now boot in monitor 2. I have tried everything, and only one monitor is appearing in settings. Windows is fine, nvidia is fine, other games are fine. Have tried config file deletion, switching windowed modes, etc. Whenever I got any form of full-screen (including maximising) the game switches screens. To be honest this is game-breaking for me as I have one 'bigger' and one 'smaller' and I do a lot of stuff while gaming (ie discord, youtube, music, etc). Any ideas folks?
  2. Subete_Yoi

    British Monitor General Wolfe

    British Monitor General Wolfe dont mind that big gun on the end~ Specifications: Class/Type: Lord Clive Class Monitor Displacement: 5995 tons Length: 102.3 meters Breadth: 26.6 meters Shafts: 2 Engine: 2 triple expansion steam engines and 2 boilers Power: 2500 h.p. Top speed: 8 knots (14.8 km/h) Armaments: 1 - 18 inch/457 mm Gun 2 - BL 12 inch/304.8 mm Mk VIII Guns 2 - 6 inch/152 mm Guns 2 - 12 pdr/76 mm Guns Info: Fate: Sold & Scrapped 1923 I've made this thread after looking for some info about it after noticing dead_man_walking's thread but after reading back, I can already sense that there are tons of mistakes that I might not noticed. So dear historians and warships experts, do tell if there's any inaccuracy or something to add or point out. Don't want to spread the wrong info in the historical section now, would we?