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Found 4 results

  1. Just noticed that the credits weren't being added to the total (edit) until (edit) after 3 or so games - eventually updated successfully.
  2. I could get Missouri today if I wanted. I have about 150k free XP and another 800k or more XP banked on elite ships. It would require over 25,000 doubloons to convert the XP though, or about $100 US. As probably the most desirable premium ship in the game, the price tag is not unreasonable I guess. (two and a half Atagos, approximately) Is that how most people obtain this ship though, or do most people actually manage to accumulate 750k free XP without converting? How many games would that take, even?
  3. I won't say the person's name here because I got a slap in the face from a mod the other time I named and shamed someone, but if a mod wants to investigate or report it to WarGaming's upper staff, then please pop me a PM so I can forward you the screenshot. Basically, this spammer was advertising these goods: Of course, I've omitted the URL because that would be a very stupid move, but if you see any people posting this in chat or PM, please report them - you'll only lose your money, and you may even lose your precious shipgirls ships. I know I'd be pretty annoyed if my Tenryuu went AWOL. So tl;dr: Only buy stuff from WG. They might be more expensive than what the spammers are trying to offer, but at least a) WG is legit and b) WG will at least tell you where your order is if it doesn't appear in your docks within a short while after purchase. This has been a PSA from your friendly Coburn.