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Found 1 result

  1. To all you wonderful Captains and forum members. As a reminder, if you come across a post, thread or anything that feels off or out of place, please report it with information as to why. Me and my fellow Moderators, whilst we believe we are all seeing :P the reality is we are human and we don't necessarily see every post raised here. Additionally, we can usually be found either in game, discord and you can always poke us here through the forums mention system or if you really want to have a one on one chat we can also be PM'ed. On the flip side, if you break the terms and conditions of the forums or the game, please expect to be warned or sanctioned, you may think that we might be picking on you, or that we are being unfair but the reality is we've been entrusted to ensure the rules as set by War-gaming are followed. Useful links Unsportsman Like Behaviour So happy sailing all! Brought to you by the Wargaming Mod team