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Found 3 results


    Reward for Co-Op battles

    Sometimes if the server population is low I jump into some co-op battles just for some funtimes and a bit of credit making in Murmansk and practice in the New York (once). 1/ I think that the XP earning potential for such an easy mode (at least at tier 5) is far too high. It allows a semi-skilled player an easy back door to research modules and avoid 'stock-ship' syndrome in randoms. From a business model perspective this would potentially reduce WG's income from those who convert XP to research modules early to minimize some of the pain. 2/ If you die in co-op once you have some experience your account should be locked from random battles until you have completed a number of co-op battles without getting sunk eg die once, stuck in co-op for 10 battles. The bots are more aggressive than the average player in randoms, but they are completely predictable. Most of the time I don't even shoot until they do their completely unexpected turn, presenting their broadside to me for some juicy citadel action. Those that state they play mainly in co-op for the fun factor shouldn't be effected by lower XP gain, as they are there for fun anyway and grinding isn't fun, so those clubbers players should be all good regardless. The only challenge I have experienced in co-op is if you get a decent team, competing for damage is the hardest part. Everything else is easy, ridiculously so. My 20 cents.
  2. anonym_Od6JggvCkDQ7

    Delete standard mode

    I hate standard mode. because, i often draw in standard mode. but, domination mode is very exciting. i wish always playing in domination mode. what do you think about this ?? thanks read my post. i do not speak english well....
  3. camoclaw

    game mode

    i love this game but people are just grinding,not playing the game modes,like not capping,even passing a cap in domination when it can win the game,can we have a death match mode please,no cap, 20min game the team with the most kills wins,even number teams,i feel this is how most play it