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Found 7 results

  1. slowly working and playing this one, just as title stated, if you think IFHE on Mogami 155mm ( stock pen 31mm ) worth it ? and share your Mogami Captain build too
  2. New boat. I had just logged on to outfit her this morning when @Ordrazz interrupted me with a div invite. Today is (was supposed to be) my "off" day for WoWS, I was just up to buy modules and spec out the captain. So... as I've been on the 203's since forever and have never tried IFHE before, I'm running the kiteing build: 155, IFHE, + steering gears mods 1,2,3. Thoughts/hints before I go out and embarrass myself? (Take your time, I'll be putting around in Coop for a bit first before helping your team lose in Random. )
  3. Harpoon01

    Choosing Tier 9 Ships

    Guys, i have a problem in choosing which ship to choose first before reaching Tier 10 ships bad news is all of them are surprisingly... not good Yugumo = "Slightly" better Kagerou FDG = just Bigger Bismarck Ibuki = Mogami minus light 155mm guns plus repair or simply just use money to skip my way to Tier 10 ships (which basically, beasts)
  4. Big_Black_Hawk


    ATAGO作為一艘8級的加值日巡,與同級別的MOGAMI對比,優勢並不明顯,甚至還有劣勢,因此我認為應該對其適當加強。 ATAGO相對於MOGAMI的優勢: 生命值多1000HP; 可以使用維修小組,裝載數為2,每秒回復200HP。對於炮擊損傷,總共最多回復2*200*28*50%=5600HP; 海面探測距離比MOGAMI小0.2km; 最高航速為35.5節,比MOGAMI多1節; 203mm炮轉速為6.2°/s,比MOGAMI多0.2; 魚雷發射角更廣(然而也有劣勢) ATAGO相對於MOGAMI的劣勢: 空中探測距離比MOGAMI多0.2km; 方向舵換擋時間為8.1s,比MOGAMI多1s; 裝甲區裝甲薄于MOGAMI; 轉彎半徑為790m,比MOGAMI多40m; 主炮的排列方式為MYOKO的排列方式,即最多只有2門主炮朝向正前方,而MOGAMI為3門; 203mm主炮的傷害和MOGAMI一樣,但是裝填時間為16s,比MOGAMI多1s(若是按照主炮組改2升級品的數據換算,MOGAMI的裝填時間為15*1.05=15.75,轉炮速度變為6*1.15=6.9,優於ATAGO); MOGAMI擁有155mm三聯裝炮模組,但是ATAGO沒有; 魚雷發射管一個方向只能發射4枚,不能像MOGAMI一樣2管齊射; 對空防禦屬性為36,劣于MOGAMI的40。 因此綜合來看,我認為ATAGO應當適當加強。 可以從如下方面考慮: 1.為ATAGO提供可選的155mm三聯裝炮模組; 2.強化ATAGO的對空防禦; 3.將ATAGO的203mm炮裝填時間改為15s,或者將其點火概率增加0.5% 感謝您的關注。 參考資料: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Mogami http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Atago http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Repair_Party
  5. piaya

    Hybrids CVs

    Hybrid ships implementation Separate tree? Hull configurations? Premium? from reddit worldofwarthip thread Mogami CL CV Tone CL CV Ise BB CV Yamato BB CV (concept) edit: add HMS furious 1st CV hybrid configuration USN concept
  6. Sooooo I'm playing with my Myoko instead of my Mogami in RB... Mogami and I just don't gel, yet I find the Myoko amazing... Is there something wrong with me? I hear all of these amazing stories about the Mogami but for me it plays horribly and the Myoko is just worlds ahead... Which makes no sense on paper... Add to that the horrible non-premium cred losses that start happening at Tier 8 and I just try and do my Mogami daily and then play other ships...
  7. As per topic title, Interchange tiers? Armament? It's too vague in such a short description or i am simply not getting the meaning of it. O damn, i think i posted it in the wrong section. If a kind Moderator could help me shift it to Questions and Answers please!