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Found 1 result

  1. radar.... cruiser... radar.... CV....what? so much radar sheep today, but dont worry so much, there is DD that can rekt cruiser. well, for me its between Gadjah Mada and Z-39. Gadjah Mada have gud accuracy shell, high burn chance, and good gun layout with 6 gun. the sheep itself is pretty small, making it hard to hit even with only 36 knot. well, the thing is, this sheep have unlimited smoke works and lelwater torpedo that hard to detect. the Gadjah Mada serious drawback is it cannt fight well againts stealthy torpedo boat. well, i thought Gadjah Mada is the best UNTIL THE GERMAN STRIKE BACK! Z-39 is DD version of Belfast. access to T8 concealment upgrade, making it stupidly ULTRA STEALTH at ~6km. oh wait! T8 Hydro range too! dont be surprised yet..... TADA! 20K HP hmm...... combined with 150mm german caliber. even citadel lolanta or other lower tier cruiser is very EZ to do. who need IFHE? its have German HE! BB will cry lol. 2x4 torpedo with 90 sec reload and 65 knot speed.... seems nice for torpedoboat hybrid. and this sheep have better turning than Gadjah Mada... gunboat is only for real man