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Found 3 results

  1. While trento and amalfi, and basically whole Italian cruisier line, except Zara, have a star on the bow, and the Goriza has a coat of arms. Is it a historical issue or a modeling error that nothing is decorated on Zara's bow?
  2. I happened to look into the Arizona's model and I found out that the forward citadel athwartship has been sticking out irregularly from the rest of the citadel itself. As you can see above, there is a little red citadel triangle sticking out from the citadel. The frontal view; the upper piece of the citadel should have been trimmed to the citadel slope, but is currently not. This might explain weird citadels I get from her.
  3. war4sure

    Wishing this hobby gets more love

    Ever wonder how to play WoWS in real life without spending millions(or billions)? Simple! Make an RC out of it! Unfortunately there's no way to operate planes from those RC carriers so at best they had to settle being a overglorified DD by engaging enemies with their secondaries. Be grateful that battleships didn't have that RoF Prepare for ramming speed!