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Found 5 results

  1. The value of the 4-point Concealment Expert captain skill has fallen greatly since 0.8.0. First because for all ship types it was literally nerfed, the reduction in detection radius being capped to a flat 10% regardless of class. Second because, as flamu makes it very clear in a recent vid, in CV games most ships spend most of the game spotted. The utility of the CE skill is therefore far less. ... and I'm actually really happy about this, on a number of levels: Prior to the update, CE was a mandatory skill. Now, you have 4 skill points you can assign to other skills instead, which is both interesting and useful. Especially for BBs, but even for certain cruisers one can at least contemplate going with manual AA or IFHE instead. Also, it significantly nerfs the ability of BBs to sneak up on smaller ships. Infamously, the Conqueror. It also gives DDs a little more breathing room from enemy cruisers. I've gone ahead and de-specc'd CE off all my T7 and below BB captains. Looking seriously at doing the same for Yorck and New Orleans. Not sure if I'm ready to take this to my T8s though.
  2. Rina_Pon

    Potato famine?

    Potatoes are becoming thin on the ground. Even in T3-5, depending on the time of day, the random battle rosters are stacked with players who I'd consider, ahem, overqualified. In T5-7 about half typically have significant clan/ranked tags, or the T8-10 flash by their username. Weekends are still more casual I guess, but most weeknights it's pretty difficult for someone like me to find any space to sealclub in tranquility. Chances are now I'm going to be facing at least 2-3 ships on the enemy team who are significantly better than me irrespective of tier. This isn't a complaint, just an observation that the idea of tier being a measure of difficulty level is not really valid anymore. The challenge is constant, only the boats change. The only downside I can see (outside of not being able to stat-pad anymore) is there is no longer the same buffer area for new players there once was at intermediate tiers. Things get really hard almost immediately.
  3. Maybe I'm reading too much into this but, wow, after the introduction of Asashio into the game the starting lineups in Random have gone from 4-5 BBs per side to 1-3 per side, even in T5 battles where the Asashio is guaranteed never to show up. Actual number of Asashio's sighted in game still relatively rare, though I suppose not that uncommon when playing T8. So it's not the ship, but the very idea that the ship exists, that is apparently causing people to queue up their cruisers and gunboat DDs and leaving their BBs in port. Hats off to WG. The ship itself may be irritating, but as a tool for correcting the ship type balance in Randoms it's working brilliantly.
  4. The typical mix of ship types I see nowadays is 5-6 BB, 3-4 CA, 2-3 DD. Most battles have no CV, a few have 1x1, very rarely 2x2. I'm not blaming wargaming. I blame myself and everyone else for playing BBs too often. MM can only parcel up what it is fed. Why is having so many BBs bad? I think it slows the game down, it tends to restrict game tactics to "cruise and bombard", and lastly it feels unrealistic: 5 battleships screened by one destroyer is silly. I had a game recently with 5 DD per side. That was fun, as DDs we could form up as wolfpacks. A lot of fast action at the front. It would be nice if we could get things down to having just 2-3 BB per side typically. Please do your part: play a not-BB today!
  5. Okay so we introduced new economics because the top tier are camping every single game how we solve it ? NEW ECONOMY!!!! yay *APPLAUSE* then we get a new game mode called epicenter which encourages camping with marshmallow on a bonfire literally... the strategy in the gamemode is literally camp...camp...camp until some people decided to push which usually is one by one and they will get picked out to counter this they camp...camp...and camp i personally find this gamemode so bad that i rather go to port instantly like its just bad... (side note, i don't exit game i have to wait like a idiot) being offense is okay but with the type of players we are seeing you are gonna die so your choice is to wait until everyone move or just keep camping.... and watch your teammate do bad moves and got themselves killed... next thing is we successfully capped the entire circle all 3 of them , WAIT we haven't event win yet ... SERIOUSLY? capping those circles are a pain how come we haven;t win ? please some one have to explain to me why its so painful to see this gamemode? my only suggestion is that capping the circles fully => win else its just ........ not reasonable.... next thing is to give us the option to not play specific gamemode like in WOT ( side note if you are gonna say WOT = WOT not WOWS , its Wargaming just do that)