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Found 2 results

  1. Why aren't we allowed to see what consumables ships are allowed to carry until we purchase the ship? It would be good to know what other ships you might run into are capable of. Is there any mod out there that does this? I've used Aslain and Haka mod packs and haven't seen anything that shows ship's consumables and modification upgrades
  2. So, I have a quick question here. I just got my Kongo and noticed I've unlocked a new modification slot where I can put in something to increase the offensive/defensive firepower of my ship. From what I read, the turret traverse one actually increases your reload time by 10% so that's off the list as far as I'm concerned. The secondary gun modification is also off the list for me as it is exceedingly rare that I meet a ship within 10km of me, let alone within 5km of me in the Kongo. So that just leaves the AA mod and the accuracy mod. Does anyone have any strong opinions on this that they can back up with solid reasons? My understanding is that (from hearsay around the web) the accuracy mod drops your dispersion by 7% so it would increase the accuracy of my guns from 223m down to 207m, but the AA mod increases the range that I can engage enemy planes from 5km to 6km (7km with the Captain skill I think) which sounds extremely handy as well. Theoretical 7% increase in DPM at extreme range versus being able to start shooting planes at 7km. Both sound extremely useful. I also often play in divisions with my partner and it seems like having a 7km range on AA would be pretty good for covering each other as well. I'm really torn so if someone could give me a solid explanation or strong opinion it'll probably persuade me. Thoughts?