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Found 8 results

  1. Okay, after awhile returning to the game i felt that today skill is not needed. RNG favourism is more needed. I felt that that single upgrade + camo give ships too much RNG. It is already difficult to land shots and now it is even more inconsistent. The shots simply are too random , same as bombs to plan your game around. If anything, this encourage people to actually camp more so they have more time to land their shots. The -11% dispersion for US BB seem broken , missing 5/6 aimed shots at 3km brawling range is dumb to me. At tier 9 and 10 you should not miss much at point blank. ( And rethink about ship that have citadels that can't be punished - looking at puerto rico ) I don't know about you guys , but the combo simply give super cruisers , including petroleum too much uneeded survival boost. Nowadays , they can play like true BB and get away with it thanks to RNG boosted item. Oh and that item also seem to affect AP bomb, which heavily rely on being on center drop. WG need to reconsider their stand on sigma and dispersion. Right now, both high caliber gun and AP bomb aiming accuracy is a broken state. Not that they are OP , simply broken. Dead center drop on stationary sheep should punish people, not going up and making water splashes like Magikarp ... The new german CV line is screwed also because of reliance of AP accuracy. Okay, end of rant.
  2. I love this kind of video where Dev. team themselves came out and explain how game mechanic works it's by far better than let player run speculate themselves about how it work more!! made more!! I admit it that this is the fist time I know that hitting 'black' part of ship deal less damage since is already saturated silly me huh...=w='a -----------------------------update---------------------- May 18, 2018 no need to post another topic, here's come another episode
  3. Vicvin86

    Research bug?

    Hi I just researched Kagero B hull and it shows I still have enough xp for fire control system and hull C. The Ship Xp is same as the one before I researched hull B. This remains as long as I stay in the same screen.
  4. Junchan

    Aircraft problem ?

    what is that my aircraft fighter 3 group [4 plane] lose for 1 group [4 plane] enemie aircraft ?? my skill for fighter full and Module " Mitsubishi A6M2 " Upgrades " Air group modification 1 and 2 " . . . Why lose
  5. Rocking the Bucky and still can't decide between these two. Propulsion Modification 2, or Steering Gears Modification 2? The reason is because I see that the Bucky is very slow, but she has decent rudder shift BUT poor turning radius. So I am confused. Suggestions anyone? Please back up your answers with justification.
  6. If you research a ship that has a stock torpedo module, that same torpedo module automatically becomes researched for free on other ships as well. This means you can slice off anywhere between 500 to 9,500 XP from your grind. This only applies to torpedo modules of the same name: This WILL NOT APPLY for guns and fire control modules of the same name (e.g. researching the fire control upgrade for Kongo will not also give you the fire control upgrade for Minekaze, even though they both bear the same name). Researching Phoenix (tier 4 USN CL) will grant you the Mark 11 torpedoes for free on the Clemson (tier 4 USN DD), which will save you 1,700 XP. Hence, it is recommended to research the Phoenix before the Clemson, if you can. Researching Tenryu (tier 3 IJN CL) before the Umikaze (tier 2 IJN DD) will grant you the Type 44 mod.2 torpedoes for free, which will save you 500 XP. Researching Kuma (tier 4 IJN CL) before the Wakatake (tier 3 IJN DD) will grant you the Type 6 torpedoes for free, which will save you 1,600 XP. Researching Aoba (tier 6 IJN CA) before the Mutsuki (tier 6 IJN DD) will grant you the Type 8 mod. 2 torpedoes for free, which will save you 9,500 XP. On the Myoko (tier 7 IJN CA) you can research the Type 90 mod. 1 torpedoes for 11,000 XP, which is 5,400 XP cheaper than doing so on the Hatsuharu (tier 7 IJN DD) where it costs 16,400 XP.
  7. Since I do not really bother myself with the use of fighters, I've never gotten myself the Type6 mod. 3 and Mitsubishi A5M2 on my T6 Ryujo. So I was just wondering if I were to unlock/upgrade the T7 Hiryu (after getting the Hull Ryujo (B) and Ryujo © that is), will I get the Mitsubishi A5M2 for 'free' on my T6 Ryujo since Mitsubishi A5M2 is the stock fighters and having learned the T7 Hiryu, wouldn't it make sense?
  8. Hi Guys, Just a quick question on the Main Battery Gun Fire Control Module; can anyone quantify how much of an increase this module produces? I have experimented with it and found no discernible improvements to my chance to hit. Every other module has a value attached to it. I'm curious why this one doesn't. Cheers.