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Found 7 results


    Midway suggestion?

    So I have abt 60k left to get my midway can I ask for some suggestions on rockets,torp and DB? I personally prefer tiny tim, btd destroyer Good day to yall
  2. Hey, guys, I make a short video, I do get a lot of this even i use defensive AA or Catapult plane carrier still can attacking you easily very easy in fact... this one of my examples, so yeah WG, please balance at least don't ever make a game where there 2 CV in one game Destroyer have a really important role, when this CV's out it really cripple DD, radar already make destroyer hard please don't do this to Us ( DD player )
  3. Skarhabek

    [content removed]

    who have this genius IDEA? finally... we can get revenge to memetaur..... 1. stronk plane 2. massive hangar, shot my plane and i still have 100++ ! 3. 2x6 LOLpedo? do you have AADF Memetaur? GWAHAHAAHAHAHAA 4. AP bomb.... ough bet me 10 peso there will be a new damage record 1.000.000+ at least now IJN strike Hakuryu wont be afraid of 4/2/2 or 3/0/2....since everyone better play strike btw, REMOVE IJN AS Loadout? or Keep it? ____________________________________ so you are BB captain? DD? DONT WRRYYY! we got solution! "play CV" find up ^ Political title. Locked. User warned. ~dead_man_walking

    Tier 10 CV Upgrade Overhaul

    With the economy changes, grinding CVs is quite harder than before. It doesn't help that at the end of the two existing lines (Midway and Hakuryu), once you unlock and buy them, you would still have to grind the loadouts and plane upgrades to use them to their full potential. The "stock grind" so to speak, surely does not help the player playing the ship which is already the end of the line, OR the team itself seeing as there is mirrored MM as everyone knows that getting uptiered planes AT ALL is already an uphill battle. It is unlike other T10s(BB/CA) at which the modules themselves are at their full potential. Another case would be the Shimakaze which still has to 'upgrade'(more of a sidegrade) their torps. So it comes to a point at which T10 module upgrades(if they exist at all) are supposed to be "sidegrades" as in the case of the Shimakaze which change various torp characteristics. So I bring up changing the whole concept of the T10 CV grind to be something more "fruitful". The loadouts are fine in a sense (until the CV rework planned at least) as each loadout upgrades for both the Hakuryu and the Midway are sidegrades. I do suggest however that both should get their existing T10 planes as the 'stock'. The supposed upgrade for them 'can' be changed to planes of faster speed, yet lesser HP. Using the T9 CV upgrade slot as the reference, the alternate T10 planes would have in between 5-10% faster speeds but 10-15% lesser HP pool. It would then facilitate the supposed sidegrade, in which the existing stock T10 planes may still be the more favorable module to equip depending on certain situations. It will also open up possibilities of sidegrades for other modules for other ships. It can also open up the reuse of "Jets" at which the stats can be tweaked for balance purposes. All in all, I brought this up due to the dislike of having a stock grind at T10, in which adding in mirrored matchmaking, just makes it not just your own disadvantage, but the team's as a whole.
  5. Issue: Flight Control Modification2 does not provide speed boost as stated to my USS Midway Ship: X Midway; Can potentially affect ALL tier IX-X aircraft carriers. Map: Port. Occurrences: Always in port even restarting and with game integrity checked. Training room is unavailable so no repetitive testing and credit shortage does not allow me to test in actual battle. Tested: The only ships allowed to mount Fight Control Mod 2 are the IX-X CVs and the only one I have is Midway. Severity: 10/10. I am not joking, this only affects tier IX and X CV players and you know how expensive those ships are to play, this bug being at the most important slot of highest tier ship module is quite bad. Details: After patching to my Midway with Fight Control Modification 2 Mounted (+5% to aircraft cruising speed), all my planes are still at its original speed, i.e. fighters F8F 181kts, torpedo bomber XSB2D 151kts and dive bombers XBTK-1 156kts, where it SHOULD BE 190kts, 159kts and 164kts respectively. Cannot actually tell in actual battle, anyway this bug can be quite performance affecting so I did not dare putting my Midway into battle until the problem is fixed. Screenshot Attached.
  6. im new to this forum so if this topic was old one. lead me to that article winrate difference of USS and IJN CVs over tier 8 is almost 7~10%. this is same on SEA, NA, EU server. and cant believe WARgaming didnt fix this imbalance still in 0.5.8. 2 TBs must be returned. and i think that return still cannot make USS cvs better than IJNs
  7. IRONMAN34

    Midway map?

    hi, another idea for a map could be like Midway, if you control the Midway island your aircraft could use this as a base to re arm thus being closer to enemy, this could be done by capping an area at the island it self.. you could use this island for repairing your ships HP and or modules but that could be another map all together, map called port?